How To Qualify for a Freddie Mac HARP Loan?

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hello there this is Sean Stevens with

Metroplex mortgage services bring you

another valuable video quick tip do you

need help with a Freddie Mac Home

Affordable Refinance we are now able to

work with this program effective

immediately and let's go over the

details further first off the loan must

be serviced by Freddie Mac this is an

excellent opportunity for underwater

homeowners you must have had no late

payments over 30 days within the past 12

months to be eligible fixed rate options

include 30-year terms 25 20 15 and 10

this is a great opportunity to reduce

the term and help pay off your loan

sooner ask us how you can be eligible

for an appraisal waiver financing limits

include primary resonances up to one

hundred and fifty percent of the value

of the property second homes up to 125

percent and investment properties up to

105 percent condominiums are a state

restricted type of property and will be

reviewed on a case by case scenario as a

reminder minimum credit conditions will

apply getting qualified for harp

refinance can be complicated but we

offer the experience to help and walk

you through the steps one by one

remember that we do not charge

application fees and please the

advantage of our free second opinion

service where we can review your

scenario in provide advice or a possible

solution just call or email us to

discuss your scenario so we can go to

work for you most importantly we are

known for returning calls replying to

your emails and responding to voicemails

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