How to Qualify for SBA Loan

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so today I was out I think last week cuz

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but I am back and today we're going to

the chalkboard we're going to the

blackboard we're gonna talk about SBA

loans so SBA loan is the coveted the

ultimate option of what almost all

business owners want for good reason

because SBA loans give you the lowest

payments because you have really good

interest rates really good terms meaning

that you have you can have longer loan

terms and lower interest rates and that

gives you lower payments so ad welcome

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know it works out so SBA loans that's

what we're diving into today today we're

gonna be talking about exactly how to

get an SBA loan Derek Harper my good

friend just joined us so we're gonna

talk about exactly how to get an SBA

loan now why would you want what's up

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we get the word out so SBA loans the

ultimate option for business owners

because you get a longer term you get a

lower rate and that means cheaper

payments but again a lot of this is a

mystery a lot of people don't know

anything about how to get SBA loans a

lot of people don't know the steps to go

in and to get approved a lot of people

don't even think thinking and approved

when they can so today what we're gonna

do is we're going to talk about what it

takes to actually get an SBA loan

what SBA is actually looking for what

the lenders that underwrite

are actually looking for and we're gonna

talk about exactly how you can come in

and exactly how you can get an SBA loan

for your business so this it's home if

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as we go through this process so let's

start so how to get an SBA loan that is

the topic today and today we're gonna be

talking about what these are we're going

to talk about each one of the individual

requirements that they actually have for

you to be successful and get a coveted

SBA loan so again we're talking about

SBA loans we're talking about here are

government insured loans so these are

not offered by SBA they're actually

offered preventional banks so first of

all what's a conventional bank a

conventional bank as Wells Fargo

conventional bankers Bank of America its

chase it's the big banks the problem is

big banks are basically insured by the

government right so the government

restricts what they can and can't do and

they won't let them basically engage in

risky lending so what that means is it

means in order for you to get a loan

through a big bank you've got to meet

special requirements and here's how this


SBA doesn't lend money they have some

micro loans in some smaller amounts they

lend but the most of the loans you get

they're not offered by SBA they're

offered by Chase they're offered by Bank

of America they're offered by Regions

they're offered by Wells Fargo they're

offered by the big banks and then SBA

ensures those loans so that means for

example of SBA ensures 90% of the loan

if you borrow a hundred grand and you

default SBA would pay the bank ninety of

that hundred grand

and the bank would only be on the hook

for 10 grand because SBA exists it makes

it where the big banks can lend money to

small businesses to you and I because if

you ever default if I ever default SBA

is the one that takes the biggest hit so

because the risk is diminished because

SBA ensures that the big banks can offer

business loans why is this important

well first of all you need to know if

you're ever gonna walk into a big bank

they're gonna offer you an SBA loan big

banks don't even lend to businesses in

MO cases most cases because so many

businesses fail because the default rate

is so high so what they're only doing is


sba insured loans so why you need to

know this and why that's important is

because if you're gonna go into a big

bank you're gonna have to meet some very

specific and very difficult criteria to

be able to get approved you're gonna

have to get approved meeting the bank's

criteria and SBA's criteria so you're

gonna have double the amount of criteria

that you're going to have to meet for

you to actually get approved now I was

just asked this is all the right time I

have an offer accepted to purchase an

existing business and my next step is to

get the SBA loan great we're gonna be

talking about that as well and guys I

really appreciate the shares you can see

Derek and those of you that are sharing

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if this information is important we want

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Christine welcome so for today what

we're talking about is the exact steps

to get an SBA loan so it's important to

note here that these are government

insured they're not offered by SBA these

loans are insured by SBA in case you

default SBA pays the bank but these are

actually issued by conventional lenders

by the big banks now these are typically

going to take about sixty days to close

okay they're not easy to qualify for but

remember they're giving you longer terms

and they're giving you lower rates which

equal low payments long terms low rates

equal low payments so remember how to

finance it hello to everybody and thanks

for pouring in there's a lot of

financing out there that's much easier

to get than what we're talking about

today and if you view us and you watch

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messenger type in the letters e aí in

