Best 7 Government Grants To Start A Business Or Take It To The Next Level

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well I've been sending government

programs for over 35 years I mean 40 I

don't know that's it old guy but I'm

still doing it and I get more excited

about it every day

because there's so much here

particularly for entrepreneurs and

people want to start a business you

could be a freelancer you could be a

multi-billion dollar business you know

or you can be just somebody who wants us

start a home-based business onto on

something and there's so much help and

money and everything for it for that

category of people and there's thousands

of programs and that's the problem

people go in Google yeah

not here here's what I go gold you know

and like money for business okay here's

what I got six billion 330 million

websites six billion websites you're not

going to long live long enough to even

see a fraction of those websites see

information explosion it's overwhelming

you know so that's why I've been

studying for 35 years or more and I want

to give you like the best if you want to

start a business you want to grow

business you want to be independent in

some way I'll show you here seven

programs that you have to make sure you

know about to take that business to the

next level whether it's starting they

come on your kitchen table like me or

you got 5,000 people and you want to get

the next level there for everybody and

there for everybody because you man and

this is the way I started this

information business RIA I was working

for fortune 500 clients fortune 500

clients would call me and they want to

expand their business they won't look

for money for more sales for more

information technology whatever and I

had an office down in K Street you know

where all these you know sharks are in

Washington you know getting money and I

would help them I charge them tens of

thousands of dollars and and new man I

want everybody to know I mean why all

the fat cats or would I charge thousands

of dollars for yeah I would get for free

and a bothers me I grew up in a little

town called books for Pennsylvania yeah

I didn't know any about these things so

now I want to know that everybody a

Wilkesboro knows about

everybody so you could design yourself a

few take advantage amor not so instead

of going through and Google and seeing a

six billion or even if you find the

other 17,000 programs that I found in my

life you know here are seven seven of

the best I think you keep around for any

time you're thinking about starting

something yellow venturing a business a

non-profit a freelancer that you could

get help for free and money okay now

here's the first one okay it's it's the

place you go to start for any kind of

thing you want to do it's free their

consultants they get grants from the

government these are experts to getting

grants from the government to help you

find money to help you manage a business

to help you do business planners help me

do your taxes almost anything you know

technology or whatever any kind of

problem even marketing do press release

or whatever there's thousands of these

people all around the country getting

grants to help you for free you know and

you call up and you make an appointment

yeah and why are don't you know but him

because they don't advertise yeah that's

the thing so that's what you have to

find out about them yourself so here's

where to find out it you could go

there's a website of these organizations

called a SBDC - us org a SBDC - us org

put in your zip code and you'll find the

organizations you know locally that will

help you and do this for free man yeah

you're asking your friends for advice

they don't know because everybody's

different yeah and they're not even in

this business

so that's right they will help any kind

of business they have the expertise you

know to do that

also I have a video on if you go to my

youtube channel YouTube / Matthew let's

go 70 yeah I you will see a video on

this so you could see that expert

talking and he tells you how you gonna

call them for nothing at do all that and

if you're not one you can click on

YouTube I mean on the link here if

you're watching it on YouTube it's not

go to youtube and see this video will

we'll put it in the comment section so

you can link right to it okay

everybody thinks about SBA loans okay

and and they're true they are there and

it's one of the biggest sources it's a

fraction of what's out there but it's a

major source but what you should know if

you're considering SBA loan what's good

and bad about these SBA loans okay

because you know the main thing that

people don't realize is that even though

everybody is you know it seems like

every bank gives them no they don't

they're giving them but to certain

people certain banks specialize in

certain kind of businesses because they

can't understand all kind of businesses

so what you have to do if you're

interested in SBA loan is not to go to a

bank here go to that place I told you

earlier small business development

centers you know s a SBDC - us dot org

and they will find you the banks that

specialize in your kind of business

that's what you want and don't worry

about it takes forever those all these

paperwork sure there's some but they'll

also help you fill out all that

applications and things so that's why it

may be good and may not you know and

that's right don't go directly in the

bank because then when you find out the

banks of specialized you you could

contact everyone

it's like going shopping you know if you

were chopping for a car you wouldn't go

to one dealer and say okay I got a car

now I'll pay this one no you shop for

money the same way but you have to know

the places where they're giving out

money for what you want you know and

that's where to get that okay another

thing if people don't realize and why

struggle trying to get a $10,000 grant

