LIPSENSE: How to Earn Your Free Car with Senegence!

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hey y'all my name is Julie Cornelius and

I am an independent distributor for

citizens international the company that

makes the magic lipstick comm Lipson it

doesn't rub off and it moisturizes your

lips it's pretty gosh darn amazing and

basically changed my and my family's

life this video my heavy and I are going

to be talking about how to qualify for

this little car how to earn and the free

car from our amazing company called

citizens I wanted to say that you don't

have to be a certain rank to a rank in

the company to earn the Senate car and

it's based on your first and second line

and and a lot of our girls gosh we have

such an amazing team and we have a

really just incredible group of women

that are just for one another and so

encouraging and on Facebook and we

wanted to do a video for them and we

just decided to put it on YouTube for

easy access and so we hope that this is

helpful one other thing that I wanted to

say was that two other things is pretty

easy we earn the car pretty early on so

it is pretty easy to earn the car that

our company is just so amazing and so

generous and second of all to find these

numbers that were talking about you're

going to log into the back office and

you're going to go to your distributor

dashboard and on the left you're going

to see a little button that says Sena

car 2016 and that's what you will push

to get your numbers so anyway I hope

you're qualified or I hope your clothes

and I hope this is helpful thanks for

watching we just wanted to answer some

questions and the first one is how do

you qualify for the car and here it is

going to help us understand this because

he is our numbers

yeah and as Julie said she qualified for

this I think a couple months ago now so

we got a new car so we've jumped through

all the hoops to qualify for this and

then actually enacted to kind of at the

top of our brain but first thing you

need to know is that there are two

qualifying levels this is actually a

leased reimbursement plan so that the

two levels the the first earns you $250

a month and the second level earns you

an additional $250 a month so talk about

how you qualify the first level and then

the second level okay so the first level

you have to achieve

22,500 qualifying value that's the term

that they use for a rolling three-month

period of time so we're rolling three

months period is it just is the current

month plus the two prior months so this

is we're filming this in February so

currently the February plus January and

December next month will be March 1

February in January so qualifying value

is the same as PV our product value so

all right here so I sent a man use the

ultimate than enough so the the first

level the the tier 1 qualification of

22,500 qualifying value applies to or

can be earned by your first line so by

distributors that you personally sponsor

the things to know here is that you can

only earn 4500 qualifying value

and in one distributor in that rolling

three-month period of time so for

instance if you have a rock star on your

first line who has you know over that

three-month period of time has 10,000 dB

well that's great but for the purposes

of the car you're only going to get 4500

qualifying value so you can't have one

person blow it out and R&D department at

Augie thorough there's a cap on each

going yeah twenty five forty five

hundred foot three month period of Sun

to the three months rolling period or

2000 qualifying value each month okay so

basically you need to have you know to

reach that 22,500 you need to have five

six maybe seven girls on your team who

are you know consistently ordering and

have a solid TV the second level that

tier two is earned by your second line

the second level of distributors that

qualification numbers the same as the

first so it's twenty two thousand five

hundred qualifying value for that same

three month rolling period of time the

caps on that or a little bit different

it's similar the image you can only earn

forty five hundred qualified deities

from any one of your second lines during

that three-month period of time but more

importantly you can only earn six

thousand seven hundred and fifty

qualifying value from any of your first

line second line so for instance if you

have a someone you personally sponsor

your first

their downline their second line however

many people that maybe can only account

for 6750 qualifying values for that

three-month period of time so you have

to have multiple kind of branches off of

the tree if you will in order to qualify

I know that's that kind of surprised me

because I thought Julie would have I

didn't quite understand why it wasn't

qualified to there was you know a lot

more TV than what was needed and that

was the catch that that kind of got me

so the key is you either have the wide

second line amongst several different

first line distributors that make sense

that makes total sense okay yeah now the

other thing to hold on here dos gave a

cap on the first line for tier 1 or

level 1 and then there's a cap on even

their second line yeah like something

like that one girl and then her little

branch there's a sack there's a cap on

even that second line yeah yeah yeah and

those two tiers that you can qualify for

qualifying for the more you have to

qualify for tier one first and then you

qualify for tier two second all right so

maybe you qualify for tier one you

qualify for a $250 a month lease

reimbursement you can go ahead and get a

car then for the 250 you don't have to

wait and qualify for tier two that's

kind of above and beyond so there now

you can't qualify for tier 2 until you

qualify tier 1 but but you can go ahead

and pull the trigger

after you qualify for tier 1

now that makes sense and and also to be

eligible for all of this

you have to personally have 750 PV or

more each month during that three month

rolling period of time each month yes

yeah and so to stay eligible once you

you know achieve those goals at 22,500

qualifying value for that three month

rolling period of time in order to stay

eligible for the least reimbursement you

just got to keep qualifying you just got

to keep hitting that same number every

three month period of time if you don't

then you know you you won't qualify for

the lease reimbursement anymore so you

want to make sure that you continue to

qualify one important thing is if if one

of your downline gals achieves crown

princess they will be kind of spun off

the first month following the next

seminar date and so they will no longer

them and their downlines will no longer

count towards your qualifying value

mm-hmm so for example that that might be

confusing if you're brand-new but for