and I think you'll get a free guide when

you do so and then we'll notify you

every week when we go live so you can

get this kind of information so with SBA

remember these are insured by SBA but

it's the big banks it's the conventional

banks that actually offer these loans

these are much more difficult to get

than a lot of other kind of financing

we're gonna talk about but this is the

final step you want to graduate to also

keep in mind please take time to close

this can take a month or two months to

close because there's so much

documentation you're going to need to

provide a

you're gonna have to qualify with SBA

and you're gonna have to qualify with

the bank itself that's offering the loan

as well so things to keep in mind as

you're getting started now they're all a

lot of alternatives if you have cash

flow credit and collateral and I call

this the three C's formula to lending

even if you don't qualify for an SBA

loan if you have cash flow you can get

revenue lending and you can get

alternative SBA loans and you can get

merchant account financing if you have

good credit you can get unsecured credit

lines up to 150 grand if you have

collateral like 401ks or stocks or

account receivables or purchase orders

or any of these types of things these

can all get you financing these are much

easier to get the next VA loans because

this one you only need cash flow this

one you only need credit this one you

only need collateral so when we talk

about the requirements don't get

discouraged if you don't meet them know

that there's a lot of alternative

options that can work for you so what

are they looking for

well conventional banks want to see

these things cash flow per your tax

returns all three types of credit did

you know you have three types of credit

we're going to talk about this and they

want to see business and personal

collateral as well so let's dive into

each one of these first of all cash flow

the first thing they're going to do is

review your bank statements to make sure

that your review you're managing your

bank account responses there's a lot of

financing out there and Denise says your

number is a scam likely duh don't take

out rocket science to figure it out you

know I'm not sure what that means but

that's okay so remember when it comes to

cash flow the first thing they're gonna

look out is your bank accounts you're

managing your bank accounts responsibly

what does that mean well one positive

cash flow more money going in the bank

account then you have going out of the

bank account second they want to see

good banking how management that you're

not over drawing the account that you're

non-sufficient funds are non-existent or

very very low okay they also want to

make sure that you have if possibly even

different accounts with the bank other

than your main a bank account as well

okay so that being said don't speak

intelligently do not come and keep

moving please all right I appreciate

that there okay so that being said when

it comes to cash flow but they're

typically looking at a bank account for


bank account management the second thing

they're going to look for is two to

three years of tax returns

typically three years of tax returns and

here's what the tax returns one they're

asking for three years of tax returns

for a very good reason they want to make

sure you're in business for three years

a business that can't provide three

years of tax returns has it been in

business for three years so a lot of the

banks they require you be in business

for two to three years to get an SBA

loan by requiring three years of tax

returns you can only supply if you've

been in business three years when they

get those tax returns here's what

they're looking for increasing revenues

year to year that your revenues higher

year to year showing you're growing and

profits here's where so many business

owners screw up so many business owners

listen to their accountant they spend a

bunch of money at the end of the year

they write off everything they can so

they don't have to pay taxes and they

basically show no profits the problem is

even five thousand dollars or two

thousand dollars in profit in my world

and the commercial lending world is

completely the difference between you

getting approved for credit lines and

loans and getting denied for credit

lines and loans you have to show some

profits on your tax returns the whole

world of lending opens up to you

business wise when you do okay and so

it's important to know that you've got

to come in you've got to show some

problems on somebody saying how much

well it depends on your business but the

key is are you profitable or are you not

if you're not profitable a lot of

lenders a lot of credit lines a lot of

loans a lot of alternative lenders that

will give you money won't give you money

but if you show even a little profit

two grand five grand ten grand depending

relative to the prophets or the revenues

then that is the key to being able to

get a lot of loans including SBA loans

so what they're looking for here is one

do you manage your bank account

responsibly to do your financials and

bank account work show that you have

enough money to pay back the loan it's

what all lenders care about most three

again when it comes down to bank account

to tax returns are you growing the

business or your revenues increasing are

your revenues on your bank statement

increasing are their profits on the

actual business if you have those things

you're meeting the requirements of what

they're looking for with cash flow

whatever it is I don't have it

okay look charis that's okay the person

the point about SBA is SBA's where you

want to graduate to if you know the end

goal in anything in life it's easier to

get there so the end goal by knowing

what it requires to get approved for SBA

you can work on that while you're

getting approved for a lot of these

alternative financing programs that are

