How to better your chances of getting into affordable housing

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with extremely long wait times let wait

list local housing authorities say they

cannot build affordable homes fast

enough so now private investors are

stepping in and folks in need are

reaping the benefits this morning ABC

action news reporter Heather Lee shows

us what you need to know to get in a

place quicker it's brand-new and already

completely filled up of course who love

a brand new home bring Waterloo is

single no children and grateful she got

in there's plenty night so you know I

went hungry you know because I didn't

have it eita palms developed by a

private company is giving 96 families a

place to rest their head and taking the

burden off the local housing authorities

every 10 families that needs affordable

housing that's on three housing unit

that's available

Benjamin Stephen the president of

Lakeland Housing Authority says there

isn't enough federal money to build

homes for everyone in need

Quin Vita lassie open up the public

housing waiting lists I think going to

dinner for like two days and we got like

2,000 applications chase move out the

way baby but some families get priority

over others like a single mom with six

kids versus someone without children so

how can you better your chances be as

detailed as possible when applying

include if you're a vet if you have a

job or a kid know where you stand on the

wait list and when the Housing Authority

opens it up for applications also be

honest on your application criminal

backgrounds may not be a deal-breaker

and if you provide false information

it's a crime the grand opening of a de

Paume is this morning it's a chance for

folks to meet the people that made all

of this possible the investors and the

developers James dia