Vodacom | V by Vodacom V-App Setup

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step-by-step setup of v-app in this

video we will guide you through the

onboarding of the V sim in the V by

Vodafone app for this onboarding of the

V sim we will use the V bag tracker

device first let's start off by

downloading the V by Vodafone app from

the App Store for iPhone or the Play

Store for Android search in the store v

by Vodafone once downloaded launch the

app and tap get started on your first

attempt of using the V by Vodafone app

you will need to allow V by Vodafone to

send you notifications tap allow V by

Vodafone will now log you in on this

screen to choose your country now insert

your prepaid or a postpaid Vodacom

mobile number that can be used for

subscription billing purposes and to

receive an OTP as a postpaid customer

you'll have the monthly subscription

charged your existing Vodacom bill if

you are prepaid customer the

subscription will be deducted from your

prepaid airtime as a prepaid customer

you may need to recharge your account if

you do not have sufficient airtime for

the subscription to be processed now

that you have inserted your mobile

number highlight remember my mobile

number then tap continue V by Vodafone

will now send you an OTP via SMS enter

the OTP

the tap continue once your HP is

verified you'll be logged in to add your

first device tap the plus tab next

you'll be asked to scan the QR code of

the visa you will have to allow V by

Vodafone access to the camera click OK

on the pop-up scan the QR code if the QR

code cannot be scanned in the app

manually enter the sim number as shown


be by Vodafone will now identify your

product you'll now have to tap confirm

if the product is correct next select

which product you need connected for

this example we selected V bag in the

pop-up to tap move track next select the

price plan and then tap select plan in

the pop-up accept Terms of Service by

tapping accept on the next screen tap

subscribed now the V by Vodafone app

will check for payment once payment is

confirmed you're good to go your sim is

now activated by the V by front front

app there are now just a few more steps

to cover to activate and use your

product but this will be covered in

another step-by-step video if you have

any issues make sure to use the help and

support section or you can browse the

list at FA cues and chat live with the

photo comm support technician or have an

advisor call you back at a later period

in this video we have guided you through

the onboarding of the VESA by the V by

Vodafone app