Top 5 Companion Dog Breeds

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you're looking for a dog that makes a

great companion we've narrowed the field

down to five lovable loyal long-standing

favorites of dog owners across the

country golden retrievers golden

retrievers are quite possibly the most

popular breed in the US and it's easy to

see why they're happy they're smart

they're loyal they're loving there's

American his mom and apple pie and

that's pretty freakin American they're

above average intelligence makes them

easy to train their gentle nature makes

them perfect for children and their

patience ensures they'll get along with

just about anyone but keep in mind the

golden retrievers do require a bit more

grooming than the average breed labrador

retrievers if you're a fairly active

person you can't go wrong with the

Labrador Retriever they're very similar

to Golden's except they thrive in a more

energetic environment

well the golden retriever might be more

content to cuddle on the couch Netflix

and chill a lab thrives on action so

consider a Labrador Retriever if you're

a jogger if you love the outdoors if you

have a big backyard or if you have

children also labs love water Border

Collies high energy high intelligence

and unwavering loyalty make Border

Collies a great choice for couples and

singles alike but don't expect them to

plop down on the couch and watch TV with


Border Collies are high in energy you

will need plenty of energy to keep up

with this dog however they are quite

possibly one of the smartest breeds on

the planet so the training options with

the border collie are limitless and

while they are very affectionate their

sensibilities aren't always well-suited

for young children French bulldogs if

you prefer a lap dog look no further

than a French Bulldog some might

recommend a Yorkshire Terrier another

small dog but these these can be a bit

more European nippy while French

bulldogs are famous for their calm and

even disposition plus they have a short

coat so it's a lot easier to manage

which means less grooming is necessary

beagles beagles are widely regarded as

the diplomats of the dog world if you

plan on spending time with other dog

owners or if you have pets already the

Beagle is the perv

choiced they're cute they're fun and

even-tempered beagles are very social

they love to spend as much time with

their friends as possible it should be

noted that beagles are not the easiest

breed to train but they make up for it

in personality after all Snoopy was a

beagle so there's our top five companion

breeds but there are many choices and

dogs all have their own personality you

want to make sure you find the right fit

for you the right fit for you and your

family and keep tuning in to safety pup