How to Get Scholarships for College! FULL RIDES, Local Scholarships, Application Tips!

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hey guys is joy here and today I'm going

to be talking all about scholarships the

small ones the big ones where to look

how to make yourself look better on

application and more so I know a lot of

you have been requesting on scholarship

video so I hope this answers a ton of

your question and if it doesn't you can

get a copy of my new book you got into

where which is available on my website

for pre-orders and will be available in

August for purchase from Amazon so

definitely get yourself a copy of this

if you want to learn more information

about my college process and everything

I think that you guys need to know when

applying to college so I'm going to go

over some bullet points that I have

written down on my handy-dandy notebook

and I want to get right into it so you

don't waste any time so the first thing

I want to talk about is going into

scholarships knowing what your unique

factor is when scholarship readers look

at applications they're looking for

unique applicants so obviously every

school has student council every school

has a National Honor Society and being

in those things is not bad but you want

to have something that makes you stick

out from the crowd so for example one of

my unique factors is my youtube channel

um some people do a lot of community

service hours other people start a club

or organization you just have to choose

something that you think will make you

stand out so a lot of people will

brainstorm think of that tivity they've

been in any awards they've won if

they've done a ton of traveling if they

know languages just brainstorm and I'm

sure you'll think of something that

makes you unique and you'll want to

stress that in your scholarship

applications so going along with that

you want to build your activities resume

so some people they build a resume as

they get hired in their high school

education so

they have it when they go in for college

applications and scholarship application

and sometimes those applications might

even ask you to submit a resume so build

your resume try to focus on that unique

factor if you want to major in the

science fields maybe join a ton of

science related clubs at your school try

not to be all over the place because it

makes it hard for people who are reading

your application to see what type of

person you are for example if there's a

scholarship for a student who wants to

be a journalist they want to see someone

with an activities resume that has them

participating in the school newspaper

and going beyond what the average

student might use they might be confused

if you have things like science fair

Awards if you're applying for a

journalism scholarship and vice versa so

make sure you look like you're focused

and that you are the right pick for that

scholarship another factor in

scholarships is your grades so some

scholarships a very few though don't

look at your grades but most will ask

you to submit a transcript from your

school and they're going to be looking

at your GPA

some even look at your test scores so

make sure you are studying ahead of time

for your SAT and a CT because it's not

only for college admissions they use it

for scholarships as well so make sure

you are staying on top of your grades I

know that's hard for some people but

just try to do your best because that's

all you can ask of yourself

so now I'm going to talk about how

you're going to search for your

scholarships there are those two main

categories um outside scholarships and

scholarships that colleges award to

incoming freshmen so the type of

scholarships that I got were ones that

college is awarded to incoming freshmen

so when I apply to college they notified

me that I was admitted to the school and

I also received scholarships but I did

apply to some outside scholarships I

think I applied for anywhere from 30 to

40 over my senior year and I did not get

one so the chances um

all depend on the type of student you

are on what you're applying to for

example some students see it harder to

get the scholarships that come from the

schools for example the NYU scholarship

that I was awarded only got awarded to

80 people out of the 63 thousand

applicants so it was way harder for a

student to get that scholarship and

other scholarships like small local ones

your chances are way greater so just

apply to a mix and I will go into both

sections right now so I'm gonna start

with the ones that schools award because

I'm most familiar with those since I

received them so schools will have on

their website an area where you can see

the scholarships that they give out so

you want to Google merit scholarships

for blank school so what I did was I did

this for every school I was applying to

I googled what their merit scholarships

were because I knew that I might not get

a lot of financial aid

I wasn't sure so I knew I needed some

academic based scholarships so you will

pull up a list and sometimes they will

list if you have this GPA and this test

score you will get this amount of money

and a lot of public universities list

that a lot of smaller universities list

that and it makes it easier for you to

know what to shoot for on your

standardized testing so it might say if

you have a 27 a CT you get $10,000 a

year the other schools when you get to

private institutions they don't list

what they're looking for specifically

they might say how many they award each

year they might say that certain

scholarships go to minority students or

scholarships go to first-generation

college students you'll just see a whole

list of scholarships they have and many

schools have other scholarships that

they award to special students that they

might not even list on their website for

example one of the scholarships I got

from USC was not listed on our website

so it is possible you just have to do

your research and make sure you know

what they're looking for because if you

know what they're looking for you know


frame your application so you can be

that student so when you want to search

for smaller outside scholarships say you

are a freshman sophomore junior you're

not really applying to college yet but

you want to start scholarship process or

