How To Get 100% Approved for Business Credit Cards For New Business

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hi everyone welcome back to the channel

my name is Brian and in today's video

we're gonna talk about exactly what you

guys need to do in order to get a

business credit card now for anyone new

the channel this is not an unfamiliar

topic I've actually made a ton of videos

on this topic on how you guys can get

business credit cards what qualifies

your business credit cards and even the

benefits of business credit cards so I'm

not gonna put all of that information in

this video just because I have made

those videos before and they're way more

in-depth than squeezing something in on

this the main priority in the main focus

of this video is going to be teaching

you guys exactly what to do on your

application if you're trying to get one

of your first business cards so what I'm

gonna do is have some cards linked above

and what you guys can do is just check

out those videos they will be in a

playlist and a video and audio really

isn't your way of learning I also have a

in-depth blog that I will have listed

down below in the description on how you

guys can also get a business credit card

that blog is gonna be a step-by-step

walkthrough it's basically gonna be

exactly what I cover in this video but

I'm gonna make this video pretty short

pretty straightforward and pretty simple

so let's actually get straight into it

the biggest questions I've been seeing

is Brian dis personal score matter we

know that business credit cards don't

affect your personal credit score so the

Amazon business prime card is just a

random business card I pulled out of my

wallet and I think this is a pretty good

example because it has some unique

benefits now the benefit is is that if

you do buy something crazy expensive say

you have like a $2,000 balance on your

business prime card because it is a

business credit card it's not gonna

report to your personal credit score's

now normally if this business credit

card that i have right here this was not

a Amazon business prime if this was a

Amazon personal prime card you guys

would actually see your score go down

the following month and that's because

you do carry that balance but because

this is a business credit card the whole

point is that this will not affect that

personal credit score but people often

confuse that rule with the fact that

when you're applying for a business

credit card initially they will have to

pull from your personal credit report

they need a check sum house so generally

people confuse that rule that I just

talked to you guys about with the fact

that when they're applying for a

business credit card that their personal

score is not involved that is a popular

misconception right there and I do see

why people get that often confused but

here's the thing you guys if you do not

have a good personal credit score say

your credit score is about 500 right now

it's very unlikely that you can get

approved for these business credit cards

so before you even consider getting a

business credit card make sure your

credit score is at

East 656 eighty you really want to be in

that 700 range now another misconception

before we get into the two ways you guys

can actually apply for a business credit

card is that people believe that you

need to make a lot of revenue there's no

minimum revenue amount for you guys to

actually get qualified for a business

credit card for example in our Facebook

group we have a ton of members who

actually haven't really started their

business yet but they do want to be able

to use business credit cards for when

they do so business credit cards can

really be a preparation tool for when

you're trying to start your business or

if you're someone who has a site also

maybe you help out your neighbors with

their travel plans maybe you dog sit for

someone maybe you've sold an item on

eBay these are all considered businesses

because you're profiting because you're

making money and because you're

providing a service

now with those things in mind you need

to realize that revenue is not a huge

thing that these credit card issuers are

looking for generally the most important

factor before you actually get a

business card it's really gonna be your

personal credit score now like I

mentioned in the beginning of the video

make sure you guys check out my other

videos if you guys aren't so sure about

what business credit cards do I go

really full in-depth on exactly the full

benefits Peter and I'm actually gonna go

on the application and show you guys

exactly the two easiest ways to apply

for business credit cards to start out

one is to actually apply with your

social security number everyone has it

if you're US citizen you are born with a

social security number you can actually

punch that in go in as a sole proprietor

and then go through the list of what

that business category is and then put

the rest of your personal information

and just use your first and last name as

a business name it's definitely the

easiest way but I would put in a little

bit more work and actually go ahead and

get your EIN your ein is your employer's

identification number that is actually

very similar to the SSN but that's

really on the business side so we have

our SSN the SSN or the social security

number is something that classifies us

but you can actually apply completely

for free on irs.gov and get your own

ìin number that actually creates an

entity for the business so it's like

getting a social security number for a

business and now for that second method

once you get your EIN I would do

everything similar to what you did with

the SSN or the first method that I

taught you guys but let's just go into

my computer just so you guys can

visually see what I have going on

alright guys so I'm actually in my

computer right now and I'm gonna go

through step one just exactly how this

is all gonna happen and starting with

step one most likely you guys actually

found this video from YouTube so we're

gonna start from video ok

one of my older videos I'm gonna click

on the links and this is actually an

affiliate link to creditcards.com

they're an affiliate partner and if you

guys are actually interested in applying

for any of the business credit cards it

really does support the channel whenever

you guys use those links it's but it

really is no obligation though for you

guys to use those links if you do have

friends or if you do have any family

members that may have a referral link I

recommend you guys taking their link but

if you guys don't have any friends just

like me and you guys want to be able to

support the channel this is a free easy

way you guys aren't losing anything and

it definitely does help me to be able to

