Tips on How to Increase Your Chances at Winning NYC Affordable Housing! | My Process

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hey YouTube it's me money I have to

apologize that this video is up so late

it has been highly requested and I've

been dying to make this video but as you

guys know we just moved into the

apartment I would say about two months

ago now a little over two months and we

are just now kind of settling in they

don't have everything but we're settled

in enough that I can start doing my

recreational stuff again like the gym

and YouTube I wanted to give you guys

just an overview of my process of how I

got into my apartment which as you guys

know it is affordable housing York City

affordable housing and give you guys

some like tips and tricks on how to

increase your chances of getting called

back and not getting disqualified so

pretty much from my process started over

three years ago and to give you guys

more of a timeline I started applying to

all different types of affordable

housing when I found out that I was

pregnant and my son AJ just turned 3

yesterday so yeah it's been a while if

this if you are looking for an apartment

right away this is not this is probably

not the process for you so fast forward

about 3 years later I applied to this

building that I'm in now

in late March I know that the

application went out for this building I

would say probably early to late March

and I was really fortunate because I was

kind of slacking on the website for a

little bit so when I did log back onto

the website I noticed this building and

the application was closing like two

days later so I just you know put my

application in and did

with every other building I just put it

in I didn't think about it because I've

honestly never thought that I get called

back for affordable health so fast

forward I 5 late March I qualified for a

one or two bedroom for a two-person

household I not thinking about it at all

I checked my personal email and I see an

email with this building like the

company or whatever and I'm telling me

that they have randomly chosen my

application for further processing and

that was I would say in late June I

think it was like the last week of June

so you think about three months later

which is actually is really quick in

this like for affordable housing the

whole process because some people you

know I there are buildings that I never

got called back for that I qualified for

and there's another building that I

qualified for during this time that I

did get a callback for and it was like

10 months later so the email told me

that I would have to choose a date to

come in for my interview but they pretty

much told me that I would have to come

in like two weeks later I could just

choose a time within that two weeks to

come in so I only got two weeks to get

all my documents ready then you know

they put in the email all the things

that you would have to bring but I only

had two weeks to do that and of course

you know I have to take time off work

because you know you can't go to the

interview on a Saturday or Sunday though

like I said there was another building

that I qualify for that I got a call

back I had applied to last October of

2016 and during this process for this

building they called me back after my

interview for this building they called

me back like late July so as you see

that's a world time especially compared

to this building so pretty much I'm

playing the waiting game I submit

documents at the interview which every

building is different because the both

both the buildings that I went to an

interview for they had different things

on the list that they want me to bring

some of them were very similar and then

there were like other things that were

very different so for this building I

submitted on my documents and I was

waiting I waited I would say all summer

I had the interview early July and I

didn't hear anything back from them in

August or September so it wasn't until I

would say maybe the second week of

September then I got a call back to

submit more documents pretty much I

guess they got back to my file or

something and I had to resubmit some

documents for example I had to resubmit

my main statements from my checking

account like I had to resubmit my most

recent paystubs things like that I guess

for them to see if I still qualified for

the building so after that after I

submitted my documents I got a call from

affordable housing saying that they

approved me and that they were going to

be to the next step of the process which

was to submit my documentation to the

city and then I would have to wait like

another two weeks or so for the city to

approve me now let's say it actually

didn't even take them two weeks to

approve me about a week later I'm

getting a call that the city approved me

and that the next step was for me to

view the apartment they already had an

apartment set aside they have the

apartment set aside for everyone so they

had my apartment already set aside I

just had to come and view it and approve

it myself have to say yes to it for me

to actually get inside the lease and get

my fee so at the end of September it was

actually September 30th to be to be

precise I signed my lease and I think

that my keys and we moved in officially

October 9

so that was my whole process it seems

very simple but it is

headache it was a headache the waiting

game I think is leak harness the hardest

part of it all so I wouldn't say that

I'm some expert at affordable housing

again I've been applying for three years

and only got too cold back so I'm no

like expert on improving chances to get

cold I do have a few tips on how you can

improve your chances on getting cold but

this is mainly to help you improve your

chances of not getting disqualified

which happens to people a lot so of

course the first thing you want to do is

make a profile on housing connect again

I'll put the link below because it's

like more than just like housing panic

calm I can't even remember right now but

I'll put the link below but you want to

make a profile and making a profile is

pretty much who you are who might be

living in the apartment not much but who

will be living in the apartment with you

your income any other type of income

coming in like child support any like

assets you may have and things like that

I can't remember every single thing

that's on the application or than the

program my next tip for you guys is

applied to as many buildings as you

qualify for not as you can but as you

can five for one because you can't get

in the game you can't win if you don't

get in the game you know what I mean and

I say that you qualify for because I

think people just like apply to every

single building but if you don't qualify

for that building

you're gonna automatically get

disqualified for it and then that just

makes the process for that building go

even longer for somebody else who might

qualify for the building so that's kind

of like what it owes don't be selfish

type of things apply to buildings that

are in your community board so first

thing you need to find out is what

community boards you live in so for

example let's say you live in community

board - and I would kind of look

on your neighborhood to see if they have

any new buildings coming up and if they

