HOW TO GET 90%Off at JCPenney!!! Save Big $$$

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hey guys it's Geneva Maria here and

today I'm going to talk to you about

some awesome savings I got recently at

JC Penney's so I went there just to buy

a few dresses because they've really

stepped their game up with clothes and I

you know picked some things out and it

was stuff was already on sale for their

fall sale so up to for up to 50% off and

ladies like well you can save an extra

40% if you sent it for a JC Penney's

card Mike okay so I did and then you

have 24 hours from the time you sign up

to use that 40% off so not only did I

get the 50% off a lot of items because

this fall sale but I got additional 40%

so essentially I saved 90% on some items

I mean look at this receipt I bought so

much stuff I bought kids clothes and I

bought some stuff for Christmas gifts I

saved a ton so I was to go over a few

things that I got like it's so awesome

so we're going on a cruise and this hat

was on clearance it was on clearance for

eight dollars then I got 40% off of that

so this hat was like four bucks

awesome steal okay and then also fall is

here so I got some super cute boots they

were 30 bucks so I ended up getting them

for 21 dollars

I mean super couldn't have memory foam

so super comfortable cute fall fine also

these were on clearance as well for

eight dollars so I end up getting them

for four yay so awesome and kids stuff

so they were already on sale so I

stocked up on clothes for my daughter

and this shirt was two dollars got a few

of those I mean super cute two bucks

cannot beat that and then I got leggings

two dollars and like 50 cents super cute

oh my god these ones have donuts on them

two dollars I mean you cannot beat

legumes for two dollars you can even get

them at a secondhand store

much got all that and then I got her

some sleeping onesies these were

originally 24 I end up getting them for

six dollars so I stocked up on a few of

those and then oh my god I'm going to

die they had these adorable converse I

don't ever buy name-brand shoes for kids

because the ground of them but these are

rose gold glitter I had to do it and I

got him for $12 like oh my god converse

$12 so cute and then they also had a lot

of Disney stuff

so we got these dolls my husband

actually got a bunch of them because

we're gonna donate them this year

toys rive so these were $6 for these

super nice Disney dolls I can't beat

that and then we got our daughter a few

big dolls we splurged but these are

originally 24 and we got them for 12 so

I mean how cute is that $12 what a great

Christmas present so we did that and

also this little two piece set for her

for fall was only five dollars oh my god

can't and just can't believe how much

stuff I got and then my son I got him a

hoodie five bucks you guys five bucks

it's a really nice thick hoodie and then

he loves cars so I got him a cars sleep

set which originally retailed for 24 and

I got it for six so yeah I also got what

else did I get my husband got a few

things he got some shirts and a sweater

and some gargoyle socks and I also got

like I said Christmas gifts I got a

couple bangles I were gold-plated or

silver-plated for like mm seven dollars

so I got a stock up a few those for

Christmas gifts so yeah oh my gosh so a

lot of stores do offer stuff like that

so check that out if you're going to a

store you're gonna buy stuff and they

say hey if you get our credit card we'll

give you this much more off and then

just pay the credit card off right away

that's what we do so we put everything

on that credit card got 40% off the

additional sale items and we're just

gonna pay it off and there we go so all

right thanks for stopping by I hope you

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