push out more content just like this so

this is what I'm doing I'm actually

gonna apply for the Inc business

unlimited card right here this is gonna

take us to a portal and generally you're

gonna see the application page right

here very straightforward I'm gonna

click on apply now and it's just like

any other card I don't know why my

bookmarks tab keeps coming up there we

go I know on this page it looks a little

intimidating definitely when I first

applied I was kind of scared too even

though I had my own business which was

making good revenue but here's the thing

when it comes to legal name in the

business like I mentioned you just want

to type in your full name so Bryan Jung

name on the card Bryan Jeong first full

name first full last name your business

mailing address 1 3 1 3 Bryan Jeong

Boulevard and whatever city you guys

live in ok Hollywood I feel like I don't

need to go through all this but just for

example that's you just put in your

address so type of business generally

you're gonna be a sole proprietor unless

you guys actually have a corporation

maybe an S corp or a C Corp or even if

you have a partnership generally though

most people are gonna be a sole

proprietor just because if you are L

seed if you are trying to be a

corporation or if you're trying to be a

partnership you do have to pay filing

fees to be able to get that status when

you try to be a sole proprietor it's

it's generally free depending on where

you live so for me for example in the

state of Maryland I've started a bunch

of business some of my businesses

actually weren't able to make me any

revenue at all and I wasn't able to make

even like a couple hundred dollars

profit with those businesses that I've

tried where I actually lost money you're

not going to be expected to pay taxes on

those if you didn't make a profit or if

you're making very little revenue so

that revenue threshold sometimes it's a

couple thousand dollars sometimes it's

five hundred dollars it depends on what

state you live in and what

you live in as well - now I'm no legal

professional I'm no accountant I don't

have my CPA degree I'm just going on

YouTube that has gotten many many

business credit cards and I've gotten

many many people approved for business

cards - with the blogs and with the

content I have on my channel so this is

all based off of my experience but if

you guys are really curious about taxes

and just things related to that type of

nature I would recommend you guys to

actually consult a tax agent or maybe

your own accountant okay what are the

rules how much tax do I have to pay if I

make like two thousand or three thousand

dollars on my side hustle here so um

generally with your business phone

number you can put your personal phone

number completely fine and when we get

into this part the tax ID number this is

where you either put in your social

security number or you put in your EIN

now because I have my ein I would rather

use that but if you guys are someone who

doesn't even want to get to that step

you can use your social security number

and put that in there as well generally

for the employees it's gonna be one

person but if you have a family member

helping you guys out and they're

considered like your employee you could

list them right there too when it comes

to annual business revenue and sales

this is really gonna be dependent on you

some people actually don't make any

revenue or sales now if I applied on

American Express's website there's like

a minimum I think it's a couple thousand

dollars that you have to put but

generally this isn't something that's

going to be too crazy but I would not

lie on this part I would be very

straightforward so if I made only $10

revenue so I sold like a Snickers bar

I'm putting in $10 that that's how much

revenue I've made so years in business

very straightforward if I've only been

in business for about one year I'm

putting the number one in here now

general industry is where people often

have a lot of questions because there

are a lot of things so as a youtuber

let's just do my profession for example

or even like marketing I'm not gonna be

able to find something like digital

marketing or like a Facebook ad

specialist that stuff is just too

relatively new so if we were talking

about my own marketing agency I would go

into business services that kind of

falls under that umbrella so if you're

someone who's into e-commerce you maybe

sell things on Poshmark or eBay or items

just online that's considered non store

retail or Internet retail and us can

actually find that under the general

industry section so as someone who's a

youtuber someone who has a blog now what

I would actually do to apply for a brand

new credit card is actually go under


once you're under individuals there is

actually another subset category it's

called non classifiable establishment

and that's just what I would consider

myself as as a youtuber or someone

running your blog usually you don't have

a full scale team usually it's just you

after we fill that information out we're

gonna go down to the personal

information this is pretty much halfway

done and this is very easy this is what

you guys would normally do on a regular

credit card application just fill out

your regular information you would

normally be the owner of the business

now going down you do put your social

security number this is like I said

because they actually pull for your

personal credit reports to check what

your score is to make sure that your

illegible for these cards if you're

someone who has a 450 500 credit score

chances are you're not gonna get

approved for this but they do require

you put your SSN and not because they're

gonna report to it but because they're

gonna pull from it to check what your

score is currently now the second most

important thing on this application is

gonna be your total gross annual income

that you get from your normal job or

from whatever you do so if you're not

making that much money from your

business but you're making fifty or

sixty thousand dollars from your

corporate job that is where you put that

information into that section of the

application this is where you want to be

honest but if you're living with a

spouse if you have a wife if you have a

husband if you're living with them and

they have an additional 50 K that

they're bringing in and combined

household annual income under your roof

can add up to a hundred thousand or

another example is maybe you live with

your parents still or maybe you live

with your grandparents and they do still

have some income coming in as long as

you talk to them and you get their

permission you verify with them and you

have access to some of their tax forms

where you could provide evidence if it

