EIDL GRANT DEPOSITED IN 3 DAYS! | How to Apply for a FREE $1,000

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what is up you guys my name is aubry and

this is my channel and today we're going

to be talking about the idol program

more specifically i'm going to take you

guys through the application process for

the idol program

and give you guys a step-by-step

walkthrough of what you need to do and

how you need to fill out the form in

order to get funded as quickly as

possible for the one thousand dollar

idle grant

now as you guys know the idle

application was closed to general

businesses for about a month and a half

it was only open to agricultural based

businesses and

last week they reopened it to general

businesses and with that

anybody that had a business a side

hustle side gig or some sort of side

project where they made income

could apply for the idle program now i

cannot stress this enough how much i

recommend that you

apply for the idle program if you are

somebody that has a side hustle a side


or a side business whether you mow lawns

on the weekend

you tutor kids you drive for uber lyft

door dash instacart you host onturo


or get around whatever the case is if

you have a side gig or a side hustle or

a legitimate business

then you qualify for the idle program

and you're going to be paying for this

program one way or another for your

taxes and so you may as well take

advantage of this program

while it's available to you in fact over

the weekend i helped a number of

different people

apply for the idol program i helped my

sister who's a teacher

and tutors kids on the side she applied

for the ida program

she was approved and funded for the

grant in just three days

i helped a fellow tour a host of mine

apply for the idle program

and he was approved and funded in just

four days

i've helped a number of different people

with different levels of side hustles

and side businesses and

so far all of them have been approved

and distributed the idle grant

so the one thousand dollars per employee

up to ten thousand dollars

it's important to remember that under

the idle program you qualify even if you

don't have an official business or an

official llc

all you need is your social security

number and some general business revenue


so let's go through now and i will walk

you through the application process

i will walk you through exactly what i

did for myself and the people that i

assisted in the application process

to ensure that they were approved and

they were granted access

into the idle program and they received

their idle grant in just

under three days so let's get started so

as you can see right here we are at the

idle application if you guys follow the

link in the description below

it will lead you to this exact page here

so the first step in this process is to


your eligible entity and so the way that

you would do this is you need to choose

one of these options here that best

applies to your business

in most cases it is going to be the

third option which is applicant is an

individual who operates under a sole


with earth out employees or as an

independent contractor this is what a

lot of people are applying under and

getting approved in fact i would say 95

of the people that i have assisted in

the application process for the idle


have applied under this third option the

reason is is because if you're somebody

that does not have an llc or an ein

number this would be the best option for


and the option that is most applicable

to you in your circumstances

once you select your verification you

will then have to review and check all

of the following

it says applicant must review and check

the following if applicant is unable to

check all of the following

applicant is not an eligible entity

these are just standard questions

things like applicant is not engaged in

any illegal activity

no principle of applicant with a 50 or

greater ownership interest is more than


delinquent on child support applicant

does not present

live sexual performances so things like

strip clubs

applicant does not derive more than one

third of gross annual revenue from legal


applicant is not in the business of

lobbying and basically applicant is not

a government entity or a congress member

chances are you probably can check all

of these options but if you can't then

you're not eligible for the idle program

once you click all of these options

you're simply going to click next now

this next step is where i think a lot of

people get stuck because it says

business legal name

now if you are somebody who is applying

under a independent contractor meaning

you do not have a proper llc

then what you will put here is just your

name so so in this case i will put aubry

janet next is your trade name

so a trade name is basically a lot of

companies will have an llc but then

their business will be known as

something different

and so a trade name is kind of that

different name the brand name rather

than the llc name

if you are applying under an independent

contractor and you are not

applying under an llc then again you

would just put your own name

next is your ein or your social security

number if you have an llc

then you'll want to apply under your ein

it's important to remember that if you


under an ein and under an llc then your

banking information has to match that


meaning that if you have an llc and you

have an ein you cannot put

your personal banking information for

the deposit information it has to be

your business checking account

and so if you have an llc but for

whatever reason you don't have a

business checking account then i would

probably just end up using your social

security number

to ensure that you get the deposit and

then next you're going to click


type so it goes through soul prop c corp

s corp general partnership limited

liability partnership

things like that and if you are somebody

that does not have a proper llc then

you'll want to click independent


is the applicant a non-profit no is the

applicant a franchise

no next and this is important because

this is where a lot of people end up

getting denied is gross revenue for 12

months prior to the date of the disaster

so what was your gross revenue

remember gross revenue is the number


expenses so it's kind of the bigger

number without expenses and costs taken

into account

for this example we'll just put 50 000

next is your cost of goods sold so your

cost of goods are oftentimes referred to

as cog

the cost of goods sold needs to be less

than the

revenue for the 12 month period if your

cost of goods sold

is more chances are you're going to be

denied now of course you'll want to put

the actual figure that reflects your

business and so if your business

cost of goods is higher than your

revenue then

there really isn't anything that you can

do about it you should still put it here

you may still be approved for the grant

but chances are you will be denied the

loan on that basis

for this example we will just put twenty

thousand dollars which is saying

that my business made fifty thousand

dollars last year

and the cost of goods to make that fifty

thousand dollars cost

twenty thousand dollars meaning that

there was a profit of thirty thousand


the next question is a question

regarding rental properties

rental properties residential and

commercial only lost rents due to


of course this would only apply to you

if you were into real estate investing

so i'm just going to leave that blank

for this example non-profit or

agricultural enterprise cost of

operations again

only applies if you have an agricultural

business compensation from other sources

received as a result of the disaster

if that applies to you you would put it

but it is not a required field so you

can just leave it blank

provide brief description of other

