Becoming a.....PRO GOLFER ON THE TOUR!

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just imagine you've only got 18 holes of

golf left between you and your dream

well that's what these players are faced

with it's tomorrow down here at Lumina

they've already played five rounds of

golf and they've got one left to go the

top 25 and Ty's get a European Tour card

and we're gonna follow six of them to

see how they get on Jeff winter

currently in fourth position

Daniel Gavin's using eight

Spaniard pet unless he was a second

intense positions got Gregory

all the way from the USA David Koch he

was in the 370 position local golfer

Emilio Quintero Blanco who's currently

in semi third so there we have it

there's our six guys we're gonna follow

tomorrow as the day comes to an end

final touches are being put to the games

weather reports and more edition


hopefully the players are gonna get good

night's sleep some good rest tomorrow



so here it is final day at Q school 18

holes left between these guys and their

destiny played on the European tour you

can kind of tell us a different feel

already this morning it's early doors

our guys had just arrived and we're

gonna catch up with him before they get

out of it tee off

I'm nervous here already never mind the

guys who were preparing to change their

life potentially the golf course down at

Lumina looks incredible condition

excites the other day comes out well

let's go catch up with our stage guys

good yeah to get opportunity is why we

playoff final round q school you know

light on the wine as fun as it gets so

looking forward to today looking forward

to how it plays out and feel good about

feeling good yeah the weather's not

great but it's like being at home so

that's a bit of a bonus yeah feeling

good about the game just gonna go there

trying out 18 greens and take it from

there it what do you have to do to

qualify and it's hard to tell really

with today's conditions probably too

free under it'd be good enough but it's

just hard to tell until we get on the

back nine later on I'm not too sure sir

just gonna try and get myself as many

looks as I can and try make the most of

it I have a number in in my head which

he's 17 under which would give me a

pretty good chance

I believe if hopefully the weather goes

out with me and it starts blowing and

raining and that's what I like so yeah

so hopefully it does that but if not I

have to go really big

I'm feeling good

good night sleep necessary after five

rounds so everything's good yeah what

you got to do today tomorrow she's gonna

go do do a round under par that should

be fine

all right obviously I would like to win

it but see what how it goes

oh no Maya a bit tough yesterday had to

stay patient but kind of us was their

level power bear that honor on a giant

wind today I'm just gonna show you like

a golf tournament

John John birdie as many as I can really

yeah today yes there was a little

disappointing you know I wasn't really

playing well this week but I managed to

fight through well yeah yeah I mean this

is the last day really

I got nothing absolutely nothing to lose

I'm just gonna go out there and just I

only see holes I only see buries 18

birdies be nice but I'm gonna be humble

so I'm just gonna say 16 birdies 16 just

give me two birdies in case the hole

wants to leave someone out



okay it's gone update all right guys now

our three nine holes the cutoff mark 25

and ties is at 16-under we've got three

guys that are in qualification spots

Gavin's at 20-under Geoff winter is at

19-under Scott Gregorio 18 on this wheel

three currently and all changes they are

going to be qualified for European Tour

three guys that fight it pepin glass is

11 under David cookies it's been under

the me leo is five under so the guys

have got a real battle on that mark nine

switch completely was reported to be bad

weather sun's come out I'm gonna follow

the guys in the back nine to see if they

can make a bit of a charge that server

the guys who are in qualification make

sure they don't drop any shots it's

going to find out how the guys



so been out on the golf course following

the guys around we've come back here to

the clubhouse

I've have activities where all the

players are finishing I'm refreshing the

app constantly because at the moment we

dive in bowling inside pet and David

have finished it looks like they are not

going to be making the top 25 which is a

real shame we'll try and catch up with

those guys I've got three lads coming in

Jeff Daniel and Scott who definitely

look unmarked and making it in well this

week it's just it has been slow you know

when we had like a good tendency going

we had some setbacks and it was I wasn't

able to really keep it going for a while

you want to be really ahead of the goal

finally which is top 25 so as I said

it's just we were kind of between like

we weren't able to keep going for a

while and get ahead of the game I put

myself in a tough position I had to make

a comeback today and just didn't do it

but you know it wasn't in the cards but

hopefully next year will be a different


this form it is the overall tournament

it was the first four days yeah so they

kind of you know stay there in this

thing that the zone was from tee to

green was absolutely crap I just like to

stay in place but then up and down like

a run the games I'm partying was amazing

however the last today's all about from

tee to green really good and then it's

just like this is my home course I mean

I like this I couldn't read a line there

was hitting the putt well but I just

cleared a line

well you've honestly been amazing you've

been super you know after tough couple

of tough rounds you've been super honest

with us appreciate it welcome to this

tough it's tough in it nothing I don't

think it's hard until you hear do you

realize like how emotional you leave I

mean the tension is so thick you can cut

it with a knife I mean it is one pot

there one I mean it just

cautery it's just one stroke and mean

like playing five more events so it's

just the end of the season it's over now

yeah I get to enjoy a little bit I don't

know well outside a place that yes no

I'll probably go out with my friends

have a few drinks thanks so much your

time today

amazing yeah emotional it's a tough day

I do you think ingame away but also sort

of fought back nicely so yeah I'm really

happy with I haven't even thought about

it all of them so much wood being far

this year okay qualified how's it feel

good good calm who's good Bush it was

nice and you're up that high second

joint second place yeah not too bad if

this means obviously a world next year

European saw what I'm most looking

forward to

oh wow always hope to get into the

rolling shoes though they're a little

fun to play nice and do better than I

have done in the Royal it's used to be

long you're the first person

how's it feel Oh amazing now it's just

like wait when you're out there it's

just hard to almost stay focus and just

keep grinding to be fast start pretty

well and fun now it's quite easy and

then back nine a sidecar file and then

13 us just kind of hit me then hit for

iron out of bones and second shot was

not much better nearly went up runners

at second and made made six yeah and I

was thinking yeah the pressure got kind

of gots me a bit and I kind of bounced

back che inverted the next part where he

said that sell the nurse yeah you've

done great one of the things that was

really like throughout like the fact

you've just been on your own grind in

pulling the trolley without keeping

yourself to yourself

Europeans are you next yeah

awesome I'll get all the best thanks

fathers well that's right that's it at

the end of the day here is cue school

here at beautiful Lumina what an

emotional day highs and lows the top 25

players and ties have got the European

Tour card for next year

and we follow three of them we follow

Jeff Scott I'm Daniel and they all

qualified amazing emotions were crazy

commiserations to the three guys that

were following that didn't make it but

super talented they will be back and

they will be featuring in cue school

next year and it really made me realize

being here how hard it is to qualify

16-under par managed to get in some cuts

some golf that around two incredibly

hard golf courses I think one of the big

things that we see day in day out is

these Tour players these best players in

the world playing golf in incredible

pressure don't know how they do it I

really do

guys if you enjoyed the video let me

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channel and go over and hopefully

celebrate with the guys that got through

thanks watching guys hopefully enjoy the

video we'll see you next time