5 Ways How To Get Your Green Card to the USA

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hi this is my little sonic founder of

immigration visa international law firm

I help foreign investors and

entrepreneurs moving to the u.s. to

start our business and today I want to

talk about five steps how you can get a

green card what is the difference

between green card and other type of

visa especially immigrant and

non-immigrant visa so let's start

talking about what is green card green

card is permanent residency card it

allows you to stay in the u.s. work in

the u.s. legally it's not a citizenship

but it's permanent residency card you

can stay in the US as long as you want

actually you require to stay in the u.s.

at least six months out out of the year

because if you travel so much and you

are outside of the US more than twelve

months you might lose your green card

now what's the difference between green

card and Visa Visa we we divide in two

subcategories number one is

non-immigrant and number two is

immigrant non-immigrant visa allows you

to move to the u.s. to live and work

just temporary

so there could be a specific reason for

it for example you go to school and you

study here or you work temporarily

seasonally it's all time limited

for example h-1b is non-immigrant visa

l1 a non-immigrant visa category II to

investor non-immigrant visa category

then we have an immigrant visa and these

are different type of visa green card is

so-called immigrant visa what does it

mean that you coming to the u.s.

eventually to immigrate so you plan to

stay here and live here permanently so

those are two main distinctions now how

can you get this green card there are

five main ways how you can create a

green card number one you can get a

green card through diversity Visa

Lottery there each year there is a

lottery happening and you can apply for

this lottery when you go and check out

USCIS that goal and see more details

over there number two you can get a

green card through asylum that means if

you are a victim of some type of torture

or or

or some type of persecution in your home

country then you can apply for a zero

also if you want to learn more details

go and check out UCL USC is that goal

number three you can get a green card

through family there are two types of

categories there is a there is a

immediate category which include if you

are for example a spouse of American

citizen or if you are a family of

American citizen and the waiting time is

not that long for example if you'll

marry citizen American citizen the the

waiting time for this green card is five

or six months then there is another type

of category that is immediate relative

that means if you are immediate relative

for example daughter or son of the US

citizen or you are a daughter of son of

the green card holder and or you are

unmarried son or daughter of a US

citizen then you can apply for green

card as well and then of course we have

another category of of green car that is

employment based category and this

employment based character category they

are divided into two into five sub

categories and these categories are for

example eb 1 through eb 5 so eb 1

category is for for people who are

extraordinary they have some type of

extraordinary ability now these people

who are applying for Grieco based on

employment they are already in the US

and they have a lead ball visa so for

example if you extraordinary achiever or

you are a professor outstanding

professor you can apply for four eb1

category then there is a eb 5 category

which is a type of green card for

investors who invest at least five

hundred thousand US dollars into either

regional center project that is governed

by the government or you

into rural an employment areas with high

unemployment rate if you want to invest

into other type of business into

commercial enterprise you need to have

at least 1 million ready 1 million

capital in u.s. dollars ready to invest

and you get the green card for 2 years

that is conditional and then eventually

you need to prove that you hired at

least 10 US citizens or US residents

that are working for you full-time so

these are the main main 5 ways how you

can get a green card if you have any

questions please leave your comments

below and also with my blog immigration

viscom slash blog and if you are

investor or business owner planning to

invest into u.s. I encourage you to

download my free ebook how to get your

investor visa at immigration be calm

thank you have a great day