How to get German citizenship | German Passport | process of Einbürgerung

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so my dear friends let's learn about how

you can be your German citizen and get a

German citizenship and an German

passport let's learn it


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first of all let's learn what is the

meaning of German citizenship so it

means you have right to vote in Germany

and write a free movement in Germany

also you will have right of assembly and

association in Germany and right of

consular protection from Germany and

also by having German citizenship you

have unrestricted access to find a job

in Germany and right to become a civil

servant that means if you have German

citizenship only then you can be your

government servant in Germany you will

get German citizenship by three ways

either it can be by naturalization or in

Bulgarian process we will learn more

about this in this video all by the Rite

of blood or in Latin whose juice

sanguinis all by the right of soil or in

that it just so lean so let's learn more

about in Handy's phase so first way is

by naturalization utilization or line

below so it means that you have

fulfilled certain requirement that the

German government has set and you

qualify to apply for German citizenship

and by right of blood all in that in jus

sanguinis means you get german

citizenship if you are the direct

descendant of german citizens this

include only your parents and no other

relative so that means if one of your

parent is german then you get the right

to be a german citizens and by right of

soil and you slowly is when you are born

within the waters of germany

so in german soil so if you are born in

germany then you get an even german

citizenship now let's talk about what

are the requirement for enhan in german

citizenship by naturalization

so first requirement is

you must have lived in Germany on a

residence permit for at least eight

years you must have lived in Germany on

a residence permit for seven years and

attended a integration course your

German language proficiency should be of

at least Beeman level and then you must

be financially able to support you and

yourself and your family without any

help from this state so you should have

a secure job also some strong source of

income and also you must be a law

abiding citizen with no criminal record

and you must pass the citizenship test

which is called I know gloom test or

test Lebanon to Iceland we did it yay so

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