Abortion pill still unavailable in Canada

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mythity miso was supposed to be the drug

that took abortions out of clinics and

hospitals and into the privacy of a

woman's home but with Health Canada's

approval last year came an unusual

restriction doctors have to dispense it

instead of a pharmacist that's a problem

because of provincial regulations

physicians in many provinces are not

allowed to buy to stock and sell a drug

this gynecologist says even with special

permission doctors and smaller

communities are not equipped to sell

medication many say they won't be able

to offer it at all so it's it's going to

be more difficult for women in rural

areas and we already know that in rural

areas women have difficult access to

abortion even you know the surgical

abortions because most of the clinics

are in big cities Health Canada's reason

for the restriction is patient safety

still the Federal Minister says she's

heard the complaints we are open to with

further information understanding the

nature of the medication following how

things go along to finding more

opportunities to be able to adjust those

guidelines going forward to make sure

that accessibility is not a problem that

information may already be available

other countries have had experience

providing the drug for years even

decades the u.s. even recently extended

approval to women who are 10 weeks

pregnant up from 7 weeks as in Canada

it's an absolutely inexplicable

regulation that's against all of the

progress in safety that we've made for

drug prescriptions that are prescribed

in just by physicians but then dispensed

by pharmacists who are the dispensing

experts across Canada the distributors

of myth egami so hoped to have the drug

on the market in Canada in November but

unless Health Canada's restrictions or

provincial regulations change it's

unlikely to be available to every woman

who wants it

Makoto Pia CBC News Toronto