Intro To Psychology with Child & Adolescent Psychologist Dr. Collins Hodges

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I think people get the differences

between a psychiatrist a psychologist

and a counselor confused so here are

some of the major differences a

psychiatrist is a medical doctor for the

most part their practices deal

essentially with describing and then

monitoring medications counselors have a

master's degree in psychology or a

related field psychologists have a

doctorate in psychology so my doctorate

is in clinical psychology I've had eight

years of training in both the assessment

and intervention of children and

adolescents with a specialty in the

emotional behavioral problems that they

present when they come in you

distinguish adolescent therapy from

adult therapy in large part on what the

developmental differences are what the

developmental task is or that age group

and that is Who am I how do I fit into

this world when parents are debating

whether or not to bring their kids in

for therapy the first piece of advice

that I have for them is to sit down and

spend some time talking with their child

about what therapy means to them

my first session is always a

consultation that doesn't cost anything

and so I I want to use that time to

really get across what it is that I do

but really more importantly to get an

idea of how the child perceives his or

her problems and what it is he or her

once out of treatment

what are his or her goals I think it's

really important to help adolescents

understand who it is that they are and

how best to fit in with other people

that's what makes those crazy years from

12 to 19 or 12 to 20 so critical and so

if I can help them get a greater

understanding of that developmentally

speaking then I'm doing my job