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my name is Joe Skillman I'm a plastic

aesthetic and reconstructive surgeon I

work at works in a field hospital in

lamington Spa as time goes on with

weight gain weight loss pregnancy and

other changes in our lives some people

find that they have extra abdominal

tissue that they would prefer to be

without there are a number of ways to

address this which include an

abdominoplasty or tummy tuck operation

and liposuction these two procedures

differ quite considerably and as

suitable for different types of people

liposuction removes any excess abdominal

fat through very small incisions and

it's very good for people with excess

fat that no excess skin and I've done

the plastic procedure is a much bigger

operation that can include tightening

the muscles or repairing hernias in

addition to removing excess abdominal

skin and tightening the abdomen both

these procedures have different types of

recovery the abdominoplasty you're

usually in hospital for at least a night

or two off of the operation and most

people take two to three weeks off work

some people require longer than this

soft work if they have a job that

involves heavy lifting or is very active

both procedures require you to avoid any

high impact or strenuous activity for at

least two to four weeks after the

procedure the scars are usually heal

well but may take up to 18 months or two

years to reach their final appearance