How To Get a FREE $10,000 Small Business Grant (DO THIS NOW)

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how would you guys like a free $10,000

what we're gonna do in today's video is

go over whether or not you qualify for

the free ten thousand dollars how you

guys can get it the application process

and everything else you guys need to

know regarding this now I already have

filled this out myself but if you guys

were watching this right now make sure

you guys do that I think one of the

biggest thing is make sure you guys have

the right link because during this time

where you're putting all your sensitive

information I'm talking bank accounts

social security number date of

establishment other sensitive

information all it takes is for you to

go to one website that kind of looks

like the website you're supposed to be

on and then hackers just take your

identity they call himself who you are

they take over your family they run off

with your kids and and your and they

have all your money and you're done

you're just done so before you get

started with this make sure you are on

the correct website make sure you put in

the correct information make sure you

double-check that information and then

you submit it so even as I'm recording

this video like I'm already getting dm's

about like like this so let me read just

one DM that I have and I think this will

answer a majority of people's questions

hey Brian do you know how the SBA would

work for sole proprietors with a

business for example someone who doesn't

necessarily have a payroll and documents

not sure what is required but has what

qualifies as a business

thanks again love the video so the

government is actually pretty clear

about this right now you do not need

like seven million employees for this

grant right here this $10,000 grant

anyone can apply for this right now all

you guys really need is an EIN number

and you guys need to have the

information of your so-called business

now generally people who watch these

type of videos will have some type of

ein or a side hustle or a business and I

think this question is really regarding

like Brian does my business actually

qualify for this now I'm not the person

who's gonna tell you whether or not

you're gonna get qualified approved then

you get your free ten thousand dollars

right now for the government that's the

whole process this is this is not even

working through an algorithm these are

actually humans going through the

process I don't know what their

qualifications are I don't know if

youtubers are gonna get accepted for

this I don't know if people who are

freelancers or photographers

videographers I don't know what goes

into the realm of getting accepted for

the free ten thousand dollars is or

isn't but what I can tell you is this

apply for the program the worst thing

that can happen is for them to say no to

you guys and just move on with your life

a free ten thousand dollars that's not

so bad I feel like this is kind of like

a low-key lottery time right

but the main things you guys didn't know

is that this is a first-come first-serve

basis so if you guys are watching this

video make sure you guys apply today

they estimated that people would take

about an hour two hours plus for them to

fill out this whole thing it took me

five minutes to fill this thing out I'm

not even the fastest typer in the world

I had to go like go through and get my

ein again and remember all these details

and it still took me about five minutes

to go through this process it really

wasn't long at all now what you guys

need to know is if you go online and you

try to find more resources regarding

this you're gonna find a lot of

different information if anyone made a

video on this about a week ago what

they're saying you have to do a week ago

is actually different from what you have

to do now and that's because the

government is continuing to make updates

to the website it's pretty crazy because

they are working over the weekend and on

Sunday that's when they made one of the

bigger changes to the website where you

fill out your information and you get

accepted originally if you wanted to

apply for this you have to go through a

folder fill in all the documents and tax

forms and do all that and then drop it

into a folder and send that over to what

I was doing before is watching some of

these older content I was like wow this

makes no sense at all and I did some

more research online and figured the

government made some updates to the

website I think they just want to

simplify and make the process a bit

easier so I don't know what happened to

those previous applications with the

last version of the website but with

this new version of the website this is

the five-minute easy one you just put it

in it's so easy where you think like wow

is it is it really that easy and I think

it is okay so to answer some of the FAQ

is that I know I'm gonna get in this

video the US Chamber of Commerce came

out with a very very good PDF and I'm

gonna throw that on the screen and go

over some of the things right here so

what they're calling this act is the

cares act pretty cute but what this

stands for is the kombucha aid relief

and Economic Security Act and this

expands on the SBA's a long-standing

economic injury disaster loan program so

who is illegible for this in general all

the following entities that have

suffered substantial economic injury

caused by disaster are illegible for

this so if your sole proprietor if

you're a business with five hundred less

employees if you're a freelancer

independent contractor you guys all fall

in the realm of actually getting

approved for this now they're also

saying that the loan parameter and this

is the loan that's associated with this

at some part of the application you can

like check up box where it says like

want the loan or I don't I actually

didn't I just want the $10,000 if I can

get it I am NOT interested in taking out

any loans at the moment but if you are a

business that actually does need a loan

this is actually not too bad of a

program because you get a 30 year term

on some of these loans that can go up to

two million dollars at about a 3%

interest so pretty competitive in my

opinion you're still borrowing money

that you have to pay money back on so

essentially you're really losing money

but you need this to survive and to keep

your business afloat this will be worth

it now it's a completely your miles may

vary situation I'm not an expert I am

just a random dude on YouTube with a red

glowing mic and a wheelie chair just

like this so please do not take my

information all to heart I'm not a CPA

I'm not tax certified or whatever those

things I'm just a random dude finding a

lot of information and just trying to

help my people so I hope this video does

help you guys so make sure you guys

apply for this as soon as you can just

so you're not at the bottom of the line

and they run out of the money

do your research figure out more details

I was reading a lot of different things

saying like it would take three days to

get an answer in and now I can't even

find that resource online I feel like

the government is putting a lot of

things in taking things out because even

they are not so sure of how things are

going well that was my video on how you

guys could get a free potential ten

thousand dollars if you guys have any

questions or if you guys have gotten

approved for this grant let us know down

below in the comments now I really hope

this video helped you guys out anybody

eyes want to check out any of my other

content on my channel feel free to do

that we're gonna be talking more about

the resources and how you guys can

basically monetize yourself off the

situation that is happening stay

informed stay safe I will be putting

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done that so - and that's about it

hope you guys have a great rest of your

day or night whenever you're watching

this video good morning afternoon and

night and I hope I see you guys the next

one peace