How to get your College Board Fee Waivers for College Apps

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hi guys

alright so believe it or not this is

like the third time I'm doing this the

first time didn't work the second time I

think I deleted it by accident the very

time I was honestly I did the whole

thing just like I'm doing right now and

it wasn't freaking recording you guys

believe that what does that anyway after

that I needed a break now I'm back and

I'm doing this for the final time for

you guys alright so I'm hoping to post

tonight if not tomorrow but so here's

what it is alright so a lot of you are

asking me how to get a college board

application fee waiver right college

application fee waiver right so I know

that everybody tells you Oh

sheppy waivers from the college board

but nobody really tells you how that

happens right and so that's what you

guys have been asking me about and to be

honest I've never made a video of this


I think I'd helped students get this

before but it's so rare because usually

they get all their applications waived

through the common app and through their

counselor so I hadn't made a video and

thank God that my brother my younger

brother is a senior in high school right

now so I have access to his account

thankfully and so I'm in that right now

and I am making this video for you guys

so that you guys can find it all it is

is um if you have taken an SAT with a

fee waiver before then automatically you

have for application fee waivers in your

account okay all you have to do is print

them out and get them to the four

colleges that you're going to use them

for all right so to do that you can

email them or text them and call them

not text I'm sorry what am I saying just

email them or call them see if they want

the the fee waiver emailed or mailed or

maybe you can send a screenshot through

an email I'm not sure but you do have to

contact which however colleges you're

using this for separately because I

don't want to tell you something that

doesn't apply to every college and then

you know I'm wrong I don't want that so

that part is up to you but I'm going to

show you how to get them from your con

right now alright so here we are you're

you should be signed in to your account

to your College Board com alright so

this is my brother's right this is my

brother Walter and if you're gonna go up

to where you're your name

all right and you're gonna go down to

where says my colleges alright so click

on where my colleges is once you get to

my colleges as you see I have I have I

keep didn't do this I put in these two

schools into his account so you guys can

get an idea of what it would look like

you see how it um inbred says down here

at college application fee waiver

available that's important because not

every single college is going to accept

College Board fee waivers I haven't run

across a college that doesn't accept it

but you know you want to make sure you

wanna double check that the cost of your

appliance who does accept the College

Board fee waivers because otherwise

there's no point right so how do you do

this first of all so all you have to do

is once you click on that right you see

up here I says search for colleges so

you would click on that and then you

know whatever college it is that you

want to apply to for example I don't

know Harvard click on that choose

Harvard and I mean you can read all this

of course I would recommend that you

read and all this stuff right but if

you're like okay I'm gonna apply to

Harvard then right here in the top right

corner you added to your list see how it

says add to my list alright so it's been

added as you can see here on the bottom

and if you scroll all the way to the

right use you see see all colleges right

I'm gonna click back on that so I can go

back to the previous page and basically

I have here all my three and Harvard

also says college application fee

available okay now there is a college

that doesn't accept it it'll also let

you know or maybe you won't tell you

explicitly that it's um that's available

right but you'll know so once you have

your colleges here in order to get your

fee waivers you have to go up here to

the town that says get in and go down to

applying one on 101 right once you get

to apply 101 you come to this page that

looks like just like a blog page

for some reason but you I basically want

you to scroll down

alright scroll down and to go here where

it says college application fee waivers

click on that and then again it opens up

a thing that looks like a QA article

type thing and I rather this several

times and I was like okay so I don't

want to click on any of these words link

that tells me in your free waivers here

so here where you have to do is you see

here where it says two thousand

participating colleges right and that's

what you have to click go figure okay so

click on that and tada

apply for free now I was looking for

another like link or something that said

apply for free that I could just click

on and it'll take me directly here I

couldn't find it if you guys find it and

you want to shout it out that'd be


maybe there is a shorter way to get this

but I haven't seen or I'm not thinking

about not sure but this is what it is

for now

so apply for free gift for for college

application fee waivers you can read

through this I always suggest that you

read everything number one for your

college application fee waivers you go

here click on that does make sure the

schools you're applying to accept

college application fee waivers great if

you're having trouble using the PDF

download a better program anyway go view

and print and tada here you go college

application fee waivers 2018-2019 I this

is my my brother's name this is his

address right so I don't have your

information your date of birth right and

then you are gonna print this out I fill

in your phone number Social Security

number email screen signature right and

as you can see there are four pages

because each page is an application fee

waiver alright so here you go you have

your four again print them out each one

as you can see down here has a unique

code that's how they keep track of the

the applications that you're using and

that it really longs to you you cannot

share these with a friend or anything

like that okay

it's as instructions for students be

sure to check double check the following

number one that you've completed inside

this form and by two that you're

applying to a college that will accept

this fee waiver as I already showed you

how to do number three that you follow

my instructions on any instruction is to

college may have for submitting this

form again if you can't find how this

college wants you to submit this form on

their website then please call them or

email them or something because they

will give ask you all right you have to

do that and then before or you can ask

your counselor I guess maybe she might

or might not know or he might have I

don't know and then before that you're

applying to college admissions for the

2019 2020 school year right and that

will change obviously as the next class

comes along alright but this is what it

is guys printed have it keep it

celebrate it um and that's all if you

guys have any questions please feel free

to comment or DM me during the rtu to an

hour from nine to 10 p.m. every single

day I'm gonna do Friday thank you guys

so much for following and watching my

videos and I know that this is all

helping you and thank you guys so much

for the comments all the time when

you're like thank you for helping me you

know it would be lost with all your car

and all that stuff I love that stuff

thank you guys is the only thing that

keeps me going

the only thing that feels my engine so I

appreciate it alright so see you guys


during Q&A have a good night