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with another video so the main question

I keep getting is how can I get an

apartment spirit how can I get an

apartment with no job yet or ein even

start my job out there here so I can't

even show proof of my income to them no


stay tuned I got you little bit Otto

the main question people house an

apartment without a job so I got two

options for you that I know of currently

the first option is if you have if you

accepted a job out here in Arizona and

they gave you an offer letter you can

actually send that to the apartment that

you are inquiring about and give that to

them and they will actually give you the

apartment off of just that because it's

showing proof that you're gonna actually

be stable out here and you're gonna be

able to pay for the apartment the second

option which I used was they want to do

they want to see at least three months

rents in your account so I went ahead

and put it off my bank statement my

career it makes them and I sent it off

to them and I was like look I don't have

a job yet but I have enough money to pay

at least three months or six months rent

so that's enough time in order for me to

actually obtain a job and you can obtain

a job like this right here so you guys I

called around

I asked different people one of their

options and that's exactly what they

gave me and if y'all come up with

something okay I found something else

but let me know let your grant know but

those are the two options

I offer letter already from a job out

here in Arizona or you gotta show proof

in your bank account that you can

actually afford living in that apartment

for at least three months so please love

happiness jumping Oh