QUALIFY FOR MORE SURVEYS - Tips on How to Qualify For More Surveys

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welcome back this video is going to be

helping you qualify for more surveys

which will then hopefully make you more

money for completing them I've had a few

requests for this video so here it is if

you come from one of my other videos

then welcome if you haven't feel free to

check them out as they tell you some of

my recommended survey sites one of the

most common ways you'll be disqualified

from a survey is by certain questions

sometimes little can be done to prevent

disqualification as the survey provider

will likely be looking for a specific

group of people this is especially true

with higher-paying surveys as chances

are they will be looking for very few

entries allowing them to pay so much

this is therefore the first key tip and

that is the higher the survey pays the

less likely you are to qualify so my

advice would be to choose service that

still pay you good amounts but not

necessarily the top paying ones it still

might be worth attempting the higher

paying ones though because you never

know you might be what they're looking

for the next tip that I have is to make

sure your profile is updated and

accurate on the survey site you are

using I recommend doing this because

you're more likely to be given surveys

that are already targeted towards you

and you should therefore not be

disqualified as much the next tip seems

obvious and it probably is but it is

worth remembering and it is to follow

and read the rules of the server before

starting they may add key pieces of

information to ensure you are answering

the survey how they want you to for

example it might ask you to spend at

least 30 seconds on each page before

continuing this is not the same as some

of the questions that try to catch you

out and we'll focus on those later up

next I recommend making sure you are

choosing the newest surveys to complete

as another common way to be disqualified

is because the survey is full to beat

this try finding out when your survey

provider adds new ones to make sure you

get there first so a lot of the tips

I've given you to qualify for more

surveys seem to make you spend more time

on the survey which to some extent is

true so you might be wondering is there

a way to qualify for more surveys while

spending less time on them and that is

the million dollar question and there

isn't really a simple answer my advice

though would be that the more servers

you do tomorrow

you will get used to what is likely to

disqualify you and what you can speed

through on now we've come to the second

half of the video where we're going to

be focusing on the questions that


we try and catch you out so you'll have

a better idea of the questions you'll

need to take more time on okay so a

great example of question is this one

this is on the first page and this

survey is about DVDs and home

entertainment something like that so

when you get asked questions that are

you know relatively related to those

sort of things you're going to want to

make sure you tick those boxes or you

aren't really going to qualify so IT

hardware and software all stuff like

this you know what decision making do

you have and you know we've got a answer

this honestly but if you tick the boxes

like that and this is a home

entertainment and DVD survey you know

you're gonna need to tick the boxes that

relate to that so we're gonna do that

and hopefully we'll qualify for this one

another common question is what sector

you work in and server providers and

most surveys will ask you this and

they're people that work in stuff like

marketing and journalism because that's

in a way related to surveys and if you

are maybe a competitor or you're

somebody that could comment on this

survey or find out stuff I mean if

you're a journalist and you're doing a

survey about up-and-coming technology

you know putting that in there

oh no on your website is gonna bring in

a lot of views and it's gonna harm the

people that are providing the survey so

they're gonna want to stay away from

people like that so you want to answer

this honestly but you know if you're

gonna put marketing or journalism or

stuff like that you're probably gonna

get disqualified pretty much immediately

okay so we're starting a new survey here

before you begin this survey please

answer the question

bit low and you expect it's best to be

honest with questions like this if you

don't want to be specific

yeah actually doesn't want a specific

day so you're not too bad you just got

to put in there a month in a year and

this is just to classify your responses

so it's best to be honest but if you

don't want to be quite completely

accurate than you don't I don't think

you have to be but obviously this is

giving me the OP this isn't making me be

completely accurate either so questions

like this really common how many hours

week in total you spend doing each of

the following activities it's probably

best to be generous with these because

they're obviously looking for people

that do this sort of stuff so be a bit

generous with how many hours you put you

probably more likely to qualify that way

okay so now that we've actually

qualified for the survey we don't really

need to worry about some of our answers

they you know we they know we're

interested in this sort of area so

they're gonna be one in to hear our

answers it's the only thing to watch out

for now is on things like this we need

to look out for questions that are

trying to catch you out so yeah by all

means go through these quickly you can

spam the box slap because that's

probably the right answer you know we

want to mix it up a little bit so we we

look through these and we see which ones

but we need to look through these

individually because there will be

occasionally ones that try and catch you

out and if you go through a survey

spending even if you spend twenty

minutes doing a survey that's gonna get

you a dollar but you get to one of the

last questions and it kicks you out

because you didn't read it properly

you know that's not that's not the best

so you want to try and flick through

these if you can to actually see the

individual ones but you know I can I can

answer this honestly attend or host the

viewing party now I've never never never

doing that so we can click you know I've

gone the wrong box never probably a few

of these do never but from this point on

it's best to just answer them honestly

and take your time to a certain extent

to look out for the questions or train

catch you out okay then so to summarize

the questions that you'll need to keep

an eye out for are definitely ones that

appear early on in the survey they're

likely to be the ones that are actually

looking out what your interests are and

things like that so you need to fit into

those if you're going to be qualifying

for the survey also questions that

relate to the survey topic are also very

very important because if you're not if

you have no idea what the topics about

then you're not going to be qualified

for that survey so always check that the

questions if they are related to the

survey that you're answering them how

you know you think the survey would want

you to tick boxes as well there's always

going to be ones in there that try and

catch you out so it'll say tick the box

that says never you got to make sure you

take that so spend your time on the

and then finally if there's any

questions actually ask you for a

physical typed answer be quite thorough

on those there might be a minimum word

count that are looking for and that'll

definitely be a certain area that might

try and catch you out in and so that's

all the advice I have unfortunately

there's no secret way to qualify for

more surveys I'd love to be able to give

you that information but it just isn't

so hopefully these tips will have helped

you they've certainly helped me to some

extent some more than others but it's

worth trying out some of the tips I've

given you

megsie keeping out for the trick

questions that's definitely the the way

that you're gonna get disqualified

mostly and so that's it I hope you found

this video helpful if you have remember

to leave a like if you want you can

share some of your tips in the comments

that would be great I'll pin some of the

best comments and maybe even add some of

the advice to the description so thanks

for watching this video and I'll see

another one