Requirements For An Annulment By Fayetteville Divorce Attorney Zshakira J Carthens

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hi I'm Shakira carthon's from the

carthon's law firm today we're going to

talk about some of the requirements for

receiving an annulment a lot of people

believe that an annulment is for the

quick marriage or the short marriage and

that's just not the case

having a short marriage is not a

requirement in the annulment statute and

the annulment statue is actually quite

complicated and there are several ways

within the statute that you may qualify

for an annulment now once again as I've

stated in all my other videos this is

not meant to take the place of a legal

consultation you certainly need to

consult an attorney to see if you

qualify for an annulment but I was

motivated to do this video because I'm

located in a military town and a lot of

soldiers and non military just believe

that if their marriage was short they

can qualify for an annulment and that is

very attractive in the state of North

Carolina because we have the requirement

of being separated for one year so

people want to fit their individual

facts and circumstances into the

annulment statue so that they do not

have to wait that one year period and

I'm not gonna specifically get into all

of the ways that you may qualify within

the statute I'll just briefly tell you

some of them one is bigamy which is

being married to more than one person at

a time

another is incest where you marry

someone and you are closer in relation

than first cousins

another is impotence being under the age

of 16 and there's more to that factor as

well and false pretenses which is also

very detailed so these are just some of

the ways that you can qualify for an

annulment in the state of

orellana but the main thing is that it

has nothing to do with the length of

your marriage and how long you were

married if you were married for three

days it doesn't matter if you do not

meet any of the requirements in the

annulment statute you will unfortunately

have to wait an entire year before you

can get divorced if you do believe that

you may meet some of the requirements in

the statute or at least one of them you

do not have to meet all of them but if

you believe you may qualify under one of

them then please contact me and I will

certainly let you know if I believe you

may qualify for an annulment or a

divorce and I would love to help you if

you believe that this these may apply to