much easier to get approved for so again

this is what you want to work towards

and in doing so a lot of other funding

will open up along the way and you'll

eventually even within years as several

my credit repair owner friends have done

been able to come in and get the SBA

loan with the absolute terms so remember

they're looking for cash flow they're

also gonna what probably a profit lost a

bank account balance sheet they're also

going to want projections of what you

expect to do in the future what they're

looking at here is two things

past performance future potential so

they're gonna want that profit loss

which shows the difference between again

your basic revenue and your expenses and

the difference between the two are you

making money or losing money the balance

sheet the kind of money that you have

available now the projected financials

what you expect to do in the future

watch your past performance and watch

your future potential okay so instead I

see a lot of people mess us up a lot of

people don't understand this they think

that banks lend money based on what they

expect to do we're entrepreneurs here

nothing works out like we expect it to

that's why banks lend money based on

what's happened in the past not

necessarily what you think will happen

in the future so your past performance

matters a lot when it comes to getting

any kind of loan especially SBA they're

gonna look at your profit loss where you

are now they're gonna look at the bank

statements of tax returns they're gonna

look at the income statement then

they'll look at the projected they want

to see you have some kind of idea where

you're going in the future but they're

mostly gonna look at past performance

not projections of what you expect okay

and Derek I've ever said that Ty's

helped give me get funding when I didn't

think it I had the ways this is why I

always endorse some occurs to me I

really appreciate that and guys we're

gonna talk about a lot of different ways

that you're going to be able to funding

here on these live streams credit so in

order to get it remember you need three

to get an SBA loan cash flow you're

going to also need credit and you're

gonna need collateral you give indeed

these three so when it comes to credit

business credit in your business thing

so here's how this way you come in and

SBA loans they use something called the

FICO SPSS score this is FICO z' small

business score

Sycho SPSS score you must have a 140

score to get approved 300 as high as it


to get any SBA loan 140s the minimum

since it's SBA's minimum a lot of banks

require 160 why does this matter it's

very simple it is 100% impossible to get

a 140 score with SBA's FICO SPSS or with

FICO is SPSS unless you have business

credit established you have to have it

you can't come in and you can't get SPSS

FICO score high enough unless you build

business credit so you have to build

business credit to ever get an SBA loan

if you had no business credit you

absolutely cannot it is impossible to

get an SBA loan Terri says what's the

difference between FHA loans and

conventional loans well that has a whole

different topic because now we're

talking about mortgages okay an FHA

mortgage is basically the same thing FHA

is insuring the loan in case default so

since FHA is taking the risk that it

allows banks to basically more leniently

lend money the same years we're talking

about with SBA Christine almost a

million in mostly NOPD accounts and

Christine is where these people that is

follows us religious liens got over them

almost a million just sure about 900,000

now in business credit building are you

without a personal guarantee and without

a personal credit check so that's the

first step you gotta make sure that you

have business credit established now the

second step you've got to make sure that

you have good personal credit it's based

on again you as the business owner your

ability to pay so right you have to have

good personal credit and business credit

we've seen customers with 785 ghost

scores get denied with SBA because they

had one derogatory on a major bank

account so you need to have good

consumer credit you need to build your

business credit

have good business credit but here's the

kicker with SBA you also need something

you don't need with alternative lenders

which you also need good bank credit

okay so you're going to need good bank

credit as well

now bank credit is the third type of

credit that most people don't know about

most people know about their consumer

credit some know about business credit

most don't know about bank credit and

here's how it works

it basically is looking at the 90-day

balance of what you keep in your

business bank account so first

completely secret completely on the

down-low you'll never know what your

bank credit score is they'll never tell

you this is an internal credit score

that the banking system uses that

whenever your business goes to get a

loan or credit card they use to

determine your worth

should you be lent the money or should

you not it's a five category system and

you'll only care about four and five

you'll either have a high five mid five

or low five a high four mid four or low

four score here it is cut and dry it's

based honestly on the average balances

in your bank account some other factors

as well you need to keep ten thousand

dollars on average in your bank account

for a 90 day time period before you'll

have a low five score which is the

lowest acceptable score it's all you

need to know under 10 grand you'll be in

the fours you can't get a loan the

highest they go is seventy thousand or

more in your bank account you've got to

have an average for 90 days of ten grand

in that business bank account to ever

get an SBA loan because you'll need it

to get that bad credit score high enough

why I tell you this because if you're

gonna get an SBA loan now you know what

to do 90 days before you know to make

sure you have that much money in there

