3 Steps For Making AIME and USAJMO

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hello everybody welcome today we're

gonna be talking about oh you got it

thinking now that is summer a.m. to 10

a.m. to 12 and av what you're not

thinking about antes 10 a.m. to 12 an

ami it's only six months away what even

my shirt knows what's up

see a good day to do math so think about

Amy let's go you forgotten nerds like me

you probably are thinking about these

contests and what I wanted to do today

is talk to you about how to make a me

and you thought about the reason why I

was pushing 80 and you thought move

together is because just study for them

is really really similar to get into Amy

actually do all in am 2:10 and Nancy's

poems which are both computational

contests and so is Amy so again take SOG

though the concept of the same thing

Ames is 10 and 12 and Amy are extremely

similar of course except for the

difficulty of the problem but the

problem type is exactly exactly the same

now let's get into the tips first take a

diagnostic test

Karnas poem solving claw has all the

passed tests so if you want to get

diagnostic tests you're probably gonna

get it from there

basically you just go to the front page

go to resources and then from here you

go to the past a off problem a up the

wiki and then you just go to a empty

problems and there you go

all there right there for you so

basically what I recommend doing is

decide what test you studying for for

example that the Italian 4:00 a.m. to

10:00 then go into aim 210 over here and

then choose one to take a diagnostic

test your being a diagnostic test you

could probably take one of the newer

ones because the newer ones give you a

better sense of the difficulty of

upcoming tests but what in the world do

you mean by a diagnostic test oh but not

as a test I basically mean by solving

the problems and see which one you can't

solve when you're taking diagnostic

tests you don't really need to worry

about how fast it's all in the poem

because he's just clumsy practice we're

taking a diagnostics test we should be

focusing on if what types of problems

you're missing and after you take a

diagnostic test you be having one of two

feelings the first one is I have no idea

how to solve any of these prompt and

can't even understand the solution in

this case you're probably missing a

couple fundamental concept and in that

case you're probably gonna how to study

more concept rather than doing problem

feel the second feeling which is I know

all these concepts but I don't

understand how they got the solution in

the first place then you're in a

different book that means that you know

all the concepts but you gotta be

focusing more on how to do the actual

problem and focus more on developing

your problem-solving skills to do that

you just had to do problems after

problem that's a problem a diagnostic

also tells you how hard the problems are

for you and this is the right level for

you maybe you could do like 15 to 20 of

them then you should do practice ante

and then aims each bulb and keep doing

them however if they're too hard for you

you should not be wasting them at all

name two ten and twelve poems or hard to

come by so only do them if you're at the

right skill oh so after you're taking a

diagnostic test and you're feeling

really good about yourself right then

what you have to do is start studying

extremely extremely early

I know it's summer and you want to spend

your time relaxing but something's

really the best time to start a lot of

good math summer programs out there I

personally recommend awesome app I know

DM app but there are other ones too that

aren't necessarily focused on am T's but

they'll still improve your calm solving

skills for example disproving math

Academy which is obviously focus on

proof and then there's also Ross and

Canada USA math camp

Ross it's super super focused on number

theory which doesn't really show up that

much on AFT ten so I would not recommend

it if you just try to do well in AC tens

but it's still a really good he's trying

to get better at math but how dare Ross

discriminate against all the other types

of math problems why don't you number

theory this is standard discrimination

we saw in the Constitution that all math

problems are created equal except for


in 80 1012 in AV the main focus is on

geography counting on probability and

algebra so unless you're interested in

doing math in the future I don't

recommend doing Ross can they us a map

just calculus stuff which is completely

out of the scope of it their game team

contest so that's only if you're super

super interested in math another reason

why you start studying early is because

cramming did not work for these tough

the AMT contests are all based on

problem solving and from Chloe did not

come overnight what you should be doing

is studying other things all throughout

the year I presume they took a lot of a

offices online classes which are super

helpful because they give you a ton of

fun and they also have a lecture where

you could ask questions and where they

give you interactive problem solving

discussions and all that good stuff so

yeah super helpful if you're just

beginning with math all these good

resources would be a Optus alchemist

which has a lot of lower-level problems

so they do give you a lot of practice

with a wide range of concept so if you

want to focus on a really specific

concept or you just want to learn a lot

more things then alchemist is really

good if you want to learn more

problem-solving then I recommend taking

the intermediate courses over here but

plus they give a ton of really really

hard foam but not that much explanation

or they give you a lot of really really

hard bones and cover a few topics

absalom also has a bunch of really good

books so if you go to their bookstore at

their bookstore you can find all their

super good books for eighty ten and

twelve volume one of the best if you're

trying to do one on Amy then volume to

it pretty good I'd recommend the volume

for everybody but especially if you're

trying to get a TV Sancho

I recommend volume to getting the other

books is also super useful because if

you're struggling in a specific topic

like geometry for instance then you

