How To Qualify for Land Loans

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hello and welcome everyone my name is

Charles Bartholomew the CEO of

barthelemy commercial capital now like I

would like to welcome everyone back

again as uh many of you know we like to

keep all of our clients and all of our

agents and just everyone out there we

like to keep you and we'd like to keep

you updated on the latest programs that

we're offering so I just want to take a

couple minutes real quick and tell

everyone a little bit about land loans

and land only we've been getting lots of

questions lots of enquiries as far as

land loans they said well well Charles

are you guys doing land loans and you

know our next question of course is what

do you intend to do with the land do you

tend to build a strip mall do you intend

to build a single-family home do you

intend to build an entire community now

this is it when it comes to land loans

we have several programs to where is

that we really don't care what you do

with the land okay it could be on the

commercial side or it can be on the

residential side however the caveat to

this is that we're only going to land 50

percent loan to value okay or loan to

purchase meaning we're not going to land

on the appraisal value we're only going

to land on the purchase price now in

some cases when we're dealing with

larger projects on the commercial side

and even on the residential side that

loan to value and that loan to cost can

be higher depending on which program

that we decide to put you in so what

that may say it just want to give

everyone a leg

a bit of information as far as landlords

are concerned and our qualification is

not requirements still not same we still

need the principle to be experienced we

still need to have a pretty decent

credit score and the personal financial

stake that still has to look pretty

attractive now this is a case by case

scenario if you do not meet those


don't let that speak so with that being

said I will join along once again my

name is Charles if you have any

questions by all means feel free to give

us a call our number here is four zero

four eight six zero one seven seven zero

or you can go to our our actual website

which is WWII as comm okay because we've

sort of changed around but you can go

that's the short version of it so you

can go to WWE see finance comm once

again thanks Riley everyone for joining

us we'll talk soon bye