compensation sources again it's not a

required field

i would just leave that blank all of

these fields here that i am describing

are fields that i have left blank for

both myself and the people that i've

been working with

next is your primary business address

again if you were somebody who was

applying under an independent contractor

then you would just put your personal

address here next is your business phone

number and again if you don't have a

business you would just put your

personal phone number here

next is your business email and this is

the email that you will be getting the

portal invites into

and various other sba information sent

to you so you will want to make sure

that you have access this email

relatively easily because you will get

updates into it

next is the date business was

established so you'll want to put

whatever date

the business was established and keep in

mind that if your business was

established after january 31st 2020 then

you are not eligible

and so you want to make sure to kind of

keep that in mind while you're applying

current business ownership so if you

were somebody that had a business and

you bought the business or you acquired

the business or whatever the case is you

would then want to put when you became

the owner of that business there

business activity so what type of

business are you involved in

i will put um you can put anything

i'll just say transportation but you

would want to of course do what applies

to you in your business

detailed business activity below so you

would want to then go

into more detail here i'll say limousine

and transportation

and the number of employees so as of

january 31st 2020 and remember

count yourself as an employee so if it's

just you you're an independent

contractor then put one

if you have two employees and put two if

you have three then put three whatever

the case is

for me i will put one right here and

then you're going to click next

okay so once you click next you will

then be brought to business owners


um right underneath business owners you

can see here it says

is your business owned by a business

entity you'll want to click

no and so or yes depending on on

whatever the case is for you but if

you're an independent contractor then

the answer would be no

and so make sure to select that before

going forward because it will not let

you move on until you select that

so then you'll just have to enter your

owner information so things like first


last name again if you're an independent

contractor it would just be your

information over again so this is kind

of where the application gets a little


you'd enter your mobile phone your title

ownership percentage

email make sure it's an email that you

have access to

and then you'll want to enter your

social security number

your date of birth um your address

things like that and then

if you have more than one owner with

your business then you would click add

additional owner

if not you would just move on and then

from here you're going to do additional


in the past year has this business or

enlisted owner been convicted of a


you would want to answer yes or no is

the applicant or any listed owner

currently suspended or deep barred

no are you presently subject to an

indictment criminal information

arraignment blah blah blah you again

click no or whatever

would apply to you then you click if

anyone assisted you in completing this

application whether you pay a fee for

the service or not this person must

enter their information below

i would just click no because it is

going to be asking them to like contact

the sba

i would just click no on that then you

would say i would like to be considered

for an advance of up to ten thousand


i cannot stress enough how important it

is for you to have that box checked

like double check it three times before

you click submit i have had a lot of

people contact me

saying that they applied for the idle

grant and they did not check that box

and as a result they didn't get the

grant so it is such an easy thing

to do but it can totally ruin your

application then once you check the box

you're simply going to type in your bank

name your account number and your

routing number

again remember that if you are applying

under an llc

this bank information has to be a

business checking account and it has to

be a business checking account under the

business name

if you do not have this then your

grant and your loan will be denied on

the basis of unverifiable information

then once you are done with that you

will just click the i hereby certify


penalty of perjury under the law of the

united states that the above is true and


you'll click that and then you're going

to click next but then once you click

next that is literally it i mean the

application is super easy it's super

straightforward all you have to do is

know some basic information on yourself

and of your business and that's

literally all you need

so once you click next you'll be given a

confirmation number i encourage you to

screenshot that for your records

and then you should receive some sort of

invite within the next probably 24 to 48


but you do not have to accept a loan in

order to be approved for the grant

you actually don't even have to accept

the portal invite because

with a friend of mine who's a touro host

he accepted the portal invite and then

got the grant a couple of days later

but for example my sister who i helped

apply she got the portal invite she

never signed up for a portal

and she still received the grant again

it's super easy it's super

straightforward you can apply with your

social security number you do not

need to accept the loan in order to get

the grant and you can get the grant

funded within three to four days

and so that is a free one thousand

dollars to you just because you have a

side hustle a side gig or a side


but you guys i hope that you enjoyed

this video and i hope it showed you just

how easy it is to apply for an idle

grant once again i want to stress that

if you are somebody that has a side gig

a side hustle a side business whether

that be tutoring kids on the weekend

mowing grass walking dogs picking up dog


cleaning cars hosting onturo i mean the

list is literally endless if you have a

side hustle

you qualify for this and you might as

well take advantage of these government


while they are available to you now i do

want to point out that if you apply for

the idle grant you are in turn

applying for the idle loan there is no

way to apply for

just the grant so you are applying for a

loan in the process of applying for the


but i do want to stress that just

because you receive a loan offer does

not mean that you have to accept it and

you do not have to accept the loan in

order to get the grant

the other thing that's important to note

is that by applying for this loan

you will receive a hit to your credit

history and so there will be a pull from

your credit report and as a result

your credit score will probably go down

in the short term but

it will go up over the course of the

next month or so and ultimately it won't

make a difference

but with that being said you guys i

would love to hear your thoughts on the

idol program

have you applied for the idol grant if

so what was the result of that

have you been funded for me personally

and with the people that i've been

working with i have been pleasantly

surprised with how fast these

applications are being processed and how


grant funds are being distributed but i

would love to hear your thoughts and if

you guys have any questions then make

sure to comment them below and i will

respond to every single comment

and while you're at it make sure to hit

that like button that subscribe button

and the notification bell so that you

know whenever a new video is dropping

and i will see you guys in the next