American Express Platinum Card: How To Get Amex Platinum

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welcome back to my channel for those who

are new welcome my name is Walter this

is the credit card maestro today's video

we're gonna be talking about how to get

the American Express Platinum Card the

video I did about two weeks ago it was

how to give a value with this card this

card can give you $1,000 or more in

value you just have to know how to use

it but today's video and more

importantly how do you even get the car

I'm going to give you a good few steps

on how to get this card make sure you're

subscribed and make sure you watch to

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so the first step we want to make sure

our credit score is in place to answer

your question there is no an exact

number but if you're asking me I'm

saying anywhere between maybe 670 above

to even be safer 700 or more so the

first thing you want to just make sure

is your credit score this is probably

this is the most prestigious credit card

that American Express has except you

know the black card it's a whole

different level but again that is for

somebody who is you know really wealthy

and stuff so for your average consumer

like maybe URI who may be watching this

video you want to make sure your credit

score is up to par up to par so at least

a 680 or higher but I have a trick

around that so you can actually see

before you put a Deming and credit score

now let's say you don't have the best

credit score let's say you are you know

500 maybe low 6s that's fine what I

advise you guys to do I advise you guys

and gals to just improve your credit

score working your credit score for

about a good year six months to a year I

have a bunch of videos on my channel I

will make sure I put the videos to

improve your credit score and how to do

that in the end of the video as far as

you know the other videos that I kind of

recommend on my channel definitely

advise you to do that again out guys

this card is not going anywhere and then

you give yourself a good six months to a

year to improve yourself and follow my

steps I guarantee you you'll be able to

get this car within about six months to

a year so definitely check out my videos

as far as improving your credit score

all right now back to seeing if you

prequalify American Express has this you

know tool in there American Express

website we can actually see if you

actually pre qualify for the card

without doing a hard inquiry on your

credit report if you're a new consumer

or a new customer to American Express

you can enter your social like good

stuff and if you are a existing American

Express card holder just log on to your

online bank for American Express and see

if you have any pre-qualified offers and

then I actually tell you to prequalify

offers you have their here's a little

bit of a disclosure just because you're

pre-qualified or pre-approved

does not mean when they actually pull

your credit that you'll be approved but

it is a you know a better chance of your

being approved if you are pre-qualified

or pre-approved obviously but that's a

good thing as well you want to see if

you qualify for it now me personally I

did not

you know pre-qualified for this card at

first and it's because I you know my

credit history I wasn't ready for it

actually an American Express didn't

think I was ready either

okay the next one is going to be income

a lot of people ask me well what is the

amount of money you need to make per

year per hour whatever you want to call

it there is no set amount you can make

you know maybe forty thousand you can

make one hundred fifty thousand a year

as long as you have other things that

matter and other things are your credit

score in your credit history

okay credit score and credit history is

really important you can have a seven

hundred and only have a year of credit


you can have a six eighty and have ten

years of a credit history American

Express is going to be more comfortable

giving that to somebody who has 10 years

as opposed to one year so you want to

make sure your credit score is good and

you got to make sure that I've got a

nice little lengthy report okay so

history since we just got into history

what I mean by history again your credit

history typically you know a good credit

history ranges anywhere between what 9

to 10 years maybe typically I'm nowhere

near that okay so I got this card right


American Express a gold cart we'll get

into this in a little bit about me I got

this car two years ago when I was 22 I

now have both cards so you know I'm 24

now but again it was my credit history

even though it was you know shorter than

most because I'm still young in the game

I pay my bills on time never late

anything like that so that's really

important you know I have a really good

credit score and my report is awesome I

don't have any late payments ever and

I'm not planning on doing so either so

as long as you're doing that

consistently you're setting yourself up

for success to get this card now let's

say you are a newbie like I am and I'm

going to give you a little bit of

background about me and now what I mean

newbie I'm not talking about young

because you

young you can be older but I'm talking

about newbie in the credit world so this

was the card that was sent to me via

American Express they've given me an

offer for fifty thousand American

Express points okay this is the car that

they sent to me meaning this is the car

we want you to have Walter at this point

in time we did not send you the Platinum

card we're sending you the Amex gold

card at this point in time it was the

premier rewards gold card which is just

a gold card and I had this card for a

good year and a half right so from age

like 21 to like 22 or 20 and a half by

22 I had that card and I still do and I

pretty much used it in this and this

isn't one of my favorite cards still to

this day and you know use this card for

that good year year and a half and what

it was doing was I was building my

credit report just in general I was also

building a relationship with the

American Express they were seeing that

this guy may be young he meant his

credit history may be young but he's

about his business

and he takes care of his report he takes

her of his payments etc so you want to

make sure you're building that so if

you're a newbie what I'm saying is it's

okay to apply for a credit card with

American Express that doesn't have an

annual fee just to get in you're just to

get your foot in the American Express

door once you're in you are golden and

once you've proven yourself that you can

pay your bills on time within about a

good six months to a year then I'd say

hey go ahead and apply for the American

Express Platinum Card that's exactly

what I did they actually sent me a

letter telling me we want you to upgrade

and if I upgrade they were going to give

me more reward points so they will

definitely come to you once they see

that you've done what you're supposed to

do so a lot of people think that this

card you have to have some type of crazy

spinning them out or crazy spinning

patterning you don't have to do so all

you have to do is again make sure your

credit score is pretty well let's say

again six seventy six eighty preferably

seven hundred or more if you want this


credit score is nice but also your

credit history is good too

then again I'm only 24 years old I've

only been in a credit game for maybe six

years tops so I don't have the longest

credit report or history but I have a

really awesome credit history because

I've never missed any payment on

anything I have okay so that is a big

factor and again they understand that

younger people and younger crowds are

really attracted to this that's why they

made this thing metal it's nice and fast

flashy I get it

and it's an awesome travel card to have

in your wallet I understand so again

guys just make sure your credit history

is good make sure your credit score is

good make sure you do have some type of

income coming in I would not apply for

this cart just straight out right as

your first credit card unless you've

maybe had some type of like authorizes

you as a situation going on since you

were like a teenager

but even then still I will kind of just

get my foot wet maybe get a card from

American Express it does not have an

annual fee and see how that does for you

because this card is you know their best

card for us everyday people so they want

to make sure these people are you know

worthy of getting this car all right and

I'm not putting this card on a pedestal

or any means me and it's unachievable

it's definitely achievable they just

want to make sure and not taking any

risk okay because this card also doesn't

have a preset spinning limit which means

you can put a lot of money in this card

every month and you do have the Patos

card in for most of the time so they do

want to make sure the person that

they're giving us to they they actually

trust okay so again guys if you have any

questions about how to get this card

even more so personal to your situation

let me know in the comment sections this

is what I'm here for I'm here to help

I'm here to communicate with you guys I

will get back to you as soon as I can

I'm going to put the other videos in my

description as far as you know how to

improve your credit score and maybe

you're stuck in that situation where

you're maybe not where you want to be

credit wise and also I'm gonna put a

video in there best travel card for

beginners all this good stuff so I got

you guys I'm also gonna put in there

again the maximum value that I've gotten

with this card because this card is a

really good traveler card for any age

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you have yourself a good day