How To: Ditch your cell phone contract

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here is how cell phone contract works

you agree to shell out a wad of cash

each month for a couple of years and in

return you can have a phone that

normally costs hundreds of dollars for a

fraction of the price or even for free

pretty good deal right then why does C

not receive a steady stream of

complaints and questions about bailing

on their contract early without paying

up to $350 in penalty fees

I'm Jessica dual core for C net and I'm

gonna dish out some tips for getting out

of your contract or at least for solving

your underlying issue without coughing

up the early termination fee you're not

gonna like this but it is extremely

difficult to squirm out of an early

termination fee even in some cases when

you're dead there are a few loophole

clauses that could help you avoid the

charge if the carrier were too seriously

significantly drastically change the

terms of your contract or if there are

material negative changes to your

service like to be really extreme one

day you have full signal strength and

the next day you have none even then a

complaint could get you a signal booster

or a bill credit so what do you do I say

embrace your role is a squeaky wheel and

hang out on hold with customer service

yeah it's a pain I won't lie but it is

worth every minute if you can resolve

your problem rather than suffer in

silence when in doubt you can always

escalate to a supervisor in the loyalty

department or in customer care managers

generally have more power to make

exceptions for you or at least to

provide more detailed information on

your situation you might be frustrated

but I do warn you watch that temper you

really don't want to be ticking off one

of the few people who could actually

help you carriers have also flocked to

social networks like Twitter and

Facebook in a big way and they have

people on hand to help you fast they do

not want you starting a Twitter riot so

they'll get back to you another option

is to use websites like sell trade USA

which will match you up with someone who

is willing to take over the rest of your

contract the service costs $20 and

expect tuned ago

with her contracts new owner before

sealing the deal in extreme cases there

is also the option of arbitration which

the carriers pay for but if you think

that waiting on hold is bad then this is

not the option for you keep in mind that

the four major carriers now prorate

their termination penalty fees which

means that the closer you are to the end

of your contract the less it will cost

you to leave the bottom line is that

your carrier will not release you from

that agreement that you signed if you're

interested it is fueled only by that

shiny a new phone over there at the

rival carrier if that's the case then

you might as well start saving your

pennies for that early termination fee

or simply grate your teeth and write out

your contract if you've got your own

questions or comments about anything

cell phone or smartphone related then

you can email cnut's mobile crew as

dialed in at cnet.com I'm Jessica's

all-court foreseen it