Habitat Homeowner Selection Process

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thank you we want to know everybody who

came so Pioneer Valley Habitat for

Humanity builds homes in Hampshire and

Franklin counties for low-income

families we keep the costs low by

soliciting donations and volunteers

materials financial support but it so

costs money to build houses so we sell

them homes to families with an

affordable mortgage and the main topic

of today's information session is to

explain how to apply for a Habitat for

Humanity home we focus on simplicity and

construction but we prioritize energy

efficiency so that utility bills will

not be excessive the selection criteria

for how temper Humanity homes is three

things housing need an ability to pay an

affordable mortgage and a willingness to

partner the documents that you do submit

and your application will be reviewed by

the habitat selection committee and our

bank partner a vast majority of this is

you actually building your own home who

if you're selected and you and your

family become a partner with Habitat for

Humanity and building your home and will

be asked to complete 200 hours of sweat

equity per adult in the household we cap

it at 400 hours the documents are

critical and without them we cannot

consider your application this is all

about making this a successful process

for you with having had it's not a

handout it's a hand up and that's really

what this is all about don't look at

this and say oh my god they're not even

consider me fill it all out get it in

let us make the decision

as to where it should go next don't let

this any of this discourage you you can

check off number one right now

you just attended an information session

here you have it application would you

like a testimony sure I've spent most of

my life working overseas and habitat is

there as well and I've been involved in

several projects the organization you

can trust you can trust thank you and I

hope you all