your senior and your school deduct not

award your initial scholarships or

you're a college student and you want

scholarships here's how you can search

and find them and apply with your best

chances so you're going to first have to

think about small scholarships versus

large scholarships large scholarships

are those like Westbridge with which

Awards a full ride to students from

underrepresented backgrounds low-income

things like that so those scholarships

are extremely competitive thousands and

thousands of students apply to them each

year which means your chances are

smaller but if you do win one that you

have a lot of money so a few of those

are the quest bridge like I said the

coca-cola scholarship the Bill Gates

scholarship which I think just had its

last year but you might want to check up

on that but those are just a few so then

you have the small scholarships these

are scholarships that might just be a

couple hundred dollars maybe a couple

thousand dollars but they say on the

lower end but these scholarships have

less people applying to them and they

might have a more specific

applicant pool they're looking for so if

you get awarded these scholarships then

you can build up the money so that it

equals one of the larger scholarships so

don't ignore the small scholarships

because those are the ones you have a

better chance of winning so scholarships

you want to look for ones that are local

so look for ones in your state ones for

people in your city ones for people and

your neighborhood ones for people that

go to your school or School District

things like that

because those have less people applying

so your chances are better you might

want to look for scholarships for people

that are going into a certain field so

they may say this scholarship is only

for people applying to engineering

Fields in college so that will also help

you focus on a smaller applicant pool

they want that our ethnicity related so

they may have a scholarship for Latinos

that are going into the medical field so

once that um deal with your ethnicity

heritage things like that

there are also religious scholarships so

definitely look into your religious

institution church synagogue mosque

anything like that to see if they are

offering scholarships to students that

are going to college

they're also hobby related scholarships

so if you do skydiving if you like to

knit there are scholarships for that you

just have to search so the way you would

find those there's like an organization

maybe if you like crafting you might go

on Michaels website or hobby lobby's

website and see if they have

scholarships there are also scholarships

that are just really random they have a

tall person scholarship I'm 411 so I

can't get that but I wish there was a

short person scholarship if there is

link it down below because I want that

and then just look at any organizations

you're a part of so if we were part of

like Boys and Girls Clubs Girl Scouts

you volunteer at the hospital see if

they have scholarships for students you

won't know unless you ask or you

research it so a couple of resources I

like to use to search are the scollay

app which is an iPhone app it was on the

show shark tank and basically it's a

great way to search for scholarships

without getting a lot of spam a lot of

ads and a lot of things that don't apply

to you so there's the scollay app and

then there's our website called

scholarships comm and that's just an

online version of scholarship searching

and it might have a couple of different

things in skali

or you just choose which one do you like

better so

the next thing I want to talk about is

how you can organize your scholarships

and stay on top of them because

especially during school you'll have

assignments you might have college

applications to worry about so a way to

just get these organized and make sure

you don't forget to apply so what I did

was I want my computer and I made a

bookmark folder for each month of the

year so I made January through December

and then when I found a scholarship I

want to apply to

I just bookmarked the due date of that

scholarship to the month of the folder

so every month if I wanted to apply to

some scholarships I'll open that month

it'd be like oh I have five scholarships

I save let me apply to a couple of these

and it worked out like that and if you

aren't as technical or you like to see

things on pen and paper you can print

out your scholarships and have tab

dividers in a binder of each month of

the year um and you can just make a

plain list of scholarships and due dates

in your notebook if you'd like um the

last thing I want to talk about is how

to just make it easier on one you can

recycle your essays so every scholarship

you do not need to write an entirely new

essay if one you apply to is similar so

definitely look into the essays that you

have written before writing a whole new

one definitely have teacher

recommendations ready you don't want to

do a scholarship application and realize

you need two recommendations and a

couple days because it's going to be

hard to find teachers who will do that

so just have recommendations ready you

have copies that are ready to send and

things like that and the last thing is

school transcripts school transcripts

you definitely want to have copies of

those on you that are recent and

up-to-date you want to have a copy

that's on your computer that you scanned

for online applications and you want to

have copies of your official transcript

um if you have any scholarship

applications that you

to mail in and that's really important

because sometimes schools take a while

to give you transcripts or they only

give you one so make sure you have

copies and keep the hard copy for

yourself so that is everything I wanted

to talk to you guys about scholarships

if you have any questions leave them

below check out my website joy wacom

because I have a ton of resources for

you guys that are free as college

organization printables you can sign up

for my email list and get more tips and

definitely on my book that has

everything you need to know about

college apps like I mean everything like

all my videos like everything I tell you

guys it's in that book so definitely

check that out for me and I will see you

guys next time bye