How to get Amazon Prime for Free!!! (Students)

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hello everybody how's it going it is

gage in today I'm gonna be teaching you

about Amazon student which is basically

a way to get Amazon Prime for free for 6

months and then after that 6 months

you'll get it for 50% off so it's like

49 bucks for a year so it's a really

good deal and Amazon student actually

allows you to get textbooks so if you

buy it like a textbook off of Amazon and

it has the Prime and everything on it

you can get up to 80% back on that

textbook so if you spend like 150 bucks

on a textbook you'll get like 80% back

of what you spent on that so it's a

really awesome way one to get Amazon

Prime for really cheap and then you get

all of these awesome deals only for

students so I am actually going into

college this fall I'm gonna be a

freshman in college but you don't have

to be if you're already enrolled if

you're already if you're like a junior

in college or senior in college you can

still do this all you need is your email

has to be you're gonna have to put in an

email that is through the college to

show that you are actually in college

you just basically have to show proof

and if you don't have a college email

yet then there are actually some other

ways that you can prove that you're a

college student but I'm gonna go ahead

and show you how to do this now there's

a link in the description of this video

and it is a referral link and basically

what the referral link will do for you

is that you will actually get five

dollars of free spending money on Amazon

for using my referral link I'll also

receive $5 and just to show you guys

proof so that you don't think that I'm

gonna like cheat you guys out I you can

see here refer-a-friend

you each get five dollars so earn credit

for every friend who joins Prime five

dollars for you five dollars for them so

once you are signed up with Amazon

student you can actually start referring

your own friends and then you guys can

you know do the five dollars for five

dollar kind of thing and then that way

you guys can purchase like textbooks or

if you have some other stuff that you

want to purchase whether it's for

college or not you can go ahead and do

that so it's a really good way to get

some money that you probably don't have

since you're gonna be spending so much

on college but anyways I'm gonna go

ahead and open Chrome and what you're

going to do is go to the link in the

description and once you go to that link

it is going

to bring you to join prime student and

then you are gonna click on start your

six month free trial and after the six

months is up then that is when the $49

will kick in so I'm gonna go ahead and

sign in here now I'm actually doing this

for a friend he's actually letting me

use this account to show you guys how to

do this so go ahead and sign into your

Amazon account if you don't have one you

can go ahead and actually create one and

then you can go ahead and follow the

next instructions on screen so what

you'll see here is that you're gonna

need a dot edu email address and if you

don't have a DUI email address from your

school no problem you could submit proof

of your student set status so all you

have to do is click on that and then it

will take you and kind of show you what

you have to do you'll just send an email

to Amazon and you just have to show your

student ID your transcript prescriptive

classes your tuition bill and an

official acceptance letter so that's one

other way to do it but all you have to

do is fill all of this in now I'm not

gonna fill it all in here I'm just gonna

kind of fill in some fake information

for now before I go ahead and do it for

my friend just out so that way his email

doesn't get spammed or anything so for

example you could just go students at

let's just do a US I don't know that's

not even a school but dot edu for

example there and then you can retype it

and then all you have to do is put in

your expected graduation day so for me

it's gonna be like May of 2020 you pick

your academic letter level if you are

like if your going to be at college for

like eight years

then you can like select other if you're

a graduate student you can do that and

then whatever else are may be so we're

gonna be freshmen in college and then

you can select a major that you're

playing on your major beam but if you

don't have a major then you can just

click other and then you'll be able to

add your card if your account doesn't

already have your card you can go ahead

and do that and then you will click


then all you have to do is go through

all of that you're gonna have to verify

your email if your email is not already

verified and then after that you will be

able to get Amazon Prime it's really

easy and it's all on screen and show you

how to do it it's pretty simple to do if

you guys have any questions let me know

in the comment section below and I will

be sure to answer them

I just thought this was really awesome

and wanted to share it with you guys and

after you sign up you will also get your

referral link if you guys want to start

referring your friends and get that free

$5 and everything like that so thank you

guys so much for watching and I hope

this was helpful if it was smash the

like button and I will see you guys next