is asked then you can put down your

household annual income it's not just

for you

so I also made a video on that in the

past when I was first starting my

channel just on exactly what you guys

can put down on that total gross annual

income part or what you guys should put

on a credit card income application it's

a pretty in-depth video I give a lot of

different perspectives I think there's

like a 20 minute long video but if

that's something you guys aren't sure

about I would recommend you guys to

actually watch that video because you

guys really don't need to put down like

a couple hundred thousand dollars or

even six figures on the total gross

annual income part if you're not making

that much but generally if you're trying

to get approved for a credit card and

you think you're not making enough money

or your income is not that high I would

just look at the median income

around your area so that really was the

easiest ways for you guys to actually

get accepted for business credit cards

keep in mind Chase is gonna be the

hardest to get initially they're usually

gonna ask for some type of verification

with like a utility bill an EIN sheet is

also a very good resource that you get

from free from the IRS a you can also

provide so there are a ton of ways for

you guys to actually get these business

credit cards but keep in mind Chase is

gonna be the hardest initially I've told

this story countless amount of times but

when I got my first chase ink business

card and I was scaling my business

although we were doing thousands of

dollars a day in revenue they were still

giving me a pretty hard time with

obtaining my first business credit card

but once you get that first business

credit card the application process is

usually very easy after that you

shouldn't be surprised if you get

automatic approvals everything after

that and when it comes to American

Express they're gonna be much much more

easier in getting business credit card

so if you just want a business credit

card you want a high business credit

limit and you want to take advantage

that no APR and you don't want it to

affect your personal credit report maybe

you're planning to have some big

purchases or some big investments coming

up I would start with American Express

as blue business plus or blue business

cash card first

just because usually they do offer some

better type of incentive and they're

much easier to get approved for so

generally when you're applying for your

first business credit card there is

gonna be some type of follow-up phone

call or some type of verification but

generally that call is very easy so my

other friend who actually recently

applied for his blue business plus card

he had to call American Express and all

he had to do was call them let them know

who he was and they proved that right on

the spot and he was good to go so really

this whole process isn't that difficult

you guys I do understand that it can be

a scary process for a lot of people but

just to understand that business credit

cards do offer a lot of Vantage's if you

guys are really trying to scale your

credit card game to the next level this

is something that will help it just with

the immense amount of points and what

you guys can do to actually leverage

this now one of my jobs as youtuber is

to really break that stigma on how hard

it could be to actually get one of these


I hope these videos do help you guys out

if you're someone who's been sitting on

the fence I hope this is something that

really does push you over and like I

mentioned earlier in this video you guys

if you do want to support the channel I

do have those links down below in the

description but there's no obligation to

use it just feel free if you guys do

want to support the channel it's

actually about a be the end of 2019 soon

my birthday is coming up December 29th

that's coming up soon New Year's is

coming soon

there's just a lot of changes that's

going on in my own personal life too as

you guys can tell I usually film in my

room and I've been living with my

parents my whole life so for me

personally I have no issues with that

just because I want to spend as much

time with my family as possible I know

that in the chance I ever do move out

it's gonna be hard to be able to spend

that quality time over and over again

with my family and I think in my life

personally family is just one of the

biggest things just because my parents

are like first generation Koreans they

still work hard they didn't grow up with

much and moving to the US for them was a

difficult transition so what I realized

is this is really kind of taking a toll

on my mental health on the low key this

video it's actually not too late it's

actually only like six ten on the rare

occasion but generally you guys will see

me filming these videos at like 2:00 or

3:00 in the morning all the way up till

4:00 or 5:00 a.m. so my sleep schedule

is messed up because for me to be able

to produce content I would have to do it

in the middle of the night when my

family is asleep so I can actually make

videos in peace that's something that

was actually getting pretty difficult

for me I never say that in any of my

videos just because it's kind of like a

it's kind of like a back-end systems

things it doesn't attribute to the

success of any of my videos but it's

just one of those things that's always

happens I guess to me and I'm pretty

young you guys I'm 22 years old compared

to a lot of the other guys in the

personal finance niche or even in the

credit card industry I've never moved

out before I never had to dorm or go to

another apartment for school I went to

Community College - I always commuted so

this is like the biggest change in my

life and I'm actually doing this more

for the fact that I can produce content

more often more quality content and not

worrying about noise sound or when I can

do work when I can't do work those

things are really bugging me so this is

a huge transition in my life that I'm

gonna go through soon I've never done

anything like this I'm pretty scared

honestly and I'm really doing this just

so I can improve the content of my

channel so I guess this is the stuff

that I have to sacrifice as a youtuber

when you work a nine-to-five and you

have your own office you go in you clock

out but with something like this where

I'm actually talking to a camera it's a

little bit more different so so guys

wish me luck I don't know what to expect

but I'm actually super excited we're

actually gonna have a new setup in a

couple weeks so I know so my oh geez

we'll remember this but drop a cake

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until this

I hope you guys enjoyed this video and

hope I see you guys in the next one



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