💳 How To Get Approved For Any Credit Card

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hey what is going on you guys and

welcome back to the channel in today's

video I'm gonna be sharing with you guys

exactly how you can get approved for

every single credit card and what you

guys should do if you get denied now

before I start this video I need to say

thank you I haven't had the best week

last week and I think being a youtuber

and a content creator which is all very

new to me there's like the stigma

there's this impression where everything

should be going right you know there's

some days you guys where I feel

Maddaloni there's some days where videos

don't do well for me there's some days

where clients are like now we don't want

to work with you there are good days and

there are bad days and I want to be

transparent about that because I just

did not have a good week last week and

during that time though I did do a lot

of reflections did do a lot of

journaling and during that time I just

realized I have a lot of support from

you guys I have an insane audience and

if you are watching this video right now

although I may not know you personally

one-on-one that well I just want to say

thank you you guys are literally insane

when it comes to the support on this

channel the engagement and how much you

guys have given me in terms of this

opportunity to speak to a wide audience

and to just help other people online so

before I start this video I just want to

say thank you I love all of you guys

thank you guys so much

even the haters even the ones that love

me even the ones that love me so much

that they're a little weird I love every

single one of you guys too and I just

needed to take that time to say thank

you so now let's start the video so

normally when you apply for a credit

card two things happen you either get

approved or you get denied when you get

approved there's not much else you can

really do unless you're not happy with

like the credit limit you got or maybe

the annual fee is too much for you down

the road then you guys can do other

things which I have made videos on right

here but in terms of what you guys can

do if you get denied for credit cards

I'm gonna be sharing with you guys what

you guys can do then now if you're

someone who has like a 500 score like a

450 score please don't think this is

gonna work for you I think if you

actually get denied for a credit card

sometimes it's a good thing because

they're kind of looking out for your

best interest as well too if you have

like twenty thousand dollars worth of

debt you have a 500 credit score and

you're looking to apply for more credit

cards is it smart to just keep burying

that hole I really don't think so and

although we know that the credit card

systems are profiting

a lot off of the users as well I believe

if you're getting denied because you

have a lot of debt overall like in the

broader scheme of things that might

actually be beneficial for you so if

you're someone that has a really low

score the first thing you guys need to

do is just focus on paying off that debt

or being able to move that balance over

somewhere else where it won't affect

your personal score I've mentioned this

quite a bit of times on my channel there

are other ways you guys can actually go

about these things but generally you

can't get rid of debt I mean there are

repercussions if you try to go bankrupt

and stuff like you can't apply for

credit cards at all the one thing you

guys need to do is just focus on paying

that off I've made a ton of videos on

what you guys can do if you have credit

card debt so that's the first thing I'll

focus on but say you're someone that has

a good credit score say you have like a

720 credit score but they still denied

you this is the video that's gonna help

you guys out quite a bit okay so if you

guys are looking to get approved for any

credit cards first thing you need to do

is actually prepare what you're gonna do

is call a reconsideration line and fbz

illipe made a great post just having all

the phone numbers and contact

information for different credit card

issuers you want to call the

reconsideration line and the reason why

is because this is a place where a call

representative actually has the power to

really reverse the decision that was

made on a denial so they can write there

immediately approve you for any credit

card so I'm gonna be going in death on

what you guys can do to better your

chances to actually get that decision

riah prove first things first before you

call them guys please be polite please

be honest that in my opinion you should

always be honest regardless of what

you're doing I think that's just a

strong virtue that's gonna go a long way

build a relationship with the customer

rep you're going to talk to because

customer reps deal with a lot of BS and

if you're able to differentiate yourself

just a little bit if you're able to just

show them like hey you're not one of

them a-holes out there then I think this

is gonna go a long way in terms of you

guys having a better chance of getting

that credit card approval now on top of

that another thing you guys should do is

prepare documents prepare information

and know what your score is a lot of

people go into these calls that have no

idea when they open their last credit

card what their credit score is and just

the information that they should have in

terms of what their credit history is

