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welcome to line for exam I name is good

piecing in this will talk about the cat

2019 slavers all right and his

eligibility criteria plus the exam

pattern so let's start this is about us

and the team all right this is me and

this is I you sir and this and we all

teach life on land for exam so 2019

there's Labour's I was gonna highlight

the like I will say three sections but

many one could be a let's say the pair

like Allah Allah Kiowa like first is the

VAR c which is verbal ability and the

reading comprehension

alright the next is di Allah which is

data interpretation and the logical

reasoning and the last is QA which is

quantitative aptitude all right

many in sub Co Allah galaki verbal

ability Allah Muhammad reading invention

garlic and the ayah Allah and Allah

Allah and Kubica Allah yeah alright so

availability can rocket a machine a hoop

met it pattern even our own Takata is

starting my rocket karna padega

to be ready for the cat 90 okay so have

to be good in the grammar vocabulary

ticket synonyms and antonyms fill in the

blanks sentence correction close passage

of a jumble paragraph okay then meaning

and usage of match okay analogies and

the diverse analogies then summary

questions better completion is a verbal

reasoning this is a critical reasoning

big a sector of facts inferences and

judgments alright so in sub Paracon

karna that the next is reading

dominating dimension is very simple job

is I can give us a total TK for strategy

can then make our car muy caca otter or

Kasich a seeker note-taker so don't

worry about that strategy video is

coming Abby RCA OTR Sikandar up quick

llamas excited a parody or Thor aside my

questions do you think what of coaches

cannot against Arkansas say yeah

ticket any primal any questions only Oh

skipper ABC Kirk a what bought a pair

over whose kindness it comes to come

char question I knee alright so I get

the reading comprehension unseen passage

siregar apna schooling

to school crime I would say unseen

passages Caturday you open about

anything here take it kind of that thing

the next is data interpretation Rita

invitation now it's kinda lucky slit

soothing your tables cue Brassica bar

graphs classical line charts column

graph C of Cooper know that Venn

diagrams pie chart but know the details

is and data comparison among others you

could know the last is fill in the

blanks from the blank will be a coffee

Athiya up other data in our data by now

should skip back to Skaro movie coffee

other next is a large logical reasoning

logical reasoning in the ceiling and

even majorly up compose other chunk part

as a number and letter series okay

current as cubes kolaks

clock sorry for that clacks cairo binary

logic then syllogisms then logical

sequence then the blood relations so he

sai receptors are happily take a major

part is maybe a of career at Bucky

Serpico parameters Rudi hey then next is

quantitative ability of each part

commando parts may 1st is the automatic

this may seem easily up kids it may be

Cat Club of the week Samsung gay

yato up cooker magical night yato model

of starting Kearney and gotta cook 1 /

Nikki so fairly Acquia paneer they can

go skip barred up could you be going up

but here you have to start with this and

start like this the issue of ocean

Pelican life is kept by percentages

videos give a panel first Cuba si CA for

averages for mixture allegation phase

speed time distance for time and work

for number system other happiness

patterns in IKEA to pehota for joy or

kooky coffee loop le normal stem upon

the other

belly is eco ticket was keep our number

system coffee come at an example up TCB

exam ki baat karu

katia GUI example and weekly push my

coffee Kamata

alright then next is the part of I will

say the miscellaneous maths like Bucky

do rest of the master key gematria mod

Metohija aapke a polynomial so here take


so modern my skis out there keep

probability whooping PNC who be set


function in geometry gematria corpora

that triangles angles circles areas

volume ventilation coordinate geometry G

apart ticket exhibit regatta was give a

surgeon dices then AP and GP ticket then

quadratic and linear equations

inequalities ok a binomial theorem

look at logs logarithm beginners go then

trigonometry trigonometry

but kabhi kabhi it buddy I got a

question I've gotta take a time to level

the clay ayah it's my ticket

trigonometry basally barking hey level

coffee increase hooter Zargon up taking

it to you will get to know the questions

the like cat 18 major ITA Quantic a

coffee tough they take a toughness level

is very very I know

alright so tricks become now curry I'll

suggest you work on the basics that's

the one tip from my side

you come nature thei yeah he come out

there figure unit excuse up so great a

cat a team dinner couch new Wonka Genco

basics clear say woman Sarah earlier

take it that's a simple thing that Casey

we care topper - oh yeah he can take a

risk a kitchen even a Turkish Lazar

alright so learn your basics then next

comes the eligibility criteria now

eligibility criteria is very simple for

the cat this is for cat okay cat the

nuclear it agreed here bizarro can 2019

either Kadena occupies not to Meister

degree who Nietzsche this can the 50% -

yeah if it was K equal MC GP take a

sc/st a field different table which is

da categories Kaylee 45% occur naturally

all right so it's made up quick but I

relief means that the patch person guy

then next is the degree you have up ku

University sommelier of a quack with the

acceptor Arcadia University happy adding


so if this part is not that important

cough you go mop at ho TM University

yester together then candidates

appearing for the final you finally it

may have actually degrees incapacity I

was Kelly a FICO your equation just ki

equivalent value these bachelor degree

game ticket whose my hair though vu b is

example they suck they're all right but

one go up enjoy degree is taped again

uthia much lab sorry it got a

certificate voice did coop whose energy


alright when you degree it up the got

the complete who is on e j1 queer that

