30 Hours Funded Childcare | Bright Horizons Day Nursery & Preschool

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I found this great nursery Emma could

really benefit from a good preschool

childcare is just too expensive we just

can't afford for us both to work I've

heard that the government are offering

30 hours funded childcare but I don't

know much about it

our Bright Horizons nurseries are

offering 30 hours funded childcare to

make childcare more affordable for

eligible families in fact at Bright

Horizons we already have more than 3,500

children who benefit from the 30 hours

funding let me explain the funding in a

little more detail all three and

four-year-olds in England currently

received 15 hours a week

government-funded early education if

their parents are living and working in

England three and four-year-olds may be

entitled to 30 hours funded childcare

per week which is up to 1100 and 40

hours per year in total if eligible you

will be entitled to access the 30 funded

hours from the beginning of the term

following your child's third birthday at

Bright Horizons we want to make sure

that families of all attendance groups

can utilize this funding to its full

potential this is why we stretch the

funding across 50 weeks as opposed to

the thirty-eight week term time period

this enables part-time families to

access more of the fun that ours than

would otherwise be available to them if

restricted under a term time structure

for more information about how this

scheme works please speak to your local

nursery so how do we know if we are

eligible for funding it's quite

straightforward you just need to meet

the following requirements set by the

government's work requirements the

parents and their partner where

applicable should be seeking the free

childcare to enable them to work where a

parent is in a startup period ie they

are newly self-employed they do not need

to demonstrate that they meet the income

criteria for twelve months salary

requirements parents must earn or expect

to earn the equivalent to 16 hours at

national minimum or living wage over the

coming three months this equates to 120

pounds a week for

parent over 25 years old or 112 pounds

80 a week for each parent between 21 and

24 years old and 56 pounds a week for

apprentices in their first year you

can't get 30 hours free child care if

you or your partner expect to earn 100

thousand pounds or more age of child or

children your child or children must be

either three or four years old you can

apply for 30 hours child care returned

before your child turns 3 ready for the

following term location this offer is

for working families in England if one

or both parents is a non EE a national

and the parent supplying does not have

recourse to public funds you will not be

eligible to apply for funded childcare

please visit

www.cannainsider.com/careers nursery

manager and the funding will be applied

to your childcare accounts for more

information about how Bright Horizons

offer 30 hours childcare please visit