example for example we have a girl who

will be will become crown princess on

our team and so it's February so when

she becomes crown princess

probably here in the next month our

seminars year in in March and I'm new

7ru year starts in April so at the end

of March beginning in April her and her

team will no longer count towards our

tier 1 and tier 2 whole brand yes

that doesn't happen until the big cat

news in the next seminar starts so our

year is April to March yeah yeah that's

how you qualify for the car so once you

do qualify you get the fun part of

actually Cashman or Matt yeah either

$250 per month it's qualified 4 to 1 or

an additional $250 a month pull up like

for tier 2 which is a total of $500 a

month so in order to cap it in you lease

a new car half the leaf has to be a new

car the MSRP the manufacturer's

suggested retail price of the car has to

be $25,000 or more son existin once

you're going out to lease in the no

clunker write that they want to drive

around and a nice new car it's got to be

factory blue you know the Finnegan blue

any blue anywhere right yeah the rules

just say thank you ain't blue the Hat

blue in the name no well the rules all

it says is factory blue factory blue

girls so it can be as I see light blue

dark blue Baba blue any kind of blue

yeah any any car any blue yeah it can be

any make any model anything

so you lease the car you take possession

of it you pay your first payment to the

dealer or wherever you're buying it from

and then you submit everything to

sentence including the lease agreement

receipt for your first payment a picture

of the car all this kind of stuff and as

long as it's all a good ordering you do

qualify they will send your

reimbursement check on the 10th of each

month for the cost of the car or for the

$250 or $500 kind of where you you fall

so if you lease a car and it's $600 and

you qualify for $500 lead screen person

well you get $500 is still going to pay

you know the extra out of your pocket

okay okay it's four hundred and

twenty-five dollars car payment in fact

what the amount that they're going to

give you to thank you

yeah they reimburse you yeah so they're

not actually paying for the car they're

just reimbursing your expenses for it

okay yeah

yeah the knife first it was very easy

the classes have been really easy well

well I'm still in the midst of it easy

for me yeah yeah I mean it's not hard

but buying a card is not the easiest

transaction in the world but it's easy

yeah it's not hard it's definitely worth

it no doubt I mean there's the only

thing I would caution you and we we had

this discussion is when you leave the

car you typically make a commitment for

three years to to have that lease so you

know just go in with the knowledge that

you have to continually qualify for that

reimbursement from sentence that's tier

1 and tier 2 at those different levels

we talked about because if you're to

business declines or for whatever reason

you don't qualify any more than that

reimbursement check is going to stop and

you still have that least commitment so

and that's as part of the way the

business works it's an amazing purpose

and it just offers it's definitely worth

taking advantage of but just got to know

know how it all works

oh yes have this indigent dealing yeah

they send you stickers we haven't gotten

that yet but yeah the ninja sticker it

has to be the distributor's primary far

mm-hmm that when you dropping it around

and showing it all make sure it has to

be a new car you can not least in a used

car again it does have to be the MSRP

does have to be over 25,000 okay so the

big qualification I wanted to add that I

appreciate the way that our founder

Joanie Rajan sponte has set it up I love

that I can't just have one girl that has

blown up and qualifies for all of my PV

or what did you call it

qualifying brother you qualifying value

for level 1 level 2 and I just love that

I love that you know it's not this is

not a pyramid scheme this is a this is

direct sales and then these amazing

perks that she gives us it's just a gift

and so have you qualified for a car

girls build that first line wide train

those girls well have your system be

duplicatable which is a goal of mine to


and don't don't start him and leave them

build that relationship with those girls

so be a good mama

to your girl to your first line to the

girl that you personally sponsor teach

them how to be a good mama to their

girls and then it's just going to go

bill filled wide and deep and you know

you're never going to be the type of

leader that is going to be bothering

people to put in orders because that's

not the kind of people we are we leave

by loving them and showing them and

being there for them and they're going

to do the same and it's just going to be

a beautiful dominant effect I wanted to

say something else yeah so that's all

you owe you can only control yourself

and you can control the kind of leader

that you are and people are going to be

drawn to that and so they'll wide and be

a good leader to those girls and they're

going to duplicate it and then the next

thing you know you're going to be

qualified for the car kind of amazing

it's just crazy um yes I think that's

okay yeah you're only in control of

yourself but you can do it you can

totally do it and we I never thought

that it could ever happen and now here

we are and we are so so grateful so you

girls can do it I believe in you I think

it qualifies for the car is probably

much easier than you think

it was as much in my mind it was much

more difficult to qualify that actually

was yeah very doable yeah so just you

know be a great leader and then seven

orders ordering 750 a month you might

take a 750 PV a month you might think

I'm going to set so much but if you are

staying passionate about the product

being persistent and

being just having perseverance I love

those creepies being consistent on your

customer page on Facebook being

consistent at consistently being a

product of the product wherever you go

you are going to find that purchasing

750 PV a month and selling it you're

just going to be able to keep up with

that as long as we do those things so it

is it has been uh I say I would I would

save it as an EB to qualify for this car

and just surprisingly I'm a things that

we thought to do it and if you are

working your business this is going to

come this is naturally going to come so

I would say have the goal of working

your business and definitely having this

vehicle but how do you get this word for

business be a good leader the passionate

consistent working your business and you

can do it

so we believe in Union and we are here

for you we are going to post this on our

team page on Facebook and please comment

with any questions girls I think we love

y'all where you see all bye