Why you NEED to get the Walmart Credit Card!

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what's up everyone hope you're having a

good Wednesday if you're watching it

today my name is Andrew welcome back to

my channel Rodgers finance so today I'm

going to talk to you about the Walmart

credit card and this is the newest

version of course before this I believe

it was under Barclays and then before

that discover now it's Capital One as

you can see this is the current version

of the card the rewards on this are a

lot better than they used to be I

wouldn't have recommended you've got the

Walmart card prior to this point but now

their words are really really good

especially if you're doing your grocery

shopping at Walmart if you watch my

previous video on Walmart grocery pickup

this is a great complement to that

because when you go and do grocery pick

up and use this card you're gonna get

five percent back every time you do that

grocery pick up and that's pretty much

unlimited so like every time I do

grocery pick up say thirty three dollars

or so I give her roughly two dollars

back in rewards which is pretty great to

get five percent back every time and

their price is already very reasonable

so when it comes to applying to this

card its 640 credit score is what I

found online for the store version 700

for the credit card version which is

under Capital One and I feel like you

can probably get it lower than that

honestly just because Walmart is gonna

want to have as many people as possible

under their card so they're probably a

little looser than it actually says

online that's my guess I'm not sure if

that's true or not you do get an intro

offer as well when you apply to this

card this is also kind of a negative

that I found one of the only negatives

that I can see with the card so you get

12 months of Walmart pay we're gonna get

5% back on the card for 12 months if you

use Walmart pay in-store the negative of

that is that when those 12 months run

out you don't really have that option

anymore in the store so you're only

gonna get that 5% back if you use

Walmart grocery pickup or Walmart com

so that's kind of a negative I don't see

why they couldn't just have made it you

know a permanent thing for Walmart pay

sorry that's my cat but yeah it would

have been just better honestly just to

do the 5% back across the board for

anything in Walmart Target does that

sort of but they do a 5 percent discount

maybe they'll change on the future I'm

not sure that's the one drawback though

the APR is seventeen point nine nine to

twenty six point nine nine percent

honestly though never ever keep it

bounce on your credit card

that's a total total lie if anyone's

ever told you need to keep a balance

don't do that

you're literally just paying credit card

companies for no reason so pay this off

in flow every month and you'll be 100%

good just treat it as a debit card in

addition to that there is no annual fee

on this card which is a big plus so you

never have to worry about that there's

actually very few negatives besides that

twelve month period expiring but for me

I don't go in the store itself a whole

lot I generally I'd say 95% of the time

use Walmart grocery pickup so it's a

great way to earn an extra mount of

little money that way or Baccarin rather

get back a little bit of extra money I'm

an addition to that as well

once that warn't the Walmart pay rather

runs out that 5% after twelve months you

get 2% back I'm in store when you use

the credit card which is okay I mean you

can get two percent on one or two other

cards I believe the city double cash I

think there might be one other so it's

not terrible in that regard but it

should really be 5% honestly or at least

three gas you get 2% that's only on

Walmart gas stations and Murphy USA we

don't have either in my area Walmart gas

or Murphy USA so that one doesn't I

can't really use which is also kind of a

letdown but that's obviously depends on

your area travel you also get 2% back

which is pretty cool so I believe that

includes anything like planes I'm not

sure if that includes car rentals

probably it might I'd have to look into

that further but I don't believe so I

think it's mostly planes like very

Travel oriented things

restaurants you also get 2% back so

that's a nice little perk I'm sure there

are other cards out there that offer

that or more but if you are just gonna

have one or two cards this is probably a

great addition overall though it's a

great card I really really recommend it

I don't have a referral link or anything

that's just it's just my personal

recommendation sorry Mike it's really

getting all lovey dovey right now but um

it's really a great card especially if

you're gonna use Walmart grocery pickup

um you're gonna probably earn so I've

been using it for two two and half

months right now and I have about

thirteen dollars in rewards and I don't

spend a whole lot on groceries like I

said thirty dollars a week maybe so you

get a good amount back really so it's

definitely something to consider like

it's a no annual fee there's really no

down point to applying for this card if

you do have any questions about it

though make sure to tell me down below

I'll do my best to answer any questions

you have about the card otherwise though

you know thanks for watching like I said

a new video every Wednesday if you can

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video and I will see you next Wednesday