do check the affordable housing website

to see if that building is on their

website and if they're offering

apartments for affordable housing one

thing that the case manager told me at

my interview the second time when I

resubmitted my documents was that big

reason why I got called back for this

building is because the building I'm in

now is in the same community board that

I was living in before they actually put

aside a percentage of apartments for

people who live in the community board

another thing please don't quit don't

quit when you're applying because like I

said I've been applying for three years

and if I had just like again like I said

I was really slacking on applying at one

point and if I had like completely quit

or just like stopped looking at the

website I would have missed this

building and would have missed my chance

once you apply and once the the

application period is over you're gonna

get a log number and through some

research that I've done I realized that

your log number is very very very

important my log number for this

building was like I can remember the

exact number but let's say it was like

1200 and that's really important because

once you have your log number it turns

out that and again I'm going based off

the research that I've done on my own so

I can't say it's 100% accurate but a lot

of people seem to say the same that

you're they go in order of log number so

my number was 1200 which means that all

the applications eleven hundred and

ninety nine applications they looked at

before my and that's not to say that

they saw 1199 people they you know went

to see what applications still qualified

and didn't and a lot of people end up

getting disqualified because they're

just applying to buildings that they

don't qualify for so if your log number

is kind of low then you have a

chance of getting a callback for an

interview especially if you have all the

other preferences like coming to be

bored I believe also like if you work

for the city and some other things too

that the building might be looking for

please make sure that whatever email and

whatever phone number you have on your

profile is still the same as when you

applied because a lot of the time people

qualify for buildings and the case

managers will try to reach out to them

to say you have an interview and they

either don't pick up don't respond to

the message or they don't reply to the

email and let me tell you in a process

like this you pretty much have like this

amount of time to get back to them

before they move on to the next person

so that's another way of getting

disqualified super super important make

sure you have all your documentation

it's hard to know what documents you may

need before the actual interview but the

documents that I needed for both of my

interviews were that were the same or

pretty much your birth certificate first

we took the kids for every person that's

going to live in the apartment social

security numbers a photo ID for anyone

who's over the age of 18 you're going to

need at least six pay stubs and it means

you should be working for at least like

three months or so we need your tax

return so this building I only needed

last year's tax return but the other

building wanted me to have three years

of my prior tax returns so I would say

try to have like the last three to four

years of tax returns your current lease

at the build for the building that

you're in now if you don't if your

name's not on the lease and they're

gonna want whoever's name is on the

lease to write you a letter stating that

you do actually live there a letter from

your employer stating that you actually

do work there yes I know pay stubs you

would think that'd be enough but they

want more if you quit a job which I

actually did

a job from the time that I had applied

to this building so it's something I

actually got it they wouldn't need to

also have a letter from my former

employer stating my buddy actually quit

that job if you have life insurance I'm

gonna want life insurance your life

insurance what's that thing statements

for everyone in a household if you have

a 401k they're gonna want your 401k if

you're getting child support they're

gonna want to get that info as well if

anyone is in school I'm gonna want a

letter from your child's school and

again anything else that the building

wants you to provide but just make sure

you have all that stuff now while you're

applying because again they only give

you two weeks from the time that they

reach out to you to the time that you

need to interview with them and that's a

really short amount of time to get all

that important documentation make sure

you submit all your documentation on

time pretty much when you go to the

interview but if you don't have like

every single thing and no let you know

if there's still something else that

they need from you after the interview

but they'll give you a date that you

need to have it in by make sure you have

it in because if you don't have it in we

may tell you to then you will be

disqualified and now move on to the next

person it's hard but make sure that you

are being honest somebody else was

actually supposed to get this apartment

right before I did and the reason that

the person didn't she was able to tell

me was because the person worked for the

city and when she was doing the

interview you know she was making a

certain amount and then when she got a

call back it turns out that she got a

promotion and a raise which is amazing

right but she lied about it and they

found out it's great easy they're like

worse than the FBI event they're gonna

find out they found out and it

disqualified her and she wasn't even

able to make her appeal so you know bad

for her but you're three because I was

next in line for this apartment also be

nice to your case manager they're human

too and

I work in a field where you know you got

to deal with a lot of it from people and

you know that when somebody is nice to

you you know you kind of work a little

faster and a little harder for them when

somebody's being able to you it slows

you down a bit you know what I mean so

as frustrating as the process gets

remember that that person interviewing

you is human and if you are like

attacking them and harassing being not

so nice to them that name I owe I

misplaced your father definitely have

faith be patient it's a lot easier said

than done

I know but being patient and just kind

of waiting it out is better and it keeps

you a little more sane in this process

too and finally if you've gone through

everything and you're at the step of

just seeing the apartment do not turn

your nose down at the apartment no

matter what because clearly you're doing

it to get a better apartment or to get

an apartment at all and you're gonna

love you heart I promise

so but if you turn down your nose at

anything or show even an ounce of that

you don't like it then they're gonna

move on to the next person so I hope

that was helpful if you guys have any

questions if you live in New York City

and you're in this process and you just

kind of need to vent

talk it out have any questions for me

please feel free comment below

message me make sure you check out my IG

you can message me there and I will see

you guys for another video

more than likely a fitness video okay