Solicitor | 2020 | PR / Immigration requirements for Australia

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hi how are you are you a solicitor do

you want to know about required

education experience job duties

concerned assessing bodies related to

your job profile so this video is for

all immigration aspire ins working as



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let's discuss the profile description

solicitor provides legal advice prepares

and drafts legal documents and conducts

negotiations on behalf of clients on

matters associated with the law

registration or licensing is required

now let's check out the key requirements

of your job profile to apply for

Australian immigration the main key

factors are work experience educational

qualification skill level as per a QF

and license registration in some cases

also now let's take a look at the

requirements for this profile the

requirements are as follow work

experience required is 5 years required

qualification is bachelor degree skill

level requirement is level 1 licensing

for this profile is required Australia

immigration assessment is a point based

program and there are a few other

eligibility parameters that affects your

eligibility points to do your

self-assessment and check your points go

to the description of this video and

download our free assessment app let's

see few of the job duties required under

this profile as per Australian quality

framework the standard job duties for

solicitor are as follow one interviewing

clients to determine the nature of

problems and recommending an undertaking

appropriate legal action to preparing

cases for court by conducting

investigations undertaking research

arranging witness preparation in

attendance and giving notice of court

actions 3 representing clients in court

to see a detailed list with job duties

please check the link given in video


to file for general skilled migration

under the profile of a solicitor you

have to make your profile assessed from

a legal admissions authority of a state

or territory to no detailed assessment

requirements find the link given in the

video description

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