How To Become A Solicitor

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hi gray Martin I'm the recruitment guy

could see again we're here today at Coen

sisters which is in Enfield it's a law

firm we're going to take another five

minutes to tell you some really

important information about how to

become a great listener what it takes

and what the jobs really about it's

raining so let's go inside come on so

we're here with Norma Morris the very

first female partner for currently the

first lady partner in over 100 years 120

years yes so ok well this could see

thank you for your time I know you're

busy and Wednesday in a real life work

in the solicitor's office and we were

trying no this is five minutes knows a

lot to talk about but I'm gonna press

the button you see if we can keep on

June so let's go good so the first thing

I'm gonna ask you about is what's the

difference between solicitors and

barristers can you give me a quick

answer on that very very quick summary

solicitors are ones who will see the

client at first yeah gather all the

information gather all the paperwork

together generally then we use

specialist barristers for particular

advices and they also go to court or

they're on their feet a lot and they do

the advocacy really so the barristers

the guy with the wig and the clerk made

it yeah rather sharp eye of the judge

and so what did you become solicitor

what was it that pill to you I done

other things in my life yeah and after

have my children as my husband's in the

police I thought oh Lord might be a nice

thing to study right so I tried made up

a law really liked it got on with it

very well

took it onto a law degree and then went

on from there

so traditionally how would somebody

today if they're maybe in the late teens

early 20s or all think the Ghent

University how would they join a law

practice out they become a solicitor

well the classic route is great agents

have to read this is a serious serious

so you can't do great d C's waiter well

great now you're talking about Asian B's

I using base what kind of subjects for a

level trainable I think I would say to

people do ones that aren't you're really

good at and that you enjoy because there

are various things you can do afterwards

you can get a law degree with science

subjects really good serious a levels

yeah seriously that grades good law


yeah then you go to dual or finals which

is another year then you have to find a

law firm to join for a training contract

which is two years so this is this is a

lawsuit so how long will tell you to

become a solicitor do you think minimum

six years could be seven so after having

done your degree or a three year degree

right one year so you're gonna be

mid-twenties at least yes and is there a

challenge that you come up with with a

lot of debt other expenses that yeah

yeah if this is you won't go into this

lightly long as you will cut you come

out with dead yeah but you'll have

service through your degree and also

your law finals right and so it's it

takes a lot of thought I wouldn't ask

anyone to go into it so seriously what

else in addition to great qualification

is a good degree what else that should

people be looking at to try and obtain

to get noticed well remember the job

you're going to be doing is dealing with

people with their problems with their

issues so they want to speak to somebody

who has got more than just a very narrow

focus we once interviewed a trainee

because on her on her CV there were

great grades etc but she'd climb


it was made a difference have done

something I want people who do other

things Duke of Edinburgh charity work a

whole breadth of things we all human

being we all about two minutes left in

terms of working spirits how important

is that well I think that's very

important I think work experience is a

very very important thing for people to

know what laws all about right before

they commit themselves I heard you get

working spirits in a shop you tap your

contacts you tap your friends your

friends parents anybody you know can get

you in so you got to get out of the bat

you got to drive people crazy and knock

on the door take a lot of rejection

what do you like about being a solicitor

what's the best oh I love I love giving

somebody a check at the end of a case

that I've won right let me that's

syllabi I want the worst bit Oh

lots lots of paperwork and compliance so

you got a fight you got a good process

going assistance attention to detail so

you can't be casual about this is this

really seriously what about the money if

you're joining us list as practices as

training in whatever guys you know let's

say outside of central London in that

Frances yeah what would that pay ish 16

to 18 thousand wire in your training

contract that would rise probably too

late twenties thirties thirty thousand

when you qualify and on from that and

inside London what would that pay

another five ten thousand pounds

probably another fifty percent on top

actually but the hours are much much

longer and for example the hours what

are they around here you'd work say 836

them like that but the jobs gotta be

done right and then in central London

you can working some wee small hours it

really took what off the midnight oh yes

oh well that weekend's top case to be

done yet

so really the bottom knowledge new job

has to be done you get the job done

their job stuff what about prospects you

start off as trade sister can you give

me a rough guide because I've got a lot

of time rough guide of how you can move

up Lightning guide trainee solicitor mr.

Ben there's something called an

associate which is the next level of the

ultimate level is partner where you can

end up running your own business and

what would that pay if you're a part of

it say you know one person is qualify

they've got a couple of people work with

as a partner of a small provincial firm

what might they earn they might earn

depending how tight they keep their

controls of their money spend hundred

thousand hundred fifty so it's good

about this you cuz your work will pay

yeah that's the point and is there a lot

of competition for these kind of jobs at

the moment a lot of competition if we

take five trainees a year we get

probably 500 500 600 Seabees at the time

so you might have idle people apply for

five jobs you got a one in 100 chance so

you can press you've got to be good at

this you got to study well you've got to

make sure you've got good grades and you

stand out is there one place that you

suggest people might look at maybe on

the internet they'll give them some more

information because we could talk for an

hour guess but bottom line yeah where

would we be pointing people to look

today well as well as your normal

careers service yeah obviously help but

I would say the Law Society website most

websites do call the Law Society and

I'll take you straight there the Law

Society have fun good stuff so very

interesting a lot of information here

thank you so much I had no idea that

you've got like a 1 in 100 chance of

getting the opportunity so it's tough

but it's worthwhile absolutely that's


no Morris from Cowen's thank you very

much great stuff so it's Graham martini

recruitment guy with Norma Morris from

Cohen solicitors say goodbye