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what would you do to keep your house

this is the roof over your head this is

probably your largest acquisition of

your lifetime this is where your family

stays you have so many memories in it in

this home what would you do to fight for

the home that you live in that's what

we're going to talk about in today's

video loan modification secrets things

that the bank's wish you never found out

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everyone I'm video by digital

entrepreneur we all selection or coming

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see from the title of today's video

we're talking about loan modification

secrets things that the banks do not

want you to know regarding how to have a

fighting chance to keep your home and I

want to share a little bit in this video

regarding things that we've done and

being able to put in place to be able to

help have a better chance of getting a

loan modification but before I actually

talk about that let's talk about what is

a loan modification a loan modification

pretty much is a reset it is when you

redo or restructure the original turn

the D terms that were set originally for

the loan when the contract was formed

then they go in and actually restructure

that and basically tried to change the

terms they could do when it comes to

banks and how they actually operate in

restructure and do their loan

modifications they can do two things

they have ways to be able to reduce the

interest perhaps on the property and

then the other option may be they may be

spread out the terms of a loan so let's

say for example you have a 30-year loan

they may spread the terms out to about

40 years to spread it out but then you

know again a lot of people actually run

into a lot of confusion regarding this

because the city the success rate with

loan modifications are very very low and

that is because a lot of times there's

either combination of two things the

information that you're submitting is

not whole or the bank's pretty much are

playing games and being unresponsive

they're not willing to cooperate in

doing this for 16 years I've seen so

many different scenarios and this and

I've seen every loan type that you can

imagine from you know things that are

just blatant fraud by the banks to

things that could be that could have

been easily fixed by a homeowner but

then they just missed one piece of

paperwork and so what I've tried to do

over the time is basically somewhat come

up with a formula

and we have things to where we are are

generally mostly successful when it

comes to loan modifications I want to do

a specific video about this because I

have so many questions about this from

all over the country I've been getting

your emails my systems begin up I mean

we've been flooded with so much response

and so much you need to know so we want

to try to share and give as much as


now what I wanted to do first thing is

this the most important thing that you

can do want to get dealing with a

situation where you're in propose you're

a pre foreclosure and you need a loan

modification the most important thing we

do is you have to create a financial

snapshot okay so what happens basically

is that this is all based on what you're

dealing with when it comes to your

income you know what is the picture of

wealth when in the u.s. how you get a

hit you get ahead one way you increase

your income you reduce your expenses and

you in what you do with the money that

you save is where you're going to be

either comfortable life or you're going

to have lack it's just really basic

mathematics is not about your situation

your hardship it's not about any of that

when it comes to the bank the banks have

a formula and how they look at your case

and what they will calculate and what

they will do and what they're willing to

do what they're not going to do you have

to be very calculative and strategic

when you approach them and in order to

be able to be successful if you're not

you're not going to be successful at a

loan modification this is where a lot of

people get frustrated and fail I share

with you guys many times I myself I've

gone through a season in life where I

applied for several more loan

modifications and I went through the

same thing I was copying paperwork they

would ask me for several months bank

statements I will forward it in they

would say they never got it they would

ask me for proof of income they would

ask me for everything except for my

spleen and and basically you know after

trying four or five six times and

failing you know not falling down

getting up falling down getting up

falling down getting up and doing this

for not only my life myself my family

but for helping so many hundreds of

families I've come to find out and tweak

what works and what

doesn't and what trigger points that you

can actually put it you can put the bank

in a corner yes you're able to put the

bank in a corner where they have to make

a decision you know is by law that they

actually have to respond to your request

and basically we have a way to use what

is called leverage what is called a

qualified written request to be able to

get what we need done but again there is

a pattern and establish strategy that

you have to have when you actually

approach the bank so again the first

thing that we need to do is we need to

come up with a financial snapshot a lot

of people fail at this because they're

not able to package things the way they

didn't need to strategically in order

for the bank to be able to see it and

absorb it because generally you know the

Venge are looking for when they have a

threshold and they're looking to see if

your your expenses exceed thirty one

percent of your income if that's the

case then you're they may say that

you're your property then qualifies and

it's not affordable but there again

there are there are a lot of other

things that come with that because there

are people who are facing foreclosure

and the time is ticking you don't have

six months for the bank to decide

whether or not they're going to do a

loan modification because when the loan

modification process begins it does not

stop the foreclosure process the

foreclosure process continues to go on

and they're faced with a situation where

they are trying to get a loan

modification they're fighting for the

house they're fighting for their home

but the bank has not stopped the clock

did not reset anything they've not

responded they are not even telling them

that got their paperwork and so to stop

the frustration we've been able to come

up with a solution to tear solution that

I formed over the years and this is a

combination of my my experience is the

combination of many experts that I work

