💳 How To Get A Chase Credit Card (THE RIGHT WAY)

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so I think it's safe to say without a

doubt that Chase is one of the most

valuable and flexible travel partners in

the credit card game in this video I'm

gonna go over exactly what you guys need

to do to get your first chase card how

you can better your chances and also a

step-by-step guide on what you guys can

do to get that first chase card now if

you guys don't know much about credit

cards and you're wondering so what's the

whole deal about chase cards and chase

points just understand this Chase has

some of the most rewarding points in the

game so if someone offered me a choice

of having 1 million chase ultimi reward

points or having 1 million American

Express membership reward points I would

frankly go with the chase points they're

just a lot easier to use and you can

actually get a ton of value from them so

if you're getting about 50,000 points if

you're getting one cent to one point

that's about $500 right there

but it's not uncommon to get a two to

three to even 5 cent Redemption with

your points and that will double triple

or quan temple 1 to pend temple I don't

even know the you'll exponentially

increase the value you points and that's

where you can get a ton of value that's

gonna save you guys a lot of money

especially when you're looking to book

travel plans so I know a lot of people

struggle with this and a lot of people

in our Facebook group tend to ask this

question a lot so hopefully I'm able to

help some of you guys out if you're

looking to get into your first chase

cards so here's some things you guys

need to know on top of them being

valuable they're just one of the hardest

issuers to get into in the beginning so

usually once you get your first chase

card it's pretty easy after that usually

after that you get automatic approvals

but the tough part is just getting into

the chase ecosystem so let's talk about

some ways where you can better your

chances and prove your odds of getting

that first chase card so to start things

out there's usually three main factors

that I try to break things down with one

it's gonna be your credit score number

two it's gonna be your length of your

credit report or your history of your

credit cards and number three is gonna

be something called a 5:24 rule so let's

start with number one here before

applying for a card like the chase

freedom card or any entry level chase

card you want to make sure that you have

a good enough credit score if you're

someone who has a 580 or 600 credit

score that usually isn't gonna cut it

but I have seen people inside of our

Facebook group with us

or 650 with a score of 682 that have

gotten approved for chase cards so one

of the things you guys need to realize

about chase cards is the fact that this

card is more geared towards beginners

and a lot of times they're actually

sending out Direct Mail flyers to a lot

of people who are struggling with credit

cards so there are gonna be times when

the credit card issuers want to get more

people to sign up for their cards so

they're gonna open those gates

it really depends on circumstances

depends on the quarter and how much

people are actually applying for the

cards during that time of year but

usually you'll see some people getting

accepted that normally shouldn't get

accepted so I would say even if you have

a bad score I wouldn't get totally

deterred from actually applying for this

card but my number one rule is going to

be the fact that you should always have

a good score you shouldn't carry any of

your balances and if you do have any

type of credit card debt on your

personal account usually that is the

reason why your personal score is pretty

low so before you guys look into more

credit cards and try to get into this

whole game focus on paying off that

credit card debt first before actually

getting into the set of cards now the

second factor that I recommend you guys

looking into is your length of history

with your credit cards now I know that

if you're just getting into the credit

card game you have no prior history

you're a college student maybe you just

started a new job the chances of you

getting a new credit card is pretty low

with Chase but like I said this is going

to be dependent on the time of year that

you apply so an example would be

actually someone close to my life so one

of my close friends actually apply for

the Chase Freedom Card they had no prior

cards before but just getting out of

college she applied for her card and was

able to get accepted without having any

beginner card I feel like those odds are

pretty unlikely but I have seen those

chances go through as well too so if

you're someone who doesn't have a card

or just doesn't really have a score

I wouldn't say risk it now with that

being said I wouldn't really recommend

applying for card if you don't have any

type of history but for me personally

three months is the minimum mark after

that six months is really the safe mark

and then nine months you're like 99.999

percent chance of proof as long as

you're under the 5:24 rule like I'm

about to mention now so the 5:24 rule is

a rule where you can only get five cards

within 24 months if you guys want to get

accepted for chase cards this means if I

go out and I get a giant credit card a

Costco credit card a Best Buy credit

card and then I fill two more extra

slots with maybe some other macey or Old

Navy random store cards which I never

recommend anyone to do if I did that and

I applied for a chase card I would

automatically get denied and the letter

they would send me is gonna be saying oh

sorry we can't approve you for this card

because you've had way too many credit


now that's a 5:24 rule that's a rule

that's still in place there have been

people saying that maybe that rule went

away but I really don't think that

happened I think a couple people just

got very lucky but from what I've known

the rule is still in place so if you

have applied for a bunch of cards within

the last 24 months

I wouldn't apply I would wait until that

24 month mark is over and then you can

apply for your chase cards knowing that

the two other criterias that I mentioned

with your credit score and your length

of credit history is all met now if you

guys want to improve your chances it's

very simple simply just have a good

score by paying off your credit card on

time and there's a lot of people that

ask the question

O'Brien how can I get a really fast jump

I know I've been paying off my balances

but I'm still not seeing the credit

score that I wish to see if you're

trying to see a huge jump you just have

to wait until the end of the month let

the credit report actually report to

those issuers you know the major issuers

like Equifax TransUnion and maybe I

should know the third one it's right

here but understand it does take some

time for your credit issuers to send off

