How to get a bond in South Africa

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okay so I don't even look at it I do

want to buy some investment property but



so this video is for those of you are

thinking about investing in property or

buying the first dollar for example a

lot of people are thinking to themselves

and you like to buy property but I

actually bought the folder I won't be

able to I will be able to qualify for

the bottle and this is a calculator is

if we use online the free websites their

own calculator is like extending Bank

might have one private property will

have a calculator essayons whatever

calculate and what are the larger moves

to punch in your income you set the

amount how much deposit you be able to

put down and then it will break down

exactly what you qualify for and over

what period in 20 years that the earth

whatever physics but it's very unique

because it doesn't actually look at

everything that is considered when you

apply for God like I said number of

different factors so it's not just how

much you earn but it's also what your

monthly expenses all because often we've

paid all of your monthly tits what's

actually live at the end of that from

your sanity that you can use the way

toward upon so you might be earning

30,000 a month but also all your dates

you only have 3,000 live so what does

that 3,000

allow you to qualify for the other thing

is obviously your kid at school so if

your good pair of your kids then you can

get a better date from the banks because

the banks make money by charging you

interest and the interest that they

charge is placed on up with your

applications considering all those

factors but I do think one of the our

calculators now and I think the one on

is a note note and it's surprising to

see how many people can actually qualify

for a bond with a minimum salary I think

that started off with a 7,000 and

setting with 7030 you can actually boy

fire football and the amount that came

up was about a hundred and seventy

thousand and okay now it sounds like

it's not becoming we cannot buy a star

that's it without you'd be surprised

okay hundred seventy thousand with the

repayment which normally works out to

roughly one percent so it's about 1700

and a month that would be your monthly


okay with the sanity of around 12,000 a

month you 25 robot of the under thousand

three thousand a month now quick story

on that one of them vistas else would

have been working with actually for the

place in which is played for three

hundred thousand m and it was a double

storey house which he then converted

into two separate wrinkles so even grab

the bottom section here ended up top

section and we just put them in this way

he makes back almost three times what

the monthly payment would be one three

hundred thousand just to show you what

happen if you actually increased in a


so besides capital gains you'll also

make it into income from the property

what the selling of about 15,000 you can

you can get a bond of five hundred so I

know that important for example there

are two building apartments need that

were going for around 450 to 500

thousand right and then people ended out

for seven thousand so 5003 payment 7018

come from Lindo obviously you still have

utilities but over time as you might be

installed it will decrease as you make

your payments then obviously the profit

that you make on the rental income will

become more and more and then the salary

of twenty thousand a month from twenty

five or six hundred thousand upon a


about 6,000 a month and again you can

find anything with you and you don't

have to buy the property now you can go

to the bank in Austin just tell me what

I can 45 now that you know what you can

qualify for now you take the time to

hunt and find the right property at the

right price that you can get a good

return from lintels and