could just get the internet geometry

book and then you grind prompts all day

long if you're not sure what subject

focusing on just take another test count

how many of each type or form you got

wrong like I got two wrong in algebra be

wrong in geography and five wrong in

number theory

no five wrong in counting and

probability then do the Ailes counting a

probability book and get better at that

after you've gone to the level that you

can solve most practice test problems

then you should be doing practice test

after practice after practice

only in newer contests like between 2010

and 2012 Tesla how the closer wants to

show a lot better the difficulty

generally when you're doing a MTS closer

to the actual date of the content you

need to time yourself because you also

want to be practicing a speed and your

accuracy and how you manage your time

during the test another thing to keep in

mind when you're taking practice exams

is if you got a problem wrong you look

at the solution under the concept you

don't understand search it up there stop

every single time and make sure you

understand the concept super super ball

before you move on to the next problem

in this way you can learn all the

concepts that you don't know without

having to go back and forth and keep

missing the same problems over and over

and over again whoops

and a Aeons got a wiki which has all the

cool concepts there and you ask why are

you so addicted to a off well the answer

to that is that it's my true love but

really I should not be focusing so much

on the app I should give you guys a

couple more study tools and there are a

lot more out there if your school is a

math club go to the math club and take

all the contests but Clinton doing

contests is the best way to study

Wolfram Alpha also have a good wiki so

if you want to use them for reference

when you get something wrong and don't

understand to use Wolfram Alpha and

finally the third step they you all been

waiting for

I want to actually take the test well

first sleep sleep sleep sleep before the

test is you get good sleep at least the

whole week before but close do you want

to be at optimal performance on the day

of the tip within the test it gets even

more complicated so AMC's 1012 are both

115 minutes right so if you want to get

a high score again to a me rather you

want to get something around 18 so then

that way you want to be able to solve

the first 15 problems or ten problems in

45 minutes that give you a fall at 30

minutes to solve like five problems or

the harder version however the first

problems are extremely extremely

important because if you miss time

you're losing six points that you

could've got easily so my advice is

solid to Brisby problem slowly and

deliberately so it takes even longer to

come back and check your answers later

on just make sure you don't get it wrong

the first time I know it's easier said

than done but it has to be done so do it

it's a completely different story if

you're going for your saundra that means

to get a really really good smart aunty

10 so 45 minutes for the first 15 poems

I'm not gonna cut it but then they only

get 30 minutes for the last 10 problem

basically where you're gonna have to do

is you're gonna have to spend only 30

minutes on the first 15 palm give me 45

minutes for the last 10 and not only

that you're not going to be able to

spend much time on the frisbee poem

Sienna goes really really fast and

hopefully you're accurate but that's not

as important if you're gonna be soft but

you're probably gonna make a me anybody

so what you want to do is focusing on

maximizing your best potential score you

know your actual score I'm beside you

get two chances so checking your work

really isn't worth it it better to spend

time on the harder poem so they have a

chance of getting a 23 or 24 in general

don't spend more than five minutes on

the phone unless you've solved as many

as you can and you're stuck on the rest

then you should focus on one poem that

seems doable I spend the rest of your

time on it until it's all closed by

continually rotating and I'm gonna solve

anything and then Amy is a fun one three

hours good thing about three hours that

you have so much time that's not really

speed based it's more based on how many

you can solve and don't forget how many

you could not make silly mistakes off I

have this shirt that says one plus one

equals two and I wasn't wearing it on

the day of the test so I did one plus

one equals three and I got one wrong

great so make sure you don't make silly

mistakes because on Amy that's super

coffee are you talking about index

that's a minus 10 whole points so the

focus on Amy is to be extremely slow

extremely deliberate and extremely

accurate so the strategy is go through

all of them and solve all the ones that

you're able to solve within five minutes

and then if you're not making any

progress we went to the next one

once you've solved all those problems

that you can solve without too much

stress then you move on to reading the

rest of the phone so that they're

jumbling around in your head so you can

think about them and that when you come

back to them later you might have an

idea on how to work and remember Amy you

have so much time that you can afford to

back even if there's a really nice

solution that you're like oh they're

gonna be a nice solution this sucks

still bash it because you have time and

it's better to back and get ten free

points that you dare it it and never


elegant solution your look of course

these strategies are not general and

they don't work for everyone

that's why taking practices and it's so

important because that allows you to

learn how you manage your time and what

works best for you so basically while

I'm giving you a couple of basic advices

that you can use to start but well

ultimately happen today you have to

decide what works the best for you and

that's all I got for today's Amy and you

saw my overview how to make a me and you

son if you don't have any more questions

let me know down in the comments thank

you guys so much for watching

if you guys want me to do this for more

content just let me know and I will do


thanks for watching again and see you

guys next time