How To Get Airtel 1GB @ #200 .

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you can get a data of one gigabyte on

the rate of two under there only on 80

Network you guys I will hold you to

watch this video to the end in order to

grab the scope completely in doing this

working so you guys now I'm going to

start with how to gather data please

follow me

so first firstly you have to get an HSN

card after that

now we charge your SIM cards with two

ordinary Chad card only mind you it is

not you require you to migrate to any

tile plant and also you can do this

subscription subsequently even you can

do it three times or four times or as

much as possible paddy on the same theme

cups so now unless this chart is to have

some of children to this line okay

that's right

I'm still shutting my line at the donkey

a free charge it to the sum of two

unread not to this line so now the next

step for me now it's only the drachma on

a one two three let's see as you can see

it's not a nerd checker has been

recharged on this specific line now guys

what you're after president is just

echoed these chose a code which is ha ha

ha ha oh man ah Sh

now then it

I need so I advise you guys to go for

option number two because we gotta

tackle it a different option number four

is 1000 er for four gig and option

number two is she under now for one gig

we also calculate weekly we have to

calculate so data in three places

outside gig and it equals true one

toggler at the end of the day but you

can see option number four is 1000 ER

and if equivalence of four gig we can

see there is one big difference between

there's one key one gig different in

cava so now let's before option number

three let me press to me I'm going for

option number two so you can see now I

advise you to first drop my data option

about you stop my data you can see you

essentially purchase the golden era one

gig balloon diced by 140 to check your

balance so say no to utterly don't

forget no Auto renewal so I can do this

subscription substituent li if I wish I

may do it under a me do it now again and

it is T be successful a mind you

something we not be eligible because of

what because the number one it may be

because of the more than at you can see

when they are older than three months

you can see let me check this when I

registered this night by presence on

cash in eligibility can cause can be

either got off odds oddness of the line

now let's see this very sound seven

months seven

I'm 2019 the area in now so I'm fixed go

now and check Delhi the when you

register your line also be called before

you can proceed advisedly so now I'm

free to be now I have to perform of one

gigabytes on my phone and check my data


it's very simple for students you do

have much money in subscribing

love the discipline and a subscription

is enough for you fi means for you to

stream video

and flex join the rest of the beam

that's it for the data ban nothing

waiting for the data banner within as

you can see as you can see 1004 megabyte

which is equivalent to one gigabyte

invented so long week so I'm free to go

and enjoy night the end of my day now

now mind you guys don't forget to follow

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