and then keep that much money in there

and in doing so that's what you'll need

to actually be able to qualify for an

SBA loan you need good personal score

business score and bank score now there

are other factors here that credit score

okay having a positive cash flow

consistent deposits okay the age of the

bank account having other products with

the bank money market accounts for

example all these things tie into it but

is primarily based on the nine

de ballestas you keep a bank account


and Nicole says I just want to know this

but what do you do if you get scammed

trying to get a card online for a bank


what depends on what kind of scam you

know you've got to try to go back to get

your money and it depends on what kind

of scam but you want to involve the

Federal Trade Commission and maybe some

other regulatory agencies depending on

what kind of scan it is do you remember

an SBA loan yes you have to unless you

build business credit a lot of people

ask me about building business credit

and getting no PG credit Christine is

with us today she just said she's almost

almost at a million dollars in credit

that she's got without the personal

guarantee and a personal credit check

she has so much credit built that it's

easier for her to get some loans without

the personal guarantee but until you

build a lot of credit you're never going

to get loans without a personal

guarantee so you have to build with your

business credit to get away from the

personal guarantee and all SBA loans are

going to be personal guaranteed

eventually as your business grows you'll

be able to get more loans without a

personal guarantee it's very easy

following the formula that we teach to

build business credit without a personal

guarantee but it's harder to get loans

so remember guys if you're interested in

knowing how to get business credit go to

our messenger on Facebook I'm pretty

sure you could type in the letters

iin that'll notify you when we go live

again and you'll also be able to get a

free guide right through there to be

able to build your business credit

hopefully that answers your question

so we now talked about cash flow we

talked about credit let's talk about the

third component collateral SBA wants

collateral equal to the amount of the

loan that you're taking out or pretty

close to they'll take all of your

business assets as collateral account

receivables inventories they'll also

look at your personal assets 401k stocks

bonds a home several interesting on here

first of all you need to know that

account receivables is the most popular

and biggest asset that is used to get

SBA loans what does that mean it means

let your customers pay you through

payments when your customers agree to

pay you $1,000 and pay you $100 a month

until that thousand dollars is paid

that's account receivables account

receivables have substantial value when


to your ability to get loans substantial

value so just by letting your customers

pay you on payments on terms one you can

report that to the reporting agencies if

their businesses or in some businesses

you can report their business reporting

agencies and the second thing is is that

you also have this benefit okay you need

to know that when it comes to coming

down to have collateral account

receivables is the most valuable asset

you have letting people pay you through

payments inventory equipment or other

receivables purchase orders that maybe

you have purchase orders anytime that

somebody owes you money for anything

where you have an asset that serves as

collateral second thing that's

interesting SBA is the only loan type

I've ever seen where they can use a home

as collateral for a business while SBA's

underwriting guidelines actually show is

that they're required the lender to take

all business assets you have as

collateral and if it's not enough to

cover the loan also take all of the

personal assets they can as collateral

including your home that's the problem

with SBA you got to pledge your home to

be able to get approved you just need to

know that going in now if you have

enough account receivables and other

business assets your home might not be

needed but you're going to need to have

substantial collateral pretty much for

what you actually need to get the loan

for so here's what's interesting about

this with us okay you need all three of

the three C's formula again I call it

the three C's formula because to get

alternative loans

you only need one if you have cash flow

five to ten grand a month you can get

all kinds of lending options through

revenue lending if you have good credit

you can get up to 150 grand and credit

lines okay if you have some kind of

collateral you can get money you only

need one you don't need the others

that's the 3c formula if you have cash

flow you don't need good credit or

collateral if you have good credit you

don't need cash flow you don't need

collateral if you have collateral your

credit doesn't matter and your cash flow

doesn't matter you only need one SBA is

the only loan type that requires cash

flow credit and collateral it's all got

to be good to be able to get approved so

remember you gotta have those thank

statements you've got to have those tax

returns revenues increasing profits you

gotta have good business credit good

personal credit good and credit then you

have to have collateral as well now

again they're gonna want you to again

show the solid cash flow to repay this

is the biggest aspect of any loan you

ever get do you have enough money to

repay the actual loan okay

credit worthiness does your business

credit and consumer credit show that

you're paying on time does your bank

credit show you have enough money in the

bank account to repay the loan okay

experience in the industry they're going

to ask you to submit a resume and

they're looking for expertise of running

that kind of business here's something

important when it comes to the line

