What Is A Black Card & How Can You Get One?

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hey guys what's up it's Charlie here and

today we're going to be looking at what

is a black card and how can you get one

have you ever heard of a black card or a

Centurion card in case you haven't it's

something that only the world's richest

and most elite have these cards are

amazing and come with unbelievable perks

to turn you into a celebrity overnight

but what do you have to do to get the

black card and what really is it well

before we find out why not subscribe and

press the notification bell - have you

ever heard of the Centurion card better

known as the Black Card this is a

special and very secretive credit card

released by American Express in the

1990s there was an urban legend going

around about a black credit card

this black credit card apparently had

amazing benefits and only the world's

richest people had it now this was a

fake story but when American Express

loan of it they made it in real life

in 1999 they actually made a real-life

black card but instead of advertising it

they kept it very secretive this card

has an unlimited spending limit and only

the world's richest are invited to have

one that's right I'm sure you see

American Express advertising all over

the place

but when they released the black card

they didn't advertise it once that is

because this is an invite-only credit

card so that's basically what the black

card is but the real amazing thing is

the benefits this black card comes with

various benefits and pokes you won't

believe but before we get into that how

can you get one well the first part of

criteria is to get a black card is to be

very very rich there are two kinds of

black cards a business version and a

personal version for the business

version your business has to spend over

five hundred thousand dollars in a year

and for the personal version that you

need to spend over two hundred and fifty

thousand dollars in one year without

right to get the personal one you'd have

to buy two Lamborghinis or you could buy

250 pairs of Louis Vuitton shoes or

fourteen Apple MacBook Pros so yeah most

people won't be getting the American

Express black card anytime soon and he

can't just spend that two hundred and

fifty thousand dollars a one year

apparently you need to spend that every

year to maintain having this card

allegedly the average net worth of a

black cardholder is 16 million dollars

but after you spend that money to get

the card you also need to pay the fees

that's right if you want to have the

perks of this card you need to pay

American Express a lot of fees there's a

one-time initiation fee of $7,500 then

you need to pay an extra $2,500 every

year you can have up to two additional

American Express black cards - but you

need to pay an extra $250,000 per card

every year so yeah you need to be pretty

flashy with your cash to get this card

these figures is the only public

information American Express has given

about the black cards they do this on

their website under the card member

agreement and that's only because they

have to by law so that's how to get one

but now what do you get from all that

money spent

well the perks are plentiful and too

many American Express black card holders

worth the cost first of all if you go to

hotels a lot then you get amazing

statuses you can get SPG gold Hilton

diamond IgH platinum elite and also gold

standard at the Mandarin Hotel these

statuses get you amazing free upgrades

to your hotel room you also get free

rooms and late check-ins and late

checkouts you're pretty much the boss of

most hotels if you have an Amex black

card you also get Delta Airlines

platinum status this means you get free

flights and also free upgrades you also

get priority boarding - if you're in a

city loved by shoppers such as New York

Paris or London you can get a personal

shopper these personal shoppers will

walk around and buy you any expensive

items you say they can go to Saks Fifth

Avenue the Gucci store anywhere you want

and this is available in many cities

around the world you also get a car hire

platinum service this means you're able

to rent very luxurious and amazing cars

for free and if you pay for the trip

using your Amex black card you get free

travel insurance not only that you can

show of how cool your card looks as it's

literally made of titanium

that's right this is no plastic credit

card as it's actually carved from

titanium if you have a black card you

also get complimentary access to many

lounges to airports around the world

if the lounge is full you'll still be

no matter what as long as you show the

card also if you use American Express

travel to book a truck using the black

card you get a personal assistant that's

right when he landed the airport you

will give any personal assistant the

fast-track you through security we all

know how annoying the TSA can be well

this black card allows you to skip that

another perk you get is called the

Centurion concierge service this is a

phone number that you call and you can

get tickets to anywhere whether it's a

booked out for restaurant or a sold-out

show they can get you in you can even

get the personal emails and phone

numbers of the concierge team you're

talking to this means you can contact

them around the clock without rageous

requests and because this is an American

Express card you also get points just

for spending money so how many points do

you get per dollar spent well for every

dollar you spend using this card you get

one American Express point one American

Express point is worth around two cent

so if you were to buy something for a

hundred thousand dollars using this card

do you get two thousand dollars back it

may not be that much when you're already

spending so much money but it is a

pretty nice perk and you apparently get

a two hundred thousand points sign up

bonus after getting this card but mainly

people get this card simply because it's

a status symbol you can get into

exclusive places and just look like a

really rich person the most expensive

purchase with an Amex black card was new

crochet this is a painting which was

bought for 117 million dollars by a

Chinese billionaire talking of that who

has an American Express black card well

apparently the first person to ever get

an Amex black card was Jerry Seinfeld

other celebs such as Lindsay Lohan also

have them Kanye West is also known to

have a black card even referencing it in

a few songs billionaire power couple

chasey in fiancee also have black cards

and Victoria Beckham even showed off her

black card to the paparazzi a few years

back it's also says that the American

president has this card but I can't

confirm that so there you go guys those

are the perks of the Amex black card who

has them and how you can get one however

unless you plan on becoming a

millionaire or billionaire any time soon

you may not be able to get one who knows

maybe someone watching this actually

does have an American Express black card

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