FNB Visa Credit Card

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hello and welcome to First National

Bank's online banking series today we're

going to be taking a look at one of our

low variability credit cards these cards

are a great option for you if this is

your first credit card if you're trying

to climb out from under high rates of

with other national cards or if you're

just looking to keep your money local

the first thing you'll need to do is go

to our website which is WWF NB NORTHCOM

from there you'll go to our personal

banking and then on the far right under

services you'll see credit cards and

click there this page is a basic

overview of what our first national bank

visa platinum credit card has to offer

for you one of the key components of our

local credit card process is that you

have a local approval process which

means that one of our bankers in our

banks is making the decision on what you

can be approved for there are no annual

fees and you receive score card rewards

with every purchase you make using your

credit card

we also offer fraud protection cash

advances balance transferring and your

rates are based on a competitive rate

you can make local payments online via

phone or by mail and these cards are

accepted at thousands of locations

worldwide the application process is

simple you can apply for one of these

cards today by stopping in at one of our

many location branches and speaking with

one of our tellers or bankers