with over the years that these are our

combination of attorneys specialists B's

of bank inside Bank operatives people

that are former bank employees and work

with them and know the way they operate

from an eternal from an internal

perspective and we've been able to put

this together and so I've actually

created that and it's called foreclosure

live so

you can go to foreclosure live.com and

register and you'll be able to actually

start the process we need to we need to

be able to look at your situation and

start to basically put you in a road to

where you need to be so that you have a

fighting chance and the better

opportunity to be able to get that

little modification because if you do

not go in with the bank's strategically

it's just no different than a bankruptcy

when their bankruptcy you need to be

strategic so we've been able to

formulate there are two things that by

law your your you have a right to as a

as a American citizen as a homeowner

that you're able to use and utilize in

order to be able to effectively get a

loan modification and I look forward to

sharing that information with you all

you know I wanted to create a platform

where I can actually you know engage

engage reach out help there are people

that have reached out to us that have

had last minute situations basically at

the midnight hour and we've reached out

to them we've helped them to be able to

have a fighting chance and they've been

able to save the home so if you're

looking to try to save your home if

you're looking to try to get a loan

modification done successfully if you

want a better shot at what you've been

what you've been getting and what you've

been trying go to foreclosure live.com

again I've always shared all my

information with you all my phone number

is 201 eight five five seven five seven

five my email address is asked Wendy now

at gmail.com we will be having a lot

more that we're putting out I have been

so busy I've been traveling on business

and the the demand for help and the

demand for Baili dealing with distressed

properties and foreclosures is

overwhelming but we're doing all that we

can to be able to help as many people as

possible please understand that for

those of you who are outside as you all

know I operate in New Jersey primarily

if you're outside of the state of the

tri-state area New York New Jersey

Connecticut we have people that we're

bringing on to be able to help it's just

that our network is expanding but it's

been really really overwhelming we have

we have so many people dealing with

issues and you know some of them is just

alright fraud from the banks you know

there there are things that they're

doing to try to take these people's

properties I can tell you so many


you know we've had one recently where

was it was kind of surprising to me

because the person pretty much old I

think it was like a hundred dollars on

the property and the bank was doing all

they can to try to foreclose in that

person and just imagine $100 on the

property and they were doing all they

can and fraudulently and actually how to

set a chef skill set in that state where

that was is a judicial state all right

is a he has a judicial foreclosure state

so basically what they were trying to do

is sweep the property out from under her

and you know so a lot of those things

basically needs to be uncovered and

round raveled I would like to hear what

you all are dealing with and help and so

please go to foreclosure live.com and

give us your information fill out the

information and that'll come into our

into our network and then we will

actually facilitate you on and start to

get you on your road to getting a loan


please remember a loan modification is

not a guarantee okay the banks review it

and it's not a guarantee because they

are resetting debt what you signed your

contract that you sign but you want to

be able to basically make a case with

the situation that you've gone through

and where you are right now and where

you need to be we just keep your home

you need to be able to have an

opportunity to do that and be honest

with you they should give you the

opportunity to get a loan modification

everyone deserves that chance I got that

opportunity thankful to god I have had I

would say to loan modifications and if

again if you are in a situation where

you have had a loan modification and you

find yourself in the same place again

what you need to get another loan

modification reach out to us so that we

can help you with that a lot of times

sometimes the people think that you know

when you get a loan modification

everything is all set but again you have

to be as a combination of two things

you're dealing with a route situation of

income and where you are and trying to

come out of a pit a hole or ditch or

whatever you've gone through whatever

season or whatever life is thrown at you

you're trying to get out of that and so

things happen it's not that people being

negligent you know people have had

sickness where they can't work for six

months seven months they've a death in

the family they have a job loss where

they trying to find a job here in a

specific industry and you're making a

certain amount of money and they can't

afford you know the property and they

can't afford the payments where they are

right now

they need a payment a reduction in the

interest rate to basically bring them to

a place where the property is affordable

or they need the debt forgive and put

them in the back in so that they can

actually have an affordable payment you

know sometimes the bank will send you a

loan modification offer and offering the

terms are not good you know I've seen

situations where they'll send people and

offer and they'll tell them that you

know this is basically going to be keep

going to a variable a variable interest

rate after two three years so they are

looking at using your back against the

wall as an opportunity to not to take

advantage you need to be able to be in a

place where you can say no I'm not going

to do this offer this offer does not

favor me I need a better terms any

better situation I need a better offer

in order for me will to absorb and

accept this loan modification

so again if you have had a loan

modification before and you need another


you need another opportunity to get a

new loan modification and move forward

please reach out to us and I'm always

here for you I look forward to doing

many more videos and in helping many

more people and we want to help over 300

families in the next year so please give

us a call - oh one eight five five seven

five seven five sometimes our lines are

busy you can always reach out to us via

email go to foreclosure live.com and I

look forward to talking to you all and

seeing you thank you thank you for