items on applications every one of them

means something so you have to know this

when they're asking for something like a

resume there's a reason they're asking

for it they're looking for your

experience in your industry or field if

you don't have a bunch of experience

they want you to have a business partner

that does and thank you for the likes

thank you for the loves and thank you

guys for the shares it means a lot that

you do this so I appreciate it how do

you build business credit that's a whole

different other topic than we're talking

about today but if you go to

facebook-dot-com forward-slash credit

suite you go into our messenger you type

in the letters e aí n a pretty sure

that's gonna trigger where you can get a

free guide that i'll map out the steps

to build business credit and on our

facebook page you'll see a recent video

we just did I think about two weeks ago

then map out the steps to build business

credit and we will be back to that topic

but it won't be for a few more weeks

okay so some other tips here you need a

solid business plan they're gonna ask

you for a business plan business plans

aren't needed for most alternative

lenders but they are for SBA in the US

with you you should probably have one

here's why business plans talk about

your market it talks about your

projections it talks about competition

it talks about what you think you're

going to do in sell and how much you're

gonna do in sell of it that's important

you should know what your goal is in

your business and then it's easier to

build towards that goal so I think every

business should have a business plan

because by doing so you're showing that

you know your market you know your

competition you know your product you

know how much you're planning on selling

and those type of things are only going

to help you running a

business but it's not needed with most

kind of loans but you will need one for

SBA okay and they're gonna also want to

see the financial the time in business

of information for the business six

etcetera okay they're gonna want to show

you should show you how that solid cash

flows we talked about per your bank

statements okay they're gonna want to

see resumes as we talked about profit

and loss annual financials cash flow

statements all of which we talked about

bank statements showing those trends

bank statements show month to month how

your business is growing tax returns

show year to year how your business is

growing as well you can easily google

SBA checklist and it'll even give you a

list of all the documents that you're

going to need so tips only apply with

established business credit and good

personal credit remember the third type

of credit they lookouts bank credit

don't even apply unless you've cut

ninety or ten thousand dollars in your

bank account for the last 90 days build

a bank relationship first look if you

have a relationship with the bank it's

only okay and Michael says what if you

use your business checking to pay your

car note would that be considered a

business expense well yeah it could be

but my advice is to get a car in the

business name look it's super simple

when you get a car to just ask them can

I get this in my business name they'll

ask for your EIN you give them the AI in

and they'll add it and it's in your

business name they'll typically report

it to the consumer reporting agencies

but you can do it as you build business

credit and have 14 accounts reporting

you can also go to Ally financial Ford

and GM and get Auto vehicle financing in

your business name without a personal

guarantee without a personal credit

check so you could get it without a PG

and credit check completely in your

business name word reports for the

business reporting agencies or just give

him your EIN if you don't have business

credit and then put it in your business

name that is really simple to do

building your business credit to get it

without the PGS takes a little bit more

work but yes if it's coming out of your

business bank account it's going to be

considered a business defense okay so

get your Doc's ready in advance this

checklist if you google SBA checklist

you will get a good checklist

all the documents that you're going to

need some kind of summary here balance

sheet profit and loss statement tax

returns resumes with and for everybody

that owns twenty percent or more of the

business SBA's actual loan application

those are going to be a consumer credit

report or your social anything to do

with your business credit that you have

anything to prove your assets those are

going to be some of the basics that

they're going to look for so get that

documentation ready first does this work

for music business yes it works for

every business except for high-risk

industries SBA will make it tougher to

get approved with some high-risk

industries such as financial services

but you can still get it okay I have

friends in credit repair that have

gotten SBA loans so no matter even what

industry you're in you have the ability

to get SBA loans as long as you meet the

requirements that we've been talking

about that okay another tip kit okay

expect longer closing times these will

take longer to close than normal loans

these are ones you need to get started

with well before you need the money and

again it got questions along the way go

to credit suite come forward such get

funding this is the hardest kind of loan

that you're gonna get we have a lot of

other kind of financing even as a

start-up or with bad credit that you can

get approved for something else is that

if you have any other questions and we

can help you along the way as well give

us a read okay the way that our program

works or what we help people lose the

funding is this we call it graduation we

start you with the best loans you can

get right now that typically with

revenue lending based on your revenue or

credit financing or unsecured credit

lines based on your credit or collateral

