Top 5 Grants To Start A Business (The BEST Small Business Grants)

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what's happening guys it's Shane here so

as someone who wrote their first grant

application over ten years ago and has a

lot of experience in this field I'm

gonna go over the top 5 best grants to

start a business so we're gonna skip the

long run and introduction and jump in

right now so there's a lot of

information out there that's honestly

just a waste of your time money and

energy and usually it's from people who

try to charge you for this sort of thing

so I made this video in order to save

you from wasting your time and hopefully

get you started on your way to getting

some free cash so that you can start a

business and who doesn't like free cash

smash like for free cash so the best way

to get a grant for starting a small

business is actually to start with your

local either city or county as they have

special offices that are set up by

elected officials to do two things one

to keep them elected of course and two

to attract people to start a business

which would make people that might

otherwise be unproductive be productive

members of society that can take care of

themselves and help the economy flourish

so these websites that they set up are

going to be different in every single

state and you're gonna have to do a

little bit of research in order to find

them but this is actually a good thing

because the government is not going to

advertise free money to people you have

to do that work in order to find them

but that means that 99% of people aren't

going to do the work and they'll never

find this for you resource but I'm going

to show you how and the first thing I

want to mention is all of these websites

are going to end in dot org if any

website ends in dot-com or dotnet or

anything other than org chances are it's

probably someone who is going to upsell

you or try to charge you some amount of

money in order to you know help you find

these grants so just ignore those

websites so just for the purposes of

this video let's say you live in Hawaii

because the weather sucks outside and I

wish I was in Hawaii

and you're looking to start a business

there so the first thing you want to do

is you want to type in Hawaii Small

Business Development Center and boom

it's the first one that pops up and

there's even one for each Island so

you'd click on that and they'll help you

do basically anything you need to do

you as a small business whether that be

finding loans to start a business grants

consulting helping with taxes accounting

setting up your business structure like

creating an LLC or an S corp or a sole

proprietorship doing accounting managing

your money getting low-interest business

loans advertising and the list goes on

and on and on

so starting local is the most important

thing and that is the most important

step for finding grants in your area now

the next thing you want to do is to use

good old Google to find opportunities

and remember only click on the ones that

end in dot org so for instance you might

type in small business grants Hawaii and

then see what pops up and you might find

opportunities that you missed in the

last step and you want to type in things

that apply to you specifically so for

instance let's say you're someone who

doesn't make very much like let's say

you're unemployed maybe you would type

in low income business grants Hawaii and

if you want to start a food business

maybe you would type in Hawaii food

business grants on Google and let's just

say you're a felon well there's grants

specifically for that as well I think

you get the idea here and after doing

about 30 seconds of research a great

site that I found for Hawaii is Pacific

gateway center.org another one that I

found was h TDC org and on this site

there was a hundred and fifty thousand

dollar grant for small businesses to

develop a great idea

a hundred fifty thousand dollars for an

idea all you need is an idea even if

it's a bad one

another key word that you should look

for when you're searching in Google is

accelerator organizations and these are

basically organizations that will give

you money because they think that your

idea is going to help out the state now

the next step after doing this is to

call your elected congressman by going

to vote smart org and this is really

awesome because these congressmen want

to get reelected and so they have entire

teams of people that are answering phone

calls pretty much all around the clock

and they will do research for you

they'll do basically anything you want

them to because the congressmen want to

get reelected and a lot of the time they

will have you know secret back office

numbers or they'll have connections to

different important people that know

what green

and opportunities are available and

they'll do all the research for you on

what the state is offering in terms of

help for small businesses and these

politicians do it out of the kindness of

their heart not because they want to get

reelected just kidding they do this for

a few different reasons but the biggest

one is of course because they know this

will help them get reelected so it's

definitely worth it for you to call them

and see what the state has that could

help you and sometimes they'll even do

research into federal help as well for

you this is an incredible research and

all those websites that claim they can

get you free grant money this is what

they use they literally just call the

congressman and ask them what's

available they write it down and then

they make a little automated report and

they send it to you and they charge you

like five hundred bucks or a thousand

bucks for that so go ahead

skip the middlemen and just do it for

free now the next thing you want to do

on the list is you actually want to go

to your local library and check with

them to see what grants are available

and the reason for this is because

libraries oftentimes will have very very

expensive databases that they pay

thousands and thousands of dollars a

year in order to keep updated and these

librarians know how to research stuff in

these databases so sometimes they'll

have it all available on the website

itself sometimes you don't even have to

go into the library but if not then the

librarians can help you look up on these

databases what grants are available for

you sometimes these librarians are so

bored that they'll just do the research

for you and these databases will often

show government grants as well as often

and private organization as well now

after you've exhausted all of those

resources the next step is to go to your

state or federal government and these

grants are going to be much more

competitive because more people know

about them

but with that being said these are still

really great to apply for and sometimes

these are some of the better grants that

offer more money so you might be good to

go at this point but if not that's

totally fine apply for these as well but

you're gonna probably have to apply for

more of them because they're gonna be a

little more competitive and a little

less likely for you to win them and a

great one here for instance is

careeronestop org which will give you

two hundred and fifty thousand dollars

in order to train yourself or your


valuable skills that can help your

business out stuff like customer service

marketing sales all that sort of thing

just ask Dan Locke who will charge you

nearly $2,500 to be a high ticket closer

another great one here is n is T gov

which is basically a organization that

will audit your business and then

they'll give you a free half-day of

consulting that would usually cost about

five thousand dollars they'll do it for

completely free they'll do it for

completely free and then if you need

anything beyond that they'll do it for a

fraction of the price that any other

organization like big consulting

companies like McKinsey for instance

anything like that they would charge

much much more and there are a bunch of

government organizations like these that

you can find and they're much much

easier to find than local organizations

so a lot more people are gonna know

about them but at the same time these

are still worth it for you to apply to

and another thing that's worth it for

you to check out is my videos right here

because I'm going to be dropping some

really great content on great

opportunities that are available right

now and how you can be successful you so

much for watching this video go ahead

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