already Bucky schalke with a view

details aside mail exchange be was

nothing all right

the before Maya so he will need to date

who thing is me up if photos ignored

Parker Satsuki did I give each a hula

tea according to the fault so obvious

retention was no date Cooper

alright Bucky college puta unequal

provisional the room as he have kept a

scarf elope originally later Barney and

they are that her to please Jessie

college who's I Provisionals are you lil

opener thinkin next is the percentage of

marks will be calculated based on the

kelp calculation pattern follow

by the concerned University or the

institution so calculation Jyoti f-body

simple at me up with chutney be plus

points are theorems it may be up k marks

a starting similar from sub cope Lasker

total number of exams guru or in two

hundred critical lick to take it that

the simple thing Bucky up in ecology

imagine affirm gala to data mostly take

a bucket of form filling give where do I

get about Kapurthala get I guess

environment it's very simple the next

more which do many points like you know

a kind of that thing so you can appear

for cat even if you have done graduation

in the old system so Coelho own capacity

oldest imagine key universities do GCC

recognize me take him like Bella

graduation those Hulk ability to un

capacitor to they can appear to issue

name okay Amir if a full measurement of

minimum cat eligibility criteria will

not ensure short listing by the ions so

cat eligibility criteria karana is it's

coming the beginning key I am scrappy

and agility criteria who jaga I am

square legibility aligote XQ do I check

it so don't worry then next is the

candidates must declare and maintain a

valid and unique email account is what

the broad with a good slope value summer

and number naivete take care or barmy a

dragnet threaten e so make sure your

email account banana values your phone

number whoa aapke stock silica antic

upkeep astronaut Shahi valid all right

when there is no age bar to appear for

the cat exam Kobe age Barney he witness

all queue updates or Pio cat Kui

shooting you're never like scanner all


then the next is now comes the exam

pattern now example together when our Co

starting over at a teen section who they

take a VAR c then the determination our

logical reasoning then quantitive

aptitude number of MCQs kidney with ab m

CQ or known as equal you questions okay

MC q megawatt a quick question do you

scan the option the only ABCD a Makura

like that ck or no one méxico questions

consult a disk and a quick question the

over on each le cava write your answer

talk type charata answer da de Bruyne

you talk we've already liner a mini

community majorly charge that much but

he'll I know succeed that's it who said

unanswered may know that the other one

or one body data so English can drop ke

atte thus denomination DLR can drop ke

atte art

quantity thus for number of MC Gustav is

Chaves Chaves the total I am cigarette

butter which is 72 and no

MCQs number of non and she uses 28 total

and total quotients get note a VAR c

gender up gate 34 DLR can the 32 and

conjure up together up gate 34 and total

or ithaca hundred now coming to the

marking scheme marking skincare at the

type of quotient biometric at the other

mcq had two plus three minus collect

correct gives the other plus 3 another

galatea 2-1 or an attempt coach or the

earth to 0 and see non i'm CQ kelly

correct kia two plus three incorrect

kelly is you 100 k baby 0 so mcq non mzq

mcafee look at income is come according

a millennial to market either liquid oh

could you be leak though but as a mother

i could hos coming mokuba thermic effect

attacking near that all right or about

author but not that much great okay

where I'm 99% Tyler who to up come the

king of effect was amazing here take it

now come to the exam patent more total

marks will be 300 agar up plus 3 in 200

or 300 another total time for the exam

will be 180 minutes body simple timing

60 minutes car with a hurried section

starting with Athiya piss me off jump in

eager set to take an example again this

fella start over up cos 60 minutes cough

VAR c better on hiyata to be better off

Bousquet bad up Kody ILR bat arrow near

thought om type think it was kebab cook

wants Philip karaoke acceptably smear

exam beach wooden he's a pain take a

clean container up Cabana you are locked

for 3 hours on that seat okay must wash

soon that's ok that's it alright your

English paper have yoga pura English

language with an equation with boost

Nikki Hindi massive dragon in a totally

English language may Jota

alright then candidates will be awarded

three marks for each right answer and

while one marks will be deducted for the

each wrong answer he amazes cheesy

ticket to negative marking Hootie him in

a believer that are we were our own and

calculator on screen wala available

otaku but I don't recommend kiya POSCO

use correct so if you are planning for

the cat 2019 you can surely join us and

you can see our results for the 2017 we

get somewhere on 200 plus like students

got the call from top AIIMS and I am

ssireum top colleges for the 2018 is 550

Plus and 2019 let's see if you join us

okay and we have the features you can

see her features there live classes we

provide access to the lock class

recordings and online

cities in the best trainers you can see

our team in the starting and the time

saver it will just take you two to three

minutes to connect the class in to

interaction you can interact in the

class as well

all right and the courses which you are

offering right now the GDP is going on

the NMS C dpi or the NMS and met snap

2019 as well the cat 2019 the MB 2019

the test 2020 and the majorly which is

specially for these students who I want

to improve their build their like resume

we are launching the ghost

entrepreneurship and the management

skills pipe me or precinct alright and

test series which are like the

full-length test series for these

following exams and they will be

available on our website learn for

example come and you can see our

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