when you could get a million million

dollar government contract people always

say oh where do I get a grant for

businesses a lot of grants for business

that's usually at the state and local

level we've got separate videos do that

explain where to get that

but more importantly and by the way the

business development centers the people

I talked to you about the first two

items you know they'll help you find

those kinds of things too but to me

what's even more important in government

contracts like my sister you see this

thing on the wall she frames this kind

of stuff you know she works to in the

middle of Virginia somewhere out in the

country what she does a million dollars

or the business for the government

framing stuff who would apply the

by s'more of anything that anything in

the world and what's interesting about

contract see if you get a grant you're

figuring out how to get a grant from the

government for your business or small

business or whatever man you know you're

going to go through it takes effort to

research so you spent a couple weeks

couple months so long it takes to do it

but the problem is with grants they're

only usually one time and they're not

big not really they don't give you a

million dollars you know unless you find

a new curity cancers on you but you

can't get millions of dollars a contract

yeah and if you spend the same amount of

time learning that system it's renewable

you learn it once you get it you do it

again you get again you don't have to

learn something new all the time you

just get the say anything say anything

that's why government contracts are the

hottest thing for business you know

because they don't forget over a third

of our economy is the government so

they're buying more television says to

buy more consulting business I even saw

where the government spent like thirty

thousand dollars on a freelance priest

right they buy anything a broom handles

if you're spaghetti

yeah anything you could think of you're

making jewelry will they have yo a chain

of department stores to call P exes that

have all this stuff how do you get in

there you were standing up comic before

a band you know don't forget all the

clubs they have on the UH uh and the

military bases are looking for talent so

you don't need an agent you just booked

yourself directly yeah and that's

available and what's neat about this

there are organizations professionals

that get grants from the government to

help you get a government contract so

you don't have to hire a consultant you

know you go on Google some all I want to

go how do we come at a day or something

I don't do any of that yeah because

they're these offices get grants to do

all that for you for free and also what

they do they have a program that gives

out grants to small businesses so they

figure out how to get contracts so this

is a government program that's giving

you money to figure out how to get more

money Wow who would've thought only the

government right so here's where you go

to find out and get that free help for

doing about getting a contract and you

go to AP TAC - you

as org that's AP Tac - us org and here's

an interview you know that we've done

with it with a government official

telling you about this program this is

the guy you know given up the contracts

and he tells you right there yeah hey no

you don't have to hire an expert Lou the

wall you don't have to hire someone to

become an aide a will do that for you

yeah having that time till you hear it

from the horse's mouth

after these videos I have attached of

this thing every topic here has a video

you know on our YouTube channel you know

that will tell you the specific so you

could sit maybe 10 15 20 minutes and see

all the specifics of what's available so

you to get the most out of this so if

you spend an extra 20 minutes of your

time that's worth a million dollars

where the hell are you gonna get that

yeah that's why instead of Google around

looking some place on the internet you

know that's why I boiler that's what's

important about expertise nowadays I

mean you can Google everything but you

get a billion websites what good is that

yeah okay here's the fourth thing how

about seven thousand dollars to train

yourself because now you're an

entrepreneur or to get a core of a

million dollars to train your employees

that's right every state has programs

for that yeah they have programs for

training your employees you have a call

center and you want to train them in

customer service and they've grant money

to do that or your your massage

therapist and you want to learn a new

way to massage people or yoga instructor

you want to learn a new technique or

whatever and it costs you know a couple

thousand dollars that's what this is for

you want to learn a programming language

or whatever that's its training money

because we give out these grants to

businesses and every state because we

have to compete in the world so you're

competing you know when every other

country in the world because the world

is so small or whatever so that's why we

have these training programs for you to

grow your business if you don't have the

skills and techniques to grow in the


you're not going to compete in the world

economy in and China is going to be

still lacking our socks off you know if

we don't get more educated be able to

compete that better in the world economy

okay to find out we're locally for you

to get this kind of money

it's careeronestop dot org career once

dot org and then slash business center

okay so that's where you're looking for

the career onestop dot org slash

business center so these are all the

programs and actually that's a you know

you're hiring people they help you do


you're firing people they help you do

then they'll come in and show your

employees what government money they

could get because now they're not

working or training programs money they

have or whatever I mean it's incredible

