How to Make your Blogspot Blog Eligible for Google AdSense?

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hello viewers this is a shoulder of you

once again welcome to another video of

make money with a free blog sites

step-by-step tutorial series and from

this video you are going to learn how to

qualify your new blog site for Google

Adsense monetization so without further

ado let me show you the web site on

which we are currently working on so

this is the web site which we have

created as you can see we have got two

logo menu and posts and other setups and

we have created this website from the

scratch and I have got all the step by

step processes in these videos from this

playlist and I'm going to attach this

playlist into the video description for

you so if you are a beginner and if you

haven't yet watched these videos still

you'll be able to start from there

alright so let me get back to the

website and let's talk about all the

metrics which are going to help us get

our website qualify for Google Adsense

so here in this Microsoft Word document

I have got few points as you can see and

now I'm going to explain all the

important metrics for you so that you

will be able to understand and follow

them easily to make your website ready

so here on the number one place I have

got well-organized website which is

going to be easy to navigate so let me

explain this part for you so now let me

take you back to the website and if you

just notice here we have got our website

organized nicely so here on the top part

we have got logo and then we have got

menu section which are clean so now what

does this easy to navigate means let's

say you are a visitor of my blog site

and now you are visiting my blog and you

are going to see an interface just like

this one now you want to get some

information about our blog site you want

to learn about our background so where

you will find this information so we

have got an option to give you the

information as you can see from this

about Us page so as a viewer of my blog

you could just click on this about Us

page and you will find all the

information regarding our background and

now you want to contact with me you'll

find this contact us button here so

let's click on it you will find my email

here or maybe you could find a contact

form as well instead of email address

all right

so now let's say you were a visitor and

looking for information regarding all

the contents which has something written

about tip so let's go back to home page

and let me show you how many posts I

have here on the home page 1 2 3 so we

have got 3 demo post in total into our

blog site but you are looking for only

contents which are written about teeth

health so here you you will see a menu

here so that you'll be able to find all

the contents relevant to teeth health so

now let me click on teeth health and

just take a look it has just turned out

to - post where we have just replaced

the level two teeth health so now you'll

be able to find all the teeth

health-related contents from this option

so this is the way how you have to make

your website organized and you have to

give a clear navigation process for your

viewers all right that was it for the

first point here and then we have got

important pages with contents so what

are the most important pages for a blog

site to get considered by Google Adsense

approval team so the very first page

that you need in your blog site is your

about Us page and then you need contact

us page and after that you should have

all the page for your legal informations

are available for example we have got

terms and condition privacy policy and

disclaimer pages and all of these page

should contain relevant information for

example if you want to read my privacy

policy related contents then you can

simply click on the button here and then

you will find all the information

regarding the privacy policy of this

website as you can see here all right so

all of the pages should have content and

all of these page should be added into

your blog site to get considered from

Google Adsense monetization approval

team alright so now let's move back here

and then we have got unique original

high quality articles so on your blog

site it doesn't matter how many blog

posts you have on your website but all

of the content

should be unique original and copyright

free for example there are many people's

who tend to copy/paste up from some

other block sites and then just paste

them into into their website and it

doesn't actually work like that Google


doesn't love this process so what you

can do you can just come up or find any

relevant website and then you can read

their information for example if you are

interested to write a blog content

regarding healthy teeth then you could

read this blog content from my website

and then you just point out all the

information that you want to include on

your blog content and after that write

an article uniquely by using all the

methods or all the information that you


but the article should be unique so

that's it about this part which is

unique original high-quality articles

and with these high quality articles so

whenever you were writing a blog content

for example if my viewer or reader is

going to get some information about

healthy teeth and they will get some

idea from this title section 7 habits to

get strong attractive and healthy tip so

after reading this article my reader

should have a clear idea or my reader

should have a good information from this

blog content which which is turning out

as a quality content or quality article

for your blog site so you should write

in unique original high quality article

on your blog site then we have got non

copyrighted images and videos so there

is a tent-like

people's loves to find image or relevant

videos from google search results and

from any other resources but many of the

people's makes mistakes here so many of

the people's doesn't actually care about

copyright issues so what they do they

just go to Google or on any other

resources that download the image and

they views the image without the owner's

permission which is prohibited by google

adsense rules so you should be careful

about that before using any image

content and as you know image your

videos are really important for getting

attraction from all readers so here I

have got a video

during this topic as you can see get rel

to free image for your blog so in this

video I have showed the process which I

follow and I have showed a resource from

where I download

fully copyright free contents for my

blog site so you can watch this video

and you will learn the process alright

so and after that we have got here

boost not to make about so these are the

these are the topics you should never

about make contents about on your blog

so days or it could be adult

pornographic sexual or whatever it is

and then we have got you you should

don't write about drug or alcohol

hacking cracking violent weapons or any

other illegal contents should not be

posted on your blog site you have to be

clear about these parts and then it's

come to visitors so when you have some

blog contents you will start getting

visitors as a beginner you might not

going to get visitors on your website

and Google Adsense doesn't even have any

requirement regarding visitors that like

how many visitors you should have on

your blog site to get your goal that's

inseparable that doesn't care about your

visitors what they care is what is the

quality of the blog post from your blog

site alright so you should never ever

worry about visitors to get Google

Adsense approval but obviously if you

want to make money you should have more

visitors on your blog site and then they

will actually going to click on ads then

this is the way how will generate money

but it is not an important factor for

getting Google Adsense approval and then

it comes how many blog posts you need so

there are many peoples who have asked me

this question like how many blog content

should I post on my website so again

there is no requirement for how many

blog contents you should have but an

ideal number of block contents that I

could recommend you to publish is at

least 15 blog contents on your blog site

and after that go for Google Adsense

application process and then we have got

age requirements so is there any age

requirement for your blog site yes there

is a requirement to get started and get

monetize your blog site and that is you

should be at least

18 years old so now if you are not 18

years old what you could do let me show

you some articles from google adsense

themselves or Chile Google themselves so

I'm going to click on earnings and then

how to qualify for Adsense I'm going to

find it out yes this is a requirements

for an adsense account so you should be

at least 18 years old but if you are not

but still you have written some blog

contents and you want to monetize your

website what you could do you could use

use your parents information like your

mother or maybe father or brothers email

address and you should provide their

information to sign up within google

adsense account whenever you will have

this eligibility button here alright so

let me show you an example of an

eligibility and I am going to show you

another example regarding this how many

blog posts you need so let me show you

so now I'm going to take you to my

another blogger account where will be

I'll be able to show you the information

so let's see here I have got these blogs

let me show you this this blog site as

an example so just take a look this blog

site has only full postings but whenever

you are going to this earning step you

are going to see there turn your passion

into profit instead of this option like

your blog doesn't currently qualify for

Adsense this blog site has this option

to sign up for Adsense so here

earnings you'll find after after

creating your website and waiting and

making posting for at least two months

you will see an option just like this

one tiny impression into profit and then

you'll have this option for sign up for

Adsense so I'm going to make a video on

this topic as well how to set up a

Google Adsense account from the scratch

in any of my future video so I believe I

was able to help you with some good

information regarding how to qualify

your new blog site for Google Adsense

monetization approval so if you have

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previous videos as well so I have to see

in the next video thank you very much

for watching