1 Way to Get A Loan With No Credit History

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hi I'm Becky sunshine when you live a

very simple simple lifestyle and you try

to be debt-free you don't have any

credit like you just don't have a very

good credit score you just don't have

credit and that is the same in their

mind is having bad credit my oldest son

was had a 10-year mortgage for his house

and when he paid that off that history

is just gone off his credit history and

so it's like he did all that hard work

all that dedication and commitment

paying on time was like gone so then he

looked like his credit answer was just a

year old so you know somebody looking at

that on paper would be like this doesn't

look good at all so that credit is kind

of a bunch of baloney

I need women doesn't reflect the true

you so you could be like hey you know

I'm a hard worker um have mom

mortgage-free and all that well they

don't know that if they're just looking

at the paperwork they're just like they

just go by the numbers if you look

around and find a very small financing

company a lot of times they're more

willing to work with you than let's say

a big bank where they're just like boom

kick you out the door they're so nice to

deal with I just love those people those

are the kinds I try to go with what

happened was I kind of got denied it was

they were dragging their feet and you

know start asking a lot of questions

going through the horse trailer company

so finally I was like hey what's their

number so I got the number from the

horse trailer company and I called

direct and I spoke to the lady and it

just works out so much better that way

because I'm speaking for myself I'm not

going through the horse trailer person

which just complicates everything and

you know who knows how he talks and how

much he really cares I really care I

really want the trailer and I want to

explain my situation to the lady through

talking a little ways she just gets to

know me better and then I explained to

her you know how I'm stable and you know

I don't have a mortgage and all this

stuff and sometimes on paper that

doesn't work out to look awesome to get

a loan get them

get the contact information and just

make the call yourself and that way you

can get things done and they can know

you and trust you and realize even

though on paper you might look like a

risk that really are not a risk at all

you're actually more stable than most

people now they're not gonna take a

chance on you and give you a hundred

thousand dollar loan unless you're a

really smooth talker I guess I don't

know but there are options that's the

hope of this video there are options out

there that you can try for