you know what these career one-stop

centers have and even as a small

business you say you're an entrepreneur

you know and you need skills or

something so there's training money

there so find out how you could use that

and we have two videos really on this so

these training videos from the career

one-stop Center so go to look at go to

youtube.com slash Matthew let's go

seventy we have money videos there

there's two on this or the link below

I'll put the links of the videos in

there too okay

okay now overseas okay the world is

small every business now has to find

customers overseas because you know this

is how people grow and we're not selling

overseas much you know we're shrinking

in that well we're starting to go up

again that's why there's government

programs there always has been how you

helped so many Fortune 500 companies

take advantage of the money and help and

information and marketing help to sell

your goods and product overseas I mean

you could be a consultant yeah say you

know a Google consultant how to make

money on Google yeah well how about

people overseas yeah so you train you

get money to find business opportunities

overseas they even have money for you to

travel overseas to look for customers

they'll dispatch people from the

embassies to find you customers overseas

I mean that's incredible to me you hire

some consultant charge of tens of

thousands of dollars to do this does it

staff people from the embassy yeah and

go out all over the the country they're

in to find you customers you know hey

and then check out the backgrounds

there's offices to the make appointments

for you they'll find a custom potential

customers make appointments when you

come over you have a place to meet the

embassy you get translators yeah all

this kind of stuff

man where else you gonna get that yeah

and they give you money to get there man

incredible anything you people rely on

Google they're not gonna find this stuff

yeah because it's hidden in those six

billion websites whatever that heck that

is is it six billion yeah six billion

thirty million websites so that's right

so we now to find a list of seed when

you work at the state you don't go to

Washington you go to your state

government every state government has an

office to help you exports again

business overseas get clients overseas

because they want you to bring in more

money to their state so they'll help you

do that yeah and SBA the the website has

a nice listing of economic development

agencies so if your Google SBA economic

development agencies you'll find a list

or actually is sba.gov slash content

slash economic development agencies is

another way to find it and we'll put the

links below in the on YouTube for this

video so you could you find them and we

have a great video of one of these

officials at a state office who tells

you about these programs and how they

honor and she verifies this up I don't

make this stuff up okay you can't yeah

it's too incredible to make this stuff

I'll never want to think of you who know

to ask such question hey where can I get

somebody to make an appointment for

somebody's gonna give me money in

another country who would ever think

about that's why we're the question mark

soon all right now here's number six

here's why I think a big opportunity

everybody misses you're like that

official your congressman man how to get

little money

legally for free from your Congressman

they are your access to so much in the

government you know even me I'm inside

this 35 years or something any

congressman elected official office is

better than me because he no one knows

what's there okay I call the congressman

I mean I call the government office or

whether it's given out the money or you

call the government office and they may

or mean

help you depending on the mood of the

day or whatever and you get the

runaround maybe or whatever you have to

get through that and that's part of

doing business it happens the same when

he call comcast rec so it's not the new

in the life or something you have to

learn to be able to survive in the

current situation you know but if you

call your Congressman man they're the

most powerful people to any bureaucrat

that you will ever be then some

lobbyists and whoever be because this is

where the bureaucrats money come from

the bureaucrats money comes from the

people voting for it on Capitol Hill so

every agency has special offices like

little phone banks call to answer calls

from the congressmen and Senators so

they get their answers right away so you

can call a congressman say and they see

the congressman wants to appeal to you

because you vote this is what keeps them

getting paid every day is if you vote

for me see hey and then so they call you

I mean you call a congressman they call

their back office number the hotline

they have and they get it fixed

instantly or find your what you need

instantly man you know you're gonna vote

for that son of a gun no matter what

they do no matter how many girlfriends

they have whatever the shenanigans

they're pulling yeah because yeah we all

operate like that and they know that and

that's why they spend so much of their

staffs effort helping people like you

and see your congressman whether it's

getting money for a problem your

business getting a government contract

finding out about the rules and

regulations or whatever they're there

don't miss out on using him how do you

find your Congressman well back to the

what you do is vote smart org

okay vote smart org it is a place you go

to find out you put in your zip code and

you find out all your elected officials

and we have a video showing you I mean I

show you there in that video exactly

that the Senators have a listing of all

the things they will do for you help you

get a scholarship

yeah help you get a contract help either

that's been there before they don't gots

anything so what are you doing