we get you the easiest that you can get

now okay remember the three C's forming

was super simple we get you financing

you can get now based on one of these

strengths as you add a strengths and get

two of the three let's say you have good

cash flow and good credit that ends up

this even more okay this is awesome

priscilla man you this is a scam first

of all that doesn't even make sense Nora

proper English

second of all please explain how SBA

loans are a scalable I would love to

know so you have two of the three C's

like cash flow and good credit then what

happens then is you can get even more

financing even more alternative lenders

even more term loans even more lines of

credit from alternative lenders like

Lending Club for example and then when

you have all three cash flow credit and

collateral all three of those that's

when you get an SBA loan we call it a

graduation you start with one kind of

financing you can get either cash flow

credit or collateral then you get cat

two of the strengths let's say cash flow

and credit then that gets you term loans

and lines of credit and more financing

then you get to the third type of

financing the graduation the final

result which is SBA one that wants you

to have good credit collateral and cash

flow so again that's how SBA loans work

now you know it's based on you having

cash flow credit and collateral we

talked today about how they verify cash

flow how they verify credit we've talked

about the kind of collateral they want

what they're going to use as collateral

for okay so all of those type of things

are what you need to know to be able to

successfully get an SBA loan don't have

them don't worry

remember to get money all you really

need is a strength good credit so 680

fight go score higher and get your

credit lines cash flow five to ten

thousand a month will work or some kind

of collateral account receivables

inventory purchase orders 401k stocks

etc if you don't have any of those

that's when you want to be a business

credit when you build business credit

you can get these kind of approvals

without a personal guarantee or personal

credit check Andrea says can you call me

directly I want to work with you

absolutely the best thing to do is two


email us info at credit suite comm

that's my email info at credit suite

comm or go to messenger right now and on

messenger then that you want to work

with us will engage with you there

either one of those will work okay hub

priscilla michael priscilly you're not

popular today apparently as status is

the real estate deal people know this

game okay so if you don't have one of

the sees that's when you go to business

credit guys with business credit you can

get approved regardless of cash flow

credit of collateral it's the only

financing you can get when you have none

of those three C's and it still is

rewarding as Christine on your sense

got almost a million dollars of this

kind of credit 20 30 40 $50,000 credit

lines at places like Ford and Home Depot

Lowe's Office Depot staples Chevron

Sunoco Sam's Club Apple K PNC Bank etc

etc so I've just given you a way that

anybody can get money if you have cash

flow credit and collateral you get SBA

loans if you have cash flow and credit

two of those you get term loans lines of

credit if you have just cash flow just

collateral or just good credit those get

you money and if you have none of those

that's when you build business credit if

you guys want to learn more go to

facebook.com and go to facebook-dot-com

forward-slash credit suite engage with

us on our messenger type in the letters

CIN if it works like it should

that'll give you the ability to download

a free guide and we'll notify you when

we go live okay here's the top of topics

that we talked about how the 3 3 C's

formula really work how old types of

your credit really work we talked about

your business credit reports o aspects

of how they work we talked about how

business credit works the benefits of

business credit we talked about your

business credit scores these are the

type we talked about the steps to build

business credit this whole surrounded by

whiteboards and chalkboards to teach you

all these kind of lessons the bottom

line is our stream is all about how you

get money to fund a business no matter

what your scenario is so if that's

something interests you go to credit

suite car facebook.com forward slash

credit suite engage with us a messenger

type in the letters yah and I'm pretty

sure that that will get you a free guide

and then you get a free guide on

building business credit and will notify

you when we go live again great

information I appreciate that very much

comedian I love that facebook-dot-com

forward-slash currently comedian thank

you very much for putting that in there

man that's awesome I applied for Best

Buy and Apple at their stores haven't

got a call back from them yet you might

want to imply I'm online with them but

it might take you 30 days to be actually

get a response but good class I

appreciate that so truly okay got it

thanks Trey that's gonna be okay

so everybody I'm out of here thank you

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you for using our little icon thing

thank you guys for sharing this it means

a lot I gave you an overview of what

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live every Wednesday at 4 o'clock

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especially mr. Derek Harper for sharing

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like 20 people to like 200 people

overnight thanks everybody I'll see you

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thanks everybody very much have a great


Oh Derek family yes that is right thank

you for that being the final comment I

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thanks for tuning in the whole time I

know you're a busy man and I look

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