How To Qualify for Heats in FNCS (Series Points Leaderboard + Predicted Points To Qualify)

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yo guys what is up soy back with another

video i thought i'd make a little

informative video today to show you guys

how you can qualify for the fncs solo

heats on console but before this video

starts if you guys could subscribe and

like the video right now i'd really

appreciate it

let's get into the video okay so there

are two main ways to qualify

for the heats where the top 400 players

in anna east will go against each other

in four separate lobbies and are already

guaranteed money okay so the first fight


pretty simple and that is through

getting top 50 in round three

of the fncs qualifiers so as of now

they're already been two days of the

qualifiers and from the 88 console or

mobile players did qualify for the

finals however there is another way to

qualify without getting top 50 and that

is through the series points and i know

a lot of you guys want to know how to

check your series points so i'm going to

be leaving a link in the description so

that you could check

how you are standing how close you are

to making it to heat or how far you are

so that will be in the description and

now i'm going to explain that right now

all right so pretty much series points

are given out based on how well you do

even if you don't get top 50 so for

example i got 120th on the first day of

qualifiers which means that i got 178

series points and this accounts for the

round that you make it up to

you're probably asking how many series

points will you need to qualify for the

top 400 in heats but right now i'm going

to be talking about nae's console and

mobile only but it is the same for most

of the regions so don't worry these are

just predictions i would say 320 points

is going to be around what you really

need to make it on to the top 400 and

make money in the heats but if you want

to be safe i'd say aim for 340 that

should solidify you

and yeah that's pretty much it if you

have zero serious points right now that

does not mean that you can't qualify

trust me there's still a chance

i know that you guys got this and yeah