5 Ways To Rent An Apartment EVEN IF You Have Bad Credit or Have an Eviction on Your Record

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I'm a professional renter I have over 58

apartments that I paid for with a

monthly rent of over $90,000 yeah I'm

gonna give you five ways that you can

get approved for an apartment so that

way you can move in or run a business

like mine let's jump right in all right

welcome back Airbnb family so rental

arbitrage is my game and of course

number one is you got to get approved if

you can't get approved for an apartment

you can't live there and you can't run

your business there this video is more

general because if you're looking to

move into a place this is what you can

do actually this secret is is I had to

figure out how to rent creatively

because I got evicted in 2009 and I

needed a place to put employees in 2010

so that's kind of where we're at so

let's talk about a couple ways you can

get approved personally and then we're

gonna talk about getting approved as a

company which is kind of a hack for if

you've had like if you have an eviction

on your record for example so number one

when you go to apply for a place they're

gonna want proof of income right and

they're gonna want to make sure you

don't have a criminal record those are

made basically the two things we're not

going to talk about criminal record here

we're going to talk about income so you

can either show check stubs like a w-2

that you make more than three point five

times the rent typically and if you

can't provide a w-2 income you can

provide your bank statements and so

that's another way so instead of just

your typical apply sure your check stubs

you can print off four months of bank

statements and show that you make more

than 3.5 x or 4x of the rent over four

months or six months and a hack for this

is you and your friends can venmo each

other money every day if you want right

and so over the course of a few months

if you're looking to get a apply for a

place and you're worried about getting

approved on cash flow use venmo in and

out money through your accounts and you

can make it look like you make 5x the

rent if you want to play that game and

you can it'll work so there's that so

let's say both of those don't work right

you don't have a w-2 statement that

proves that you have the money you don't

have enough cash or cash flow over for

six months you can do a handshake

agreement now a bigger apartment

complexes this won't work but with

smaller landlords who have like four

unit or eight units you can do a

handshake agreement where you're like

hey I'll just give you an extra month of

rent on the back end right so I did this

once I gave a landlord of course my

first month's rent and deposit but then

I paid the last two

of rent as well so that way essentially

if I defaulted on any month of rent he

had my deposit and two months of rent so

by the time he would have had to evict

me he would not have lost any money so I

pretty much guaranteed that he's not

gonna lose money even if I default so

that's kind of how a handshake agreement

could work now let's say that you can't

make that work personally right the

other option now this is my specialty is

rental arbitrage through a business so

you form an LLC and it costs a few

hundred dollars to do in Texas other

states are more or less and you go to

the IRS website irs.gov and once you

have your LLC documents you create an

EIN number and when I did this in 2010 I

got approved for a lease two days after

I did this because I had an eviction on

my record so I applied as the LLC but

then showed those bank statements I just

told you about I showed those bank

statements and I got approved two days

after my business was formed it was just

that fast now if you cannot prove cash

flow for your LLC I've got approved at

another building where I gave them LLC

documentation for an LLC that I just

formed and I parked and we never did

anything with it no bank accounts and

they asked me to give references so a

company called yardie pro does screening

for apartments in dallas there's also

yardie real page one site there's a lot

of companies that do these screenings

for apartment complexes but you already

pro has this little gap in their game

where you give them essentially you just

give them references they'll call on

your references so give them like five

and they're gonna try to contact three

of them and if those references say that

you've been in business for a couple

years and you've done business with them

and you've never been late on your debt

or payments or anything like that

they'll approve you without any other

proof as an LLC with no cash flow and so

I got into a high-rise in downtown

Dallas with nothing but an LLC so those

are the five ways that you can get into

an apartment pretty much today if you're

looking to get approved for a place and

of course this is one big step to doing

what we do here on this channel which is

rental arbitrage where I take my 50

I take 55 of my apartments and I flip

them and we make about two million a

year on Airbnb so with that said thank

you for watching everything be automated

like this video share it with your

friends if they're looking to move in

somewhere and I will see you on the