the report to those credit bureaus so

let that load but if you really really

want to speed things up what you guys

can look into is something called

piggybacking piggybacking is just as

what it sounds like it's like leeching

onto someone's back hopping on their

shoulders and doing that you can

actually improve your credit score now

the way this works is that if you know

someone in your real life say your dad

or your grandfather has an 850 credit

score all you have to do is ask them to

be added as an authorized user onto

their account they put in your social

security number for that card you never

have to use that card you can chop up

that card it like immediately and

basically all of their benefits their

length of credit history is gonna fall

down and shrink 'el on to you so if I

got my grandfather's credit card say he

had an 850 score and I got added as an

authorized user to his account then

basically that 850 power is gonna merge

with mine it's like fusion


that is a way you can actually

accelerate a lot of these things now

once you have a good score and you have

a good credit history laying it's pretty

easy to get applied for the Chase

Freedom Card you don't have to be making

that much money either I've seen people

who have been working a part-time job

that actually have gotten accepted for

the chase freedom or the chase freedom

unlimited card those are the two cards I

recommend you guys to start with now if

you guys have done everything I told you

and you still want to improve your

chances even more what you guys can do

is just start any type of relationship

with Chase what I like to do is open a

some type of checking account with them

they had this one checking account that

got shut down I think it didn't do too

well they're trying to cater it towards

more like Gen Z and millenials with a

lot of emojis that got shut down real

quick so applying for things like that

actually improves your chances I do so

guys if you're trying to improve your

odds make sure you guys start any type

of relationship with Chase so if you

feel like you can't even get accepted

for their beginner tier cards all you

guys have to do is open some type of

checking account with them most of their

checking accounts are free so that means

as long as you have a minimum amount in

that account they're not gonna charge

you any monthly fees and that's the only

thing that I look into so if you do open

any checking account though make sure

you guys look into promotions where if

you deposit $1,500 they're gonna give

you three hundred dollars back there is

a chase a business checking account

offer I made a video on that a little

while ago where I've logged myself

walking into the bank and opening one of

the Direct Mail offers that I got and I

opened that account so if you guys take

steps like that you guys build your

relationship with Chase you guys have a

good a strong length of credit history

and you if you can't do that naturally

just do authorized user' do a piggyback

and then on top of that just make sure

you pay off your credit card on time and

that will increase your credit score you

will 100 you will 100 100% be accepted

into the chase cards as long as you guys

are under the 5:24 rule now with that

all being said here's a step by step

game plan that I recommend you guys to

do first of all if you don't have any

credit card get some type of credit card

the best begin our first credit card

that I recommend people to get is the

Discover card

they have just crazy good benefits they

have something called cashback match to

the first year all the cashback you get

they match it they double it if I get a

thousand dollars worth of cash back from

all the spending I do they're gonna give

me two thousand dollars at the end of

the year they have a really good

refer-a-friend program so if I'm in

college right now and I have five

buddies and none of them have credit

cards I could get $50 myself and then I

can give them $50 as well - and you can

just start this whole referral friend

bonus going on with your community

wherever you are so in my opinion

discover is the first card I would get

and what you guys want to do after that

is just paid off on time paid off in

full make sure you guys build that

relationship and then on top of that if

you guys really want to have the icing

on the cake open that second checking

account build that relationship with

Chase and then apply for the Chase

Freedom Card two to three months minimum

minimum if you want to do it safe like I

said six to nine months that's gonna cut

it now say you guys do all the things

that I mentioned in this video and you

guys still don't get approved for

whatever reason watch my video on how to

get approved for any credit card you

guys all you have to do is call the

number right here this is the

reconsideration line you call them you

talk to an actual human being that has

the ability to get you accepted right on

the spot talk to them let them know your

situation tell them you have a

relationship with them you're looking to

get into the credit card game you want

chase because American Express isn't

that good always want to mention the

competitors that will definitely help

you guys out in the reconsideration

process and also in the retention

department as well - once you guys do

those things I can almost guarantee you

you will get accepted for any of the

chase cards I hope this video helped you

guys out if you guys do get into the

chase cards make sure you guys hit those

welcome bonuses get those points rack

them up and then get the Chase Sapphire

Preferred and then get the Chase

Sapphire reserve use the Chase Sapphire

reserve portal to get an extra 50%

Redemption on your points and this is

how you guys get a ton of value then

look into high it where you guys can

book incredible hotels for a decent

amount I really hope this is a

straightforward video that could help

you guys out for any beginners trying to

get into their first chase card I know

how hard it was especially for me I was

always very nervous if I could get

accepted for my first chase card and

what I realized is this after you get

your first chase card you guys need to

understand this every card that you get

with them after that initial first card

is a lot easier to get accepted for most

of time it

automatic approvals as long as you're

under 524 so just get that initial card

the first card is the hardest to get but

once you get that you're pretty much set

so if you guys are looking to get any of

the Chase Freedom cards or if you're

interested in any no annual fee or any

beginner cards I have some affiliate

links down below with credit cards com

if you guys use those links I do get a

small Commission and it does really

support the channel so thank you guys so

much for watching thank you guys so much

for the continued support and I hope I

see you guys in the next one like the