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hey what's going on team so a very very

slow day all together so I did and end

the overall day on degree notes to 200

$3.05 yes did see a total of 14 orders I

made so many mistakes a with this quick

change of direction that natural gas

began to have so again market opens up

730 were showing signs of a decent

pattern what's new natural gas is

selling off I'm focusing on D gas and as

soon as I focus on D as the natural gas

begins to pick up and then gets rejected

and pushes up and then gets rejected

natural gas was just all over the place

one of the things that began to pick up

on is I just was not working well with

the way that it was trading so yes I did

come out on top when it came down to

like yes I ended the day on a green note

but I was just doing such a horrible job

with my entries and exits that after I

hit 200 dollars profit I just called it

a day so let's go ahead and get into

today's main topic about the American

Express Platinum Card alright there it

is so this is my first solid card in my

solid I mean I don't know it's pretty

baller right and one of the things that

I first wanted to start off this video

with is talk about you know a big

surprise that I was kind of caught off

guard with when you see someone have

this type of like solid card it's almost

like a status right and one of the

things that I discovered a couple days

ago is when looking into applying for

this card I learned that you didn't have

to be someone that made six figures or

seven figures a year which i think is

absolutely amazing you guys know that on

this youtube channel we're all about

empowering people to save money and get

the biggest bang for their buck and when

I got a better understanding of what it

takes to actually qualify for this card

there's been many many people that have

qualified for this card that make as

little as forty thousand dollars a year

in no way am I saying that forty

thousand dollars a year is a little bit

of money I'm just saying that you know

if I were to tell you that you know

every person that you saw with this Amex

platinum card that made $40,000 a year I

feel like it would catch a lot of people

off guard as that's not something that I

was well aware of and I think that's

very empowering you know and there's

three main focuses according to my

understanding that they focused on when

it comes down to qualifying for this

platinum American Express card the first

thing is again your income still has to

somewhat be there so $40,000 a year is I

think one of the lowest price points

that I've seen people still qualify for

this car

the second thing is you want to make

sure that you have a good credit score

one of the reasons that I applied for

this card is I hope opening another

credit line and being able to pay it off

again continuously on time can push me

over that 800 limit one of the last

things is you want to make sure that you

have a good debt to income ratio I think

this is very empowering and if not the

most empowering part you know we're all

about you know working hard and saving

our money and I think American Express

Platinum is is a true symbol for this

because they're allowing people that

make forty thousand dollars a year which

is not an enormous amount of money still

qualify for a very prestigious type of

card and the really cool thing about

that is that you know you want to be a

true cavalier with your finances and

although I say that in a joking way I

truly do mean I think it pays off to you

know be financially savvy and to not

spend more than you make and I think

that is exactly why it is that they

created this but one of the things that

you must know about this card is that

this is a card that you have to pay off

every single month and this only makes

it that much more clear why American

Express is only qualifying people that

are you know either very well-off or are

very good with their money because you

know that they're not gonna you know

spend more than they make and one of the

reasons that I also wanted to make this

video and this is going to be very quick

as everyone always has their own

opinions about why this card is 100%

worth it I'm not here to try to convince

you one of the main reasons that I

decided to apply for this card is all my

friend Graham actually sent me his

referral link and it was seventy-five

thousand points that I earned if I at

least spent five thousand dollars within

the first three months and the to

benefit from that is not converting

those 275 thousand points into dollars

what I plan to do with it is the tech

buds team and I plan to travel for the

next couple of months and I want to make

sure that I seek the benefit of these

travel points I'm able to take two

round-trip flight around the United

States and then on top of that one of

the biggest reasons that I see so much

value in this card is because of US

plane to travel and when we travel we

tend to take pretty expensive equipment

like this camera that I'm filming with

right now it's about six thousand

dollars and one of the things that I was

not aware of is their tier 3 protection

meaning that if I'm traveling and I

purchased this before I left I have a

hundred and twenty days that if it's

damaged lost or stolen I actually get

reimbursed and by being an American

Express Platinum Member it should be at

very little if not no hassle and again

that is a true benefit it's almost like

an insurance for me by being able to

utilize this card you know seek the

benefits of the travel points and on top

of that have that over my head that I'm

almost like insured for at least the

first 120 days especially during my

travels as we know that can be hectic

and you know be prone to losing

something or getting something stolen I

am at least protected and if I were to

lose this six thousand dollar camera

then I'm not out six thousand dollars

which which then at least for me and my

intention comes at a huge value I can

100% see that you know if you don't

travel much or you're not buying maybe

to expensive equipment that you will

need to have some form of insurance it

100% then wouldn't make sense in that

aspect but I've seen other people kind

of like seek the benefit of having

access to different lounges because of

what this card gives you access to I'm

not someone that goes to a lot of games

I'm not someone that cares to you know

going these you know very high class

lounges I'm not a very high class person

so I won't really make sense of this

card by trying to make sense of you know

trying new things I wanted to make sure

that this card made sense to me based

off of my intention and what I'm already

doing and that's traveling and buying

expensive equipment and I want to make

sure that I can then seek the benefit of

the travel point and then on top of that

you know also benefit from that form of

insurance with that two or three

protection so that's really just my

opinion I'll leave a link down below so

for those that are interested you guys

can learn a little bit more about the

American Express Platinum Card and to

see if it's a good fit for you one of

the last things that I want to leave you

with is again it does have that five

hundred fifty dollar yearly fee the way

that I would look at this and I'm

telling you this as an individual that

applied for this card is don't try to

make sense of the $550 fee by you know

just the fine it with those little

credits that they give you if you're

actually already going to be using that

then great it does make sense but if you

think that you're like okay why I guess

I can use uber a little bit more because

giving me $100 uber credit that just

doesn't make sense there's no reason

that you should try to make sense of it

and simply approach it as in you know

will it actually benefit the things that

I'm already doing as an investor as an

entrepreneur and overall give me peace

of mind and what do you value that at so

I really do appreciate you guys a time

one of the last things that I want to

remind you is that if you guys have ever

wanted to watch me trade live during the

crude oil report it's one of my favorite

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this crude oil report that is released

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enjoyed this video I really do

appreciate you at this time and like

always let's make sure that we in the

year on agree now take it as a team