like if I ever had a derogatory more

like two years ago then I want to be

able to explain to him like hey this

happened just because you know I was a

student and you know I got robbed or

something and it was just like a tough

time in my life so you'll see like a

derogatory mark on this day and that's

why it happened or my credit score right

now is like 690 it used to be 720 but it

dropped for X amount of reasons you guys

shouldn't know exactly all your personal

information before you even get into

this call

don't be stumbling around don't be not

knowing exactly what you should be

telling them just have it all prepared

it's gonna make the call go a lot

smoother and and at the end of the day

it's just going to be more beneficial

for you now another thing you guys

should do is whatever cards you're

applying for it and that you got denied

for if you get denied is that you should

know the cards benefits one of the

things you need to avoid is don't talk

about the sign of bonus I recommend

avoiding talking about that sign of

bonus I think you guys should focus more

on the benefits and how this credit card

is gonna benefit you and there are gonna

be situations where you know they're

gonna see that you have like eight cards

open with them in total and I would just

be honest it doesn't hurt to be honest

because they have heard so many stories

you guys I will tell them look I have

eight credit cards with you guys right

now because I understand the benefits of

credit cards they actually helped me a

lot in terms of the rewards and the

category cash backs and I want to

maximize this to the full potential I'm

bringing you guys a lot of business

every time I use these credit cards I

personally like you over like ex

competitors so if I'm talking to like

city or Capital One I'm probably gonna

be like yeah I like you way better than

Capital One they always increase my

interest rate and I just prefer using

your cards over theirs I feel like just

things like that actually helped with

the conversation as well especially when

you bring in another credit card issuer

so usually just from that call a lot of

people I know or able to reverse the

decision made but one of the things is

some things you guys cannot change at

all like if you're over five twenty four

and then you apply for a card and you

know that you're over it then obviously

you're gonna get denied so before you

even go through that process there are

ways you guys can get around rules

5:24 rules have things called like the

backdoor offers so if you guys go to

like the just 4u offers tab on your

chase ultimate reward portal that

actually bypasses rules like that and

there are other things like getting

business cards that bypass that rule so

there are way

that you guys can do it I just would not

set yourself up for failure and then

just like going crazy on the phone like

why did I get denied when obviously you

should have gotten denied in the first

place just be prepared now say you got a

good rep say you do all those things and

you tell them your reason and they still

deny you what you guys can do next is

just hang up and call again I know this

is like common sense but a lot of people

don't realize this you can hang up and

call again and talk to a different

representative before you leave that

call I would just tell them look I have

to run for an emergency right now or

there's something I need to do or maybe

I'll just call back on another day and

just hang up and literally call back

again doing that is actually gonna help

your chances to reverse that decision if

you get a good rep maybe she's in a

really good mood like I said all it

takes is one click of a button just to

get you guys approved now if you hang up

and call again you do that four or five

times and you're still denied every time

at that point I probably wouldn't keep

pushing it at that point I would

reconsider what went wrong is it my

score is that how many cards I have and

then make a pivot and decide what I'm

gonna do after I know that information

if my credit score is just too low I'm

gonna focus on paying off that debt for

a month or two if my income is too low

I'm gonna figure out how I can pick up

another side hustle to bring my income

up or I'll go into a different credit

card issuer and get another card there

are so many credit cards out there you

guys there's so many different options

so I wouldn't just get focused on one

card if you can't get accepted for that

one card for whatever reason it is just

move on get another card and then apply

again in the future when your stats are

a little bit better when you're out of

five twenty four and then you can get

all the cards you're looking for but

honestly I want to freak out over denial

everyone gets denied I get denied by the

ladies like ten times a day okay this is

just something that's very common so if

you get denied what you do is you move

on you pick up the bag you understand

where you went wrong and you just move

on I hope and I'm not kidding I get

denied like girls so often you guys it's

so sad whoa get denied I don't know what

it is I think um I think I'm just too

weird honestly I think I'm just I just

come off so weird sometimes all right

but yeah guys I'm sorry that was a

little bit of tangent

whoo but yeah guys that was basically a

video and what you guys can do if you

get denied for a credit card how you

guys can improve your chances on getting

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