Should I Buy A Habitat For Humanity House?

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emily is with us in Madison Wisconsin hi

Emily how are you oh my gosh super

excited well I'm honored how can I help

okay so long story short I'm very low

income I'm working a plan going back to

school to try and like pay my own way

but anyways I heard about a plan called

Habitat for Humanity and I went to the

implication and found out how you get an

affordable mortgage through them is they

actually need to take out two mortgages

one is called a silent mortgage and as

long as you live it you don't have to

pay it back but to me that felt kind of

like I'd be getting it I'm like a few

years away from that point but like I'd

be getting into twice as much house that

as would be wise well if you don't if

you know the habitats the vast majority

of what you owe isn't you owe nothing on

it as long as you live there as you said

so that doesn't bother me

yeah that part of the house doesn't

bother me the only part that bothers me

is the mountain you have to pay and it

sounds like right now you're not in a

position to do that right not not yet I

was you know thinking for a few years

out I know well so what are you studying

in school medical coding okay and how

old are you 27

okay and what have you been doing for a

living see I spent some time as a

student I I was working for the 8th for

a while I became a single mom three and

a half years ago and so it's been work

has been kind of difficult since then

and my daughter has special needs so she

has 40 hours a week of in-home therapy

that I now have to be present for so my

thought is I can go is going back to

school I'll graduate in a little less

than two years at which time I should be

able to get a job right away

and how are you going

job if you've got to be at home 40 hours

a week well at that point she'll be in

kindergarten and so then she'll be

getting off their therapy through the

school and so while she's in school I

could go to work but in the interim I

have to be home and I don't want to be

at home doing nothing I want to be

moving my life forward so okay I need to

think about a habitat house you don't

need to think about a house you need to

rent as cheaply as you can or stay

somewhere with family free until you get

through this storm that you're in which

is finishing school and being available

for her and the other thing the only

thing that is available to you is while

you're doing school and while you're

doing the therapies at home as you said

you have to be there but maybe there's a

side hustle you can develop to do

something from home can you do the

country can you do the coding at home

yes I'm yeah that's an option so why

will it take you two years to finish

that well I have to get through all the

school work first I have to graduate I

figured their credentials and then I can

start the medical coding this cool work

your GED no I don't require four year

degree it doesn't require four year

degree being medically to do medical


I know it's less than two years of

college so like I may require two years

of college to do medical coding it can

be condensed into ten months but I was

planning on doing it on a part-time test

because my learning disability is so

that I can like get through it

oh you and you have a learning

disability I do as well yes Gord usually

takes me at least twice as long as the

odd fridge very good okay that makes

more sense than two and a half years to

do medical coding which usually does

take less than a year okay that's fine

yeah all right then you've got you've

got a game plan but let's just take the

house off the table and not worry about

that let's work it we'll worry about

your your child and your career track

for now and then once you get the career

going and you get her into kindergarten

then we can start talking about neck

steps towards being debt-free building

an emergency fund towards you know

buying a home at that point and maybe

then habitat comes into play maybe it


maybe you just save up your money and

buy a house that maybe what you're able

to do if you can make enough coding and

and if you can get where you can do

something from home while you're doing

this schooling and not delay your degree

not delay your certification then I

would if you could find anything that

you can do from home to earn some extra

money a side hustle and that kind of a

thing will help you so hey good luck

with it if I can help you further you

call me anytime sounds like you got your

plate full kiddo