they're hiring all these expensive fat

cats yeah stick with me son I'll get you

the inside

you got for free and it's

better if you know this system because

that's who they call that's what I used

to do my god my fat cat clients used to

call me up and then I call transfer

where the hell is this thing yeah

because I couldn't find it for some


so you go directly cut out the middleman

that's what your technology really does

to me nowadays is cut out the middleman

so that video and also vote smart port

okay here's the last one

it's amazing I mean I know a national

effect they're going from a National

Institute of Standards and Technology

I'm an old guy so I remember old names

of agencies that's terrible but if you

go to n is Teague of /m EP n is Teague

of slash MEP these people are like the

Booz Allen and Hamilton yeah Booz Allen

Hamilton sultans that charge of thousand

dollars an hour for their expertise or

whatever and they come out and fix

fortune 500 companies something to fix

them some ties in them these are the

same kinds of people trained the same

way that come out and do a half a day

for your business for free that's right

for free so you get ten five thousand

dollars yeah a free consulting they'll

come out and evaluate the business in

your business where you gonna make more

money where you're not things I got all

for free if you want to do more than

they charge you but it's a fraction of

what these big hotshots cost you but man

just to have you know a half a day

somebody with expertise in evaluating

companies that will come on and valuate

your company yeah I mean that's an

incredible bargain yeah I think in our

country yeah but who knows you know

they're not going to advertise Booz

Allen a hand with the minute advertising

their tushies off yo for this so you

know about it and we have a video of one

of the experts who does this and once

that video man they'll tell you

yo how they do this why they do that

it's not a secret it's not you know

conspiracy theory they're high and now

they just don't have advertising money

man yeah I'm a big PR marketing partment

and everything like that so yeah I'm by

youtube.com slash Mathew let's go 70 men

yeah you can see that video watch that

expert tell you about you know the stuff

they're gonna do so spend a couple

minutes doing that even before you make

a phone call

now that was seven I think they're the

seven best most important now they're

all not money because their services man

if someone can show you how to make a

million dollars white figure out how to

get a quarter of a million he gives it

already make him million yourself and

send it so that's right services and

these kinds of help can even be more

valuable than money and also help you

find money yeah these are the places I

have now here I threw in three more

things that you should know about good I

just think they're cool you never know

he would never believe that the

government does this government has

lawyers that will chase down people who

owe you money right your business some

you're only a bad check

the government has lawyers to get that

for you yeah that's right who would

apply nobody would know that yeah and

it's all this a local level so it's a

little complicated to find so watch that

video you know we have therefore

government lawyers that would collect

money from people who give you a bat

jacks yeah so they're your collection

agency now who'd be more afraid of the

government then some collection agency

or your lawyer yourself or whatever

that's charging you money and they're

free they have more power than anybody

else you can hire and they're free it's

incredible and here's what other they

did like tax questions now I have a

video here that will show you how I I

wanted to find out okay what's the best

way to write off your home business okay

watch that video because that will show

you step-by-step how I call the IRS what

the number is whatever only set on the

phone with me explain everything the

best way to write off your your your

home based business you know I mean why

go to hire somebody there's gonna charge

you money when they have to go to the

IRS to figure out what it is

instead you can call the horse's mouth

these are the people who wrote the laws

it's a why hire somebody yeah to go

learn the law for you and give you an

answer when you like somebody group

oh and they're free man and it's a


yeah here's an interesting thing people

have realized people if you learn over

sigils I know a lot of people overseas

you know watch my videos on YouTube and

you can get well it's really you could

get a visa for an entrepreneur you want

to come to this country invest a little

money and start a business and things

like that there's a special visa for

that yeah it's an investor's visa

yeah and that visa is an eb-5 investor

visa so if you google that or watch the

video and you're Google eBay 5 investor

visa and see the requirements for that

and by the way you'd only have to be a

citizen to use all these programs I

talked about these 10 programs are

available for anybody you're in this

country for an afternoon or are you been

here for all your whole life

it doesn't matter that's what's neat

about our society particularly services

I mean some of the requirements on money

may require you to be a you know have a

green card or citizenship but the

services know they're never going to

check so if you're an entrepreneur here

and you don't even have a green card you

know whatever no that's bad but it's

available it's for people to grow and

see businesses grow other businesses

they grow employees and that's why the

government has all these programs so you

hire yourself as an employee so you have

a job they don't have to worry about you

you still hire other people they have a

job that's what we have these government

programs government money to help your

business grow

i matter what the business is