3 Credit Cards that WON’T Deny You (Instant Approval)

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hello everyone and welcome back to a new

video shows the name and credits is the

game today we got a classic catch-22

situation today if you've got no scores

or bad credit scores you need a credit

card to get them up well problem is if

you've got no scores or bad scores you

can't get approved for a credit card so

what do you do it's pretty simple you

just click that like button on this


all right but this is a situation that a

lot of people are in so if you're

sitting there going man I'm like the

only person in the world no you're wrong

there are millions of people who have

been in your exact same shoes who have

bad credit or no credit and they can't

get approved for a credit card that's

why there's credit card companies that

have designed cards to help individuals

like you which is what we're gonna be

talking about today yep today I'm going

to be giving you my three favorite

credit cards that anyone can get to

raise your scores up so you can start

qualifying for some really sick cards

like this guy oh and before I get into

those three cards I highly recommend you

watch my other videos on credit I'll

link down below for you there's just so

much to know about credit that even if I

give you these three cards today and you

go open up one of them and you're trying

to use it your scores aren't going up

there's just there's so much to know

about credit that you don't watch those

videos or know what's going on it could

take your entire lifetime to get to that

800 credit score range I mean if you

ever make it at all so highly recommend

you go watch those videos after this one

alright let's talk about my three

favorite credit cards that anyone can

get approved for to get your credit back

on track and I will say that all three

of these cards do report to the three

different credit bureaus TransUnion

Equifax and Experian so that's important

to note with your credit card all the

ones I'm going to talk about today

report to all three which is huge when

you're trying to build your credit now I

will say that these three cards today

are not the sexiest of cards they are

not going to giving you tons of cash

back or having all these great perks and

bonuses these cards are solely there to

get your scores back up so then you can

qualify for those sexy cards that give

you some amazing benefits oh and if you

want a little secret on how to beat the

credit card game and just like a

shortcut to getting incredibly high

credit scores and hang out to the end of

the video I will drop that on you then

but okay let's start with our cards now

the first card I'm going to talk about

is probably the best card out of the

list so I want you to start here if you

can't get approved for the first one go

to the second one if you can't get

approved for the second one then your

failed proof method is to go for the

third one but you want to start at one

two then three okay the number one card

I recommend to build your credit is

going to be the one and only the

discover it secured credit card baby

this has a zero dollar annual fee

which is huge huge when you're trying to

build your credit because most cards

charge annual fees because they're like

yeah this guy doesn't have the best

credit so let's just kick them while

he's down

I know credit card companies are

terrible but another great thing about

this card is you actually get 1% to 2%

cash back on purchases which is insane

for a secured credit card and to top

that off Discover will actually match

your cash back during your first year

which again is insane for a secured

credit card then lastly the secured

credit card only makes you put $200

towards it so if you don't know what

it's your credit card is it's

essentially you giving Discover $200 and

saying here's my $200 they're gonna say

okay thank you we're gonna give you a

credit card that has a 200 dollar limit

on it and then it acts like a normal

credit card you charge it you make

payments you charge it you make payments

and it's a normal credit card then when

you actually close that account Discover

goes hey thanks for being a customer

here's the $200 you gave us at the

beginning take that back into your bank

account it's a secured line of credit to

ensure you are successful when using

that credit card and really so the

credit card company actually has some

collateral on you and again this is my

number one choice so you're gonna want

to start with this card if you can get

approved for this and get all these

benefits right it's gonna be in your

best interest and I know it's gonna cost

you $200 upfront to get it but I would

100% recommend it if you can do it but

let's say you unfortunately don't get

approved for the Discover it secured

credit card we can move on to our plan B

which is our number two card I love this

card I always recommend this card to my

clients who are trying to get a mortgage

and they just don't have the best credit

because honestly I haven't seen anyone

get denied for this card yet it's

amazing it is the open sky secured

credit line these guys that open sky

know what's going on they are awesome

they don't even pull a credit report to

approve you for this card I don't

understand how that works but they

literally do not pull a credit report so

if you're like I've got the worst credit

scores on the face of the earth you

could still get approved for this card

because they do not pull a report their

job and their focus is to give you the

tools to get your credit back on track

and I will say this car doesn't give you

any cash back or any of those goodies or

any of that stuff but there's no annual

fees in

every single person that I've told to

get one again has been approved now

again this is a secured credit card

which means there is a minimum limit of

$200 so you do have to put that money

upfront to get the card but again when

you close the account you get it back

OpenSky is a total winner I love them I

love that card it's amazing but let's

say you don't get approved for the

discover it secure credit card and open

sky you just you don't have the $200 to

put down on a secured line of credit

what do we do well we go to option

number three the credit one bank

Platinum visa for rebuilding credit now

this is an unsecured credit card so this

will be your go to if you don't have the

money to put down on a secured line of

credit now no one on this card I've seen

has gotten denied either but keep in

mind it's just for rebuilding your

credit or maybe if you need like an

emergency couple hundred dollars because

it does have an initial annual fee it

could be $0 thirty five dollars fifty

five dollars or sometimes ninety five

dollars and then every year after that

it's gonna be ninety nine so it is an

expensive card that you don't want to

hang on to you for a long period of time

I will say that I believe the usual

limit on this is about two to three

hundred dollars and it could help you

out if you're in a little bit of a bind

now remember this is a band-aid card

you're not gonna get this card and go

I'm gonna have this for the rest of my

life and always keep my credit going on

the right track of this no you only get

this card if you absolutely need it like

if you do not have any money in your

account you're like I can't go open a

secured line of credit I don't have two

hundred dollars in my account I need to

get this card I need to get my credit

back on track you can open this card you

know pay though whatever fee you might

not have a fee depending on your credit

but pay the fee and then you've got a

$300 you know credit card so you can

basically pay the fee and then you got

two hundred bucks to kind of go spend if

you really need it I do not recommend

that card unless you absolutely have to

get it but these are my three go to

credit cards that are literally fail

proof if you can't get one of these

three I don't even know what to say

actually I do know what to say you're

gonna do the thing I'm gonna tell you

right now the little secret to the

credit card score game the easy

and quickest way to get your credit

scores up is to actually just become a

signer on someone else's credit card so

for example let's say you have a family

member or a really close friend who's

got great credit they're like I've got

seven 80s all day my credits great you

go to them and you say hey I'm in a bind

my credits low can you add me as a

signer on your account I'm not gonna

spend any money I don't need a credit

card literally you just need to add me

as a signer as someone who has the

ability to use your cart you're not

gonna use their card you're just gonna

ask them if they can put you on your

card well if they've got great credit

history a great credit score and all

this stuff you're gonna get signed onto

that card and basically your credit

history is going to consume theirs and

your scores are gonna shoot up I mean

I've seen people shoot up like 80 to 120

points before just from being a signer

on someone else's card seriously

zero effort took you a couple minutes to

pick up the phone and ask someone hey

can you add me as a signer again you

need to really stress that you're not

going to be spending money because if

you've got a rough credit individual and

a good credit individual the good credit

individual isn't gonna be like here take

my credit card go spend some money no no

you're just asking to be a signer and

I'm telling you it boosts your scores so

dang well so there you have it even

those in the lowest of lows in the

credit card world can still get their

scores back up to where they need to be

so hopefully you take advantage of this

video hopefully you learn something new

again these are my three favorite credit

cards I highly recommend you start from

one then go to two then to three and if

you learn something new or I guess just

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actually know what's going on problem is

no one teaches anything about credit but

again if you want to learn more got some

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