How to qualify for small business relief loans

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right and that's the whole point of

these loans from the Small Business

Administration Taylor it's to help those

mom-and-pop shops who are all along the

main drags of cities like Kansas City

keep their doors open once this

pandemics over you know they're making

those temporary changes right now but is

reducing their revenue so this would

help keep them afloat and it's not just

small businesses that I can apply for

these loans nonprofits are also eligible

to reach out for some help from the

Small Business Administration I went and

visited the community assistance council

in South Kansas City of Social Services

Agency and they said right now they're

exploring the idea of a loan kind of as

a last option they're really relying on

donations to get them through this

situation and say they're ready to adapt

as needed what was true yesterday is not

necessarily true today or the last hours

not necessarily true this hour we are

keeping our knees bent and getting ready

to move in whatever direction we need to


and there seems to be so many different

directions and so many different

agencies with different relief packages

coming in different ways so that is

obviously something that agencies like

the community assistance council will

look after if you are applying for one

of those Small Business Administration

loans the SBA says be patient with them

they're getting a lot of applications on

the website somewhat bogged down

reporting live